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  1. The Mytek Brooklyn Bridge or DAC+ is good. Or Chord Qutest as a DAC? Holo Audio Spring DAC? A little birdie from YouTube says there’s gonna be a review on the Doge Audio tube DAC. Seems it’s very good. I just had the Lumin T2 in for a couple of weeks. Streaming quality is so close to CD. So so close. Can’t imagine the X1
  2. I bought my Mytek Brooklyn Bridge without auditioning. Fortunately, it worked out. 🤣😂
  3. I’ve tried some expensive USB cables that cost over £1k. Compared them. I hear a difference but it’s so mild. ROI is very very little. I’m still happy to stick with my £3 USB cable. 😬
  4. Tidal is offering a 30 day free trial. Try it.
  5. Unless your speakers are set up with a cross laser leveller and both are perfectly symmetrical ... a slight tilt etc won’t be an issue. Let’s be honest, do we sit perfectly in the center and is our head held in place with some vice? 😬 But it’s good practice to get it all spot on. I do use a spirit level as I am a bit OCD 🤣😂
  6. I’ve not tried the Mini, was sent to me but could not get it to connect. 🙄 I did own the Qutest and now am using the Bridge. I sold the Qutest because I wanted a one box solution that’s able to connect my SSD storage to. It’s for my DSD files. Still, I would say the Qutest is a very good DAC. Clean and crisp sound. Refined. The Mytek sounds a little more lush with tighter bass. But the lushness has a bit of electronic sheen to it.
  7. tIANcI

    Harbeth XD range

    He does not like users pairing his ‘so well designed’ speakers with tube amps. Been there on this with him at HUG. This is basically what he said. He’s getting way too opinionated and cranky. Go to HUG, say new user, want to get opinions on best tune amp to pair it with ... it will be a blast at HUG. So no more Harbeth for me despite owning 3 pairs. Found better speakers that cost the same or less. @dave6v ... if you like the Harbeth, then go for it. The new Rogers Classic series is not cheap anyways. Neither are the Fancon Gold badge. There’s a slight difference in sound. As stated above, not night and day. I love the look of the P3ESR 40th but I settled for the standard one. It all depends on what you prefer. XD is a marketing tool. How does a company that prides itself in manufacturing the most natural voice reproduction now have Extended Definition? 🙄
  8. The Freya+ sounds nice on stock tubes but get some NOS ones like the Sylvania 6SN7GTA ... it’s a lot nicer. Nice preamp. Can’t find much fault with it. On solid state mode it is average only.
  9. @hifinutt ... I just stumbled upon this brand 2 days ago and been watching their videos in YT. Sounds most interesting. But when I hear a China amp that retails for USD3k and has been upgraded then sold for £6k ... I’m like eeeeeerrrrrr
  10. The reviews are truly spot on. No kidding. I am smiling like the Cheshire Cat You keep safe ok!
  11. These just arrived from Lithuania. AudioSolutions Figaro M. Running them in now. 😬
  12. Mine’s a mess. Average from 3 positions. Forgot what I used for smoothening. I need to treat the room first. Harbeth P3ESR with sub on I guess.
  13. Nice chunky basses. I like them. I got a Status Graphite. UK baybeee!
  14. Harbeth’s new line. Google it. 😬
  15. It’s called MARKETING. Saw this coming late last year and there was news that prices will be going up. Did not know that it was going to be via the XD series.