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  1. I got to gets me drill and buy some twine. 😈 She’s his best friend 🙈
  2. I’m from the other side of the world. 😂 Gonna just send it back to the dealer to settle.
  3. I emailed them over the weekend. Amp got a bit of prob. Got the automated reply in Italian but till today, no follow up. 🙄
  4. How dare you???!!! And the Chinese got blamed 😳 😂🤣😂🤣
  5. Hope she was not growing e-coli. 😂🤣
  6. With such a high output impedance I’m assuming bass will suffer. What is going to be the actual effect? For me I’m just only curious about the test conducted. How proper is it and why the figures dropped?
  7. Oh yeah ... imagine if Fleming thought “Just throw that blob away”.
  8. I think those who want to slam whether people believe or don’t believe ought to put a sock in it. This post is just seeking verification if the measurement was properly done and what may cause the difference in readings if it were properly done. Nothing more. Its sickening to hear the same old bickering. Seriously. Learn to read. Read what is posted. No jump in with blinkered comments.
  9. ‘Impressive’ review. Very very ‘impressive’. Just a few flowery words and I’m so impressed by the review. 😂🤣
  10. No I did not. I got what you meant. No worries! 😬
  11. The guy doing the video says it’s prob not going to make a difference to SQ. Just wanted to shoe sometimes, somethings do cause an effect, though not improving SQ. Thanks!
  12. I came across this video. The guy says when cable is lifted off the ground, capacitance will decrease. Anyone can enlighten me? I’m curious to know if the test is decently valid and if there is any scientific truth to it. To be fair, the guy did say capacitance does not affect speaker cables that much. Thanks!