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  1. A bank of deep cycle batteries eh?
  2. Yup ... especially those who have not tried anything but seem to know for a fact. They sully the human gene pool.
  3. Man ... you are really into interconnects. Hehehe ... I’ve tried some expensive ones, Siltech Queen, heard the difference but just too rich for my blood. Maybe after I’ve robbed a few banks You’re welcome! Maybe one day when I’m free I’ll find someone who is knowledgeable to explain it to me
  4. I just got this unit for the last 2-3 weeks. It’s been an eye opener for me. This Ultra Bank is what the manufacturer calls an auto transformer. It’s beyond me. From what little I know, it seems to ensure that current supply will be optimized. It did make a very obvious difference in my system. In short the system sounded like it’s energized. Bass is bolder and more taut. Mids have better density. Found the highs to be smoother too. Thus the soundstage becomes more vivid. Listening experience is a lot better. It’s been most interesting for me. I used to wonder why it would make any difference bearing in mind from the wall there’s more than enough current to kill a few horses. Something new to be learnt each day I guess. Specifications are here: FRANK ACOUSTICS: FRANK PB-15000Ws Power Bank Storage ps I’m not the manufacturer or a distributor for this component.
  5. A great musician has left us. I was fortunate to watch him perform with Richard Burton. RIP
  6. Try this: Material cost + time cost x (product quality)/competitor pricing + (total R&D cost/expected number of units to be made) x demand. If demand is zero then price is zero
  7. Just sound frequency? How the amp reproduces it?
  8. Wow ... lovely! Now where’s the cappuccino maker?
  9. tIANcI

    Cheap valve amp

    Look for the Doge Audio integrated, the Doge 10 Mk 3. It’s been getting some good reviews. Costs like around £1.2k.
  10. I hate you! I got the FLS10 and the Brooklyn Bridge. Now I won’t be able to sleep.
  11. Plain and simple ...
  12. Look for the TeraDak LPSU, the slightly more expensive one in the £100 range. It does make a difference. I was skeptical till I heard it.
  13. @DomT ... see this: Phanaeng, also spelled phanang, panang, and other variants is a type of red Thai curry that is thick, salty and sweet, with a zesty kaffir lime flavour. The earliest known mention of phanaeng appears in Mom Somchin Rachanupraphan's book Tamra Kap Khao, published in 1890. A popular phanaeng curry dish is pork phanaeng. Hehehe ...
  14. So such thing as needing a ton of watts. It reaches a smidge under 6 ohms at lowest. I’ve tried them with a Class A 10w for fun. Desktop application it’s ok. Other than that, no way. It can be called relaxed when compared with say a KEF or ProAc.
  15. I’m in touch with him but not yet meet up. Would love to listen to his collection of LS 3/5a. Here’s a recording of mine.
  16. It’s a labour of love by an architect. He started it long time ago with artisans from China. I like it but the rear portion was kinda more modern. This is one of my favorite restorations: http://www.yengkenghotel.com
  17. That’s my hometown ... it’s kinda over developed now. Lost its charm. Was super nice before say 1998. You enjoyed the street food?
  18. I can’t say how much humidity etc plays a role. Would not know how to figure that out. One long time distributor retired back in Dec 2019. We were buying P3ESR for a mere £1,200. Now it’s back up about £1,800. Meta here is about £1k. When it’s 27C you need a cold beer! Anyways, I set my P3ESR now for nearfield listening. It’s about 4.5’ away. A bit of a pain when I want to listen to my Figaro M.
  19. Dinner time! Pork chop with sautéed onion & apples and mash.
  20. No I did not. You know how the P3 works with rock. Can’t push it hard. The local distributor was kinda disappointed I bought the AudioSolutions Figaro M and not the W8 No regrets mate.
  21. @dave6v ... I’ve never hear any Spendour before. Try the Boenicke W5
  22. Possibly ... if I were to just settle for a pair or two only. Highly possible. If limited to a single pair, M30.2 XD! I’ve owned the LS50 but not the Meta. I bought the LS50 due to all the hype. If it’s between P3ESR and LS50 at same price, I’ll take the P3ESR for sure. There’s more refinement with the P3ESR but loses out on bass and being a hard hitting speaker. But as you rightly pointed out, choice of music will be a big determining factor. Need to get the local distributor to let me review the new Meta.
  23. Quickie Review: Harbeth P3ESR XD vs Harbeth P3ESR Now, I must say that the listening session was not a prolonged one and what I heard is based on dealer’s showroom and the equipment used. How it sounds Some Harbeth dealers online have really placed the XD on a high pedestal with all their hyperbolic marketing statements. Here are some examples: “Breath-taking transparency, realistic bass, amazing vocal reproduction and fantastic holographic imaging give the P3ESR XD a grand, captivating, and transparent sound.” “Amazing Clarity & Tuneful Bass From A Gorgeous, Shoebox-Sized Enclosure” So, what gives? After a comparison of both speakers using only 3-4 tracks, I have to say that there is a very obvious difference between the P3ESR and the P3ESR XD. The sound has matured as I would put it. Clarity The new XD’s highs and mids are smoother and this makes the sound presented to be clearer. Without any measurements I would not be able to say if there is an extra extension to the highs or any bump of the mids but it is safe to say that the frequency in this range is smoother. Breath Taking Transparency Now, in hifi too many adjectives are freely used. Transparent means that it replicates without adding to or subtracting from the original source material. You are listening to what the artiste intended. Do we really know what the originally intended sound should be? Not unless we were in the recording studio as the track or album is being mastered, we can’t say its ‘transparent’. Fantastic Holographic Imaging I would not say that the new XD has a better holographic imaging than the stock P3ERS. Again, with the improvement in the highs and mids, things are just more detailed. It gets things more into focus for you. Amazing Vocal Reproduction The new XD has taken this a notch or two up. Vocals are definitely clearer with slightly more weight. It does sound very slightly more forward but definitely non-fatiguing. There is density to it. It sure is a welcomed improvement. But I won’t use ‘amazing’. It was pretty good with the P3ESR and Harbeth has made it better. Realistic & Tuneful Bass Now this is the most obvious improvement with the XD. The bass is definitely stronger and more tuneful. In the past the 100 Hz BBC bump did help the P3ESR sound larger. Yes, the P3ESR did have a tuneful bass but now it’s better. There is more semblance of bass now. The bass is totally satisfying for a speaker of this size. Oh yes … how about ‘realistic’? Let’s be honest, how realistic can bass get from a driver of merely 110mm? It can’t defy physics. Grand, captivating, and transparent sound Grand? I would not say it is. Captivating … definitely due to the overall improvement to the sound. In short, the XD is not a shocking departure from the Harbeth DNA but it has evolved. Alan Shaw has morphed the XD sound in the right direction as he the pursues the quest for speakers that are natural in its presentation. However, I personally, would not call it Xtended Definition. That creates a perception of moving from a HD TV to a 4K or even 8K one. No matter what Harbeth wants to call it, it is a speaker that will hold its own. A worthy speaker. So, many will ask, “Is the P3ESR XD worth the premium of around $900?” If you are a Harbeth fan, most probably. I believe that new sound is going to be great for nearfield listening as it takes away all the edge that was present in the P3ESR and adds to it, quality bass response. You will be rewarded with a much smoother delivery of music. Test equipment Integrated amp: Rega Elicit-R Source: Redbook CD CDP: Rega Saturn-R
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