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  1. Must be black in excellent condition with the original remote control and preferably with the original box.
  2. Must be black in excellent condition preferably with the original box.
  3. Maybe the title of this thread should be: Who thinks audiophiles are finished? It's just a matter of time.
  4. A side note. Never really understand why people take hi-fi components and other expensive electronics into their garden to photograph.
  5. Sorry I've posted this twice by mistake. Here is a photo. I'm wondering if the scratches are too deep to be corrected with polishing.
  6. I want to remove the scratches from Monitor Audio GS60 speakers. I was wondering if it was safe to use a dual action polisher?
  7. I want to remove the scratches from my Monitor Audio GS60 speakers. I was wondering if it was safe to use a dual action polisher?
  8. There is another system that's in its boxes in the loft. The Tannoy speakers from my very first hi-fi and the components for my second system but I'm not allowed to have hi-fi in the master bedroom. So I've basically run out of rooms.
  9. Reviews to follow shortly..... Lounge Bedroom 1 Home office Bedroom 2 (Work in progress)
  10. I am looking for an aptX HD Bluetooth receiver. I'm interested in these three: There are lots of reviews of the Audioengine B1 and Advance Paris is the reference brand of the French manufacturer Advance Acoustic. The DAC chips are as follows: Audioengine B1: AKM AK4396 Advance Paris WTX1100: Cirrus Logic CS4344 xDuoo XQ-50 Pro: Sabre ES9018K2M The alternative is to connect to my Tag McLaren DAC20 but I think that it would be probably better to use the internal DAC. Prices are: Audioengine B1: £169 Advance Paris WTX1100: £199 xDuoo XQ-50 Pro: £68 The xDuoo supports LDAC which I don't think the other two do. There is also the massive price difference. I already own a xDuoo XD05 Plus portable DAC / headphone amp for my laptop which I really like. Which do you prefer?
  11. I've been thinking about buying an ultrasonic record cleaner for a long while. These three that have caught my eye: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/ULTRASONIC-R ... 3839270940 http://audiorevita.pl/?page_id=14 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vbCLdyQ8ynw It's made by a Polish company. The motor spindle unit isn't just something that clips on. It's built into the ultrasonic cleaner and doesn't require its own PSU. The main thing I like about it is that I can clean 6 records at a time. It can also heat the cleaning fluid. Audiorevita also do a model, ARC-04 that has variable frequency that is £345 delivered. I'm still not sure whether high frequency is more effective and worth paying almost £100 extra for. I think alot of you already know about the HumminGuru Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/hu ... escription It seems neater and more compact. It also has a drying mode. But the big issue is that it only cleans one record at a time. It looks like its made out of plastic so I'm not sure about the build quality. I think I would do a rinse stage and vacuum dry with my Okki Nokki RCM so the drying function in the HumminGuru is kind of redundant. The Audiorevita is £250 and the HumminGuru is £325 (both including shipping). I will almost certainly have to pay import duty and VAT with the HumminGuru. I'm leaning towards the ARC-2 but I was wondering which you prefer or if there is a completely different alternative you think I should consider.
  12. Gutted. Got outbid by a sniper on a mint condition one on eBay. Hence, still looking.
  13. Must be: Black Original remote control Excellent condition Preferably with original box.
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