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  1. I meant performance matching not cosmetically.
  2. I'm also considering Morduant Short Performance 6 but not sure how well they match with Tag McLaren.
  3. Must be in mint condition with remote control preferably with box. Colour: Black
  4. Bedroom is 5m x4m. I have GS60 in the master bedroom with my Arcam system and they sound great.
  5. I am putting together a Tag McLaren system which will be a hi-fi in one of the bedrooms: T32R Tuner CDT20R CD Transport 60i Amplifier DAC20 DAC What speakers would you recommend? My first choice would be Monitor Audio GS60 but they rarely come up for sale on eBay etc. The alternative would be to buy new and my first choice would be KEF LS50 but I'm unsure if this would be a good system match. Any other suggestions please? Thanks.
  6. Looked at this RME DAC but I've decided to get an Eden x8 Magic DAC instead: https://edenaudio.uk/shop/home/179-aune-x8-magic-dac.html Currently waiting for stock.
  7. I'm looking to selling my T32R tuner and DAC20. Both are mint with no cosmetic damage. I have the original box for the T32R but not for the DAC20. How much can I reasonably sell these for?
  8. I wondering which would be better: 60iRV and 60P vs PA20R and 100P
  9. I have a 3 element FM aerial and DAB dipole. I therefore listen to FM when I can. I mostly listen to speech based radio for DAB like LBC and TalkRadio. I notice that tuners on eBay are generally being sold for bargain prices.
  10. I was just wondering if hi-fi tuners have fallen out of favour. I was just looking at their seems to be only 4 models currently available: Mitchell & Johnson DR-201V Onkyo T-4030 Onkyo T-433 Yamaha T-D500 I noticed What Hi-Fi? do not even have a category for tuners in their reviews section on their website and there was no Tuners category in the recent awards.
  11. Can someone please tell me the difference between the Tag McLaren 60i and 60iRV? Many thanks
  12. I think you and I have a very different idea of what very good condition is!
  13. Any photos of the DAC20? Does it come with the original box?
  14. I use P4D. i find their customer service much better as they usually reply within 10 minutes during office hours. I had to send my T+A V10 amplifier (with all its valves) back to T+A in Germany today. No courier will insure valves as they are partially made out of glass.
  15. The IsoAcoustics Isopuck Mini's work great. Bass is more controlled. In general I really dislike DIY solutions which look cheap and tacky.