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  1. since my original post i have found out i can get a great deal on a new sagatun 1-3 pre and i already own a ads/1 so my options are buy the sagatun and upgrade my ads/1 to katalyst or trade my ads/1 and kairn in for a near new adsm.since i dont need all the inputs and outputs as i only want to stream ,access my nass and play vinyl im thinking of going the sagtun and upgrade my ads as it will cost me about $1000 less and i get to keep my kairn for another system and from what im reading may sound slightly better than a adsm,
  2. thanks great suggestions there yes i do have 3 klouts and listen to vinyl
  3. Hi Group I have another question .would running an Akurate ds(katalyst spec) through a klimax kontrol to my klouts give the same quality sound as connecting an Akurate dsm same spec direct to my klouts,reason i ask is i have the opportunity to go either way but the ds and kontrol option will cost me about $1000 less.thanks
  4. Hi Group if i upgrade my Akurate ds1 to kataylst assumimg the rest of my system is up to it what sound improvment should i expect say from 1 to 10, 1 being yes i think i can hear a difference to 10 being holly shit why didnt i do this sooner, thanks,
  5. dah

    which streamer ?

    thanks everybody for your input i can see overall most are extremely helpfull and i look forward to a long future here .now to reread through the posts and make a desicion ,leaning towards a second hand linn ds if i can find one.
  6. dah

    which streamer ?

    thanks all for your encouragement and no Keith i do not own a dac so i guess i'm after a streamer with a built in dac which is why im looking at the linn or the cambridge .
  7. dah

    which streamer ?

    this is the very first forum i have ever joined and i apologise if i haven't followed the correct protocol i appreciate the advise greatly ,however if the last comment is anything to go by i think i will find a friendlier forum elsewhere.
  8. dah

    which streamer ?

    I have a linn triamped system with klout amps and kaber speakers and a kairn preamp and trying to decide on a streamer .i have about $3000 australian to spend and am looking at either a secondhand linn akurate ds a new linn sneaky or a new cambridge audio 851n.It will mainly be used for streaming tidal or spotify and running a nas through and i just want the best sound i can get for the money;Interested in peoples thoughts.thanks
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