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  1. Great little DAC, I used this to connect my TV to my system as my main DAC didn't have an optical input. Good condition, comes boxed with wall wart PSU. £120 collected from Nottingham area or can post easily.
  2. Bump and price reduction to £500 which is a steal for one of these
  3. Cool I’ll put you name on it, just let me know the logistics when you sort things out
  4. No longer needed so you’re welcome to come grab it if you want a wall shelf. Reasonable condition to say it’s 30 years old. Pic is from last year holding my gyrodeck. I’m near junction 25 of the M1.
  5. I have a hankering to try out a nice MC cartridge as I’ve just got a new phono stage that has variable loading. I picked the Zephyr up ex demo a round a year ago and it’s had very little play, maybe 40 hours, as the Aida I’d ordered turned up a couple of months later. I was told it had 50-60 hours on it, so maybe 100ish. Being a soundsmith you can have it rebuilt at a later date for 20% of retail which was around £1200. I’d value it about £500-£600 at a guess? I’d love to try a Hana or Ortofon if anyone fancies trying a moving iron for a change? I’m mainly a rock and jazz guy.
  6. Bump - I have a few spare tubes I've dug out as well which I'll throw in so you can have a roll
  7. Great phonostage but I changed amps recently to a VTL and find an SS phonostage a better match. This is the MM and MC version, without a volume control. Serviced by EAR on the 4th August this year and a capacitor and valve were replaced. Great condition with a few very light marks and fully boxed. Asking 600 collected from Nottingham/Derby area or can ship at buyers expense.
  8. Fantastic high end CD player with tube output. I was using this as both a CDP and transport, depending on the disc being played as the tube stage really helps takes the edge of earlier recordings. I was using XLR for direct to amp and coaxial to my DAC. It's a big heavy unit, made like a battleship as you'd expect from Pathos. Looks great as well. Never tried rolling the tubes, but I can imagine some NOS Mullards ect could be interesting. Bought from The Music Room in March 2021 so still under warranty, fully boxed and immaculate aside from the smallest of surface marks on the stainless steel base where it was sat on Stillpoints. Asking 1500 collected from the Nottingham area and can ship which I guess would be between 20 - 40 for a good express service.
  9. It’s the Aries G1, with a Melco N1A as a server. I’m exploring digital more deeply as I’ve not got room for much more physical media. You definitely echo my concerns. Reading the user guide etc it’s quite technical and I really prefer something more plug and play. There’s a lot of options out there and I’m leaning towards a streamer with server like Melco or Innuos. Shame not to take advantage of the i2s though as everything I’ve read says it’s superior
  10. Is annoying using the Aqua Linq streamer? I’m thinking of upgrading my Auralic G1 in the new year and as a very happy La Scala owner the Linq looks a good fit. Also, I took the plunge and picked up some of the NOS Philips tubes from Elite and they are very good, a definite improvement from the stock La Scala tubes or some Mullards I tried out.
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