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  1. I did wonder about the slippers, but I've gone barefoot and even tried sneaking up on it like a ninja, but it still laughs at me.
  2. it's the metal SME one, not sure if alloy or steel. I also use the Michell armplate decoupling kit
  3. I don't use a mat as per Michell recommendations, but I have just ordered a cheap rubber/cork matt from Amazon just in case it has any impact. I've got a separate earth cable from chassis to phonostage, that was once of the first things I tried.
  4. A Naim DAC V1 I bought last year. Really fancied trying the 'Naim sound' and although impressive at first listen, quickly started to sound quite artificial and boring, even annoying. I guess everyone has a sound type that appeals to them, but Naim is clearly not for me.
  5. Used for a few weeks but I had a chance to grab a Hi Diamond reference, so the carbon is no longer needed. RRP is £150, will sell for £90 inc UK postage Cheers
  6. That's a good idea, thanks. A nice easy one to try as well!
  7. I know this doesn't help you, but I'm so glad someone else has exactly the same issue. I was starting to think it was just me! I'll let you know if I ever manage to find a fix. A local Michell dealer suggested trying a different PUS, so I'm trying to track one down to test
  8. Well I gave it a go but unfortunately the problem was exactly the same. It's so predictable, I lift the record off and about 1 second later get a series of loud pops. Inevitably I move straight to another source as it makes me nervous. A dealer I spoke to suggested trying a different PSU, to see if it's related to my HR. I don't suppose anyone has an old wall wart I could borrow to at least rule out it being a PSU issue?
  9. One last bump before I go through the painful world of eBay. My new speakers have arrived, so happy to reduce these to £900 for a quick sale if it's bank transfer or PP friends and family (no fees). That's under half price for a pair of really good sounding, room friendly current model AVs that retail at over £1800. A proper bargain! All boxed now and as new.
  10. I've thought about this for the Boheme, but don't you get whacked with lots of import charges & VAT etc? Should mention I'm in the UK.....
  11. Absolutely! Audio Emotion have been kind enough to send me a demo Soundsmith Zephyr to try. Cross fingers that it solve the issue
  12. I've asked the dealer I've ordered my Aida from if he can lend me something as an interim. Hopefully that will allow me to test it. I'll let you know.
  13. That's an interesting thought. I've got a Soundsmith Boheme which is getting pretty long in the tooth, and am waiting for a new Aida which unfortunately is taking ages because of corona. It may explain why is getting progressively worse. I'll slap my old Clearaudio one on, see what happens
  14. I haven't yet, I'm planning to take the whole things apart this weekend for a full clean and re-oil. It only had the oil changed last year though, so I'm not hopeful it will help. Worth a try though! The noise comes through the speakers. Also, still happens even if I turn the HR off first, which makes me think it's not HR related.
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