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    Pathos Digit
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    Auralic G1
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    Aqua La Scala
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    Icon Audio Stereo 60
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  1. Thanks for the update, looking forward to seeing what you think to the change.
  2. Look forward to your findings!
  3. Do you know which tubes he’s putting in? I’ve just picked up some nos mullards to try after hearing some owners reporting great results from them. Haven’t got around to trying them yet though. The good thing is it’s a cheap tube to try compared to the more commonly used types.
  4. If anyones got a spare one doing nothing I'm looking for one
  5. You're spot on, I'll amend the description. I didn't pay much attention - that'll teach me!
  6. I've just bought an Allegri+, so my Allegri is for sale. To be honest I can't hear any difference between them, they are both fabulous sounding pre-amps. I've used it both between a valve poweramp and a SS and it produces great results with both. Lots of great reviews out there, still can't get my head around how it works without power! In great condition, a couple of very light scratches which I've tried to photograph but it's not easy. The only issue is it loses the left channel on one of the higher volume steps. Never really bothered me as I'd just go up or down. Can be easily repaired by Townshend I'd guess if was a major issue for you. They're great people to deal with. £800 PayPal F&F or bank transfer posted using FedEx, DHL etc next day delivery (no Hermes horrors!) or collect from Nottingham near junction 25 of the M1. If you can find any fuel that is!
  7. Looking for a matched pair of these, preferably NOS but definitely 50s/60s not the later ones. Cheers!
  8. I can only compare to the La Voce which I upgraded from. I find the La Scala more detailed but organic at the same time. Before the La Voce I used a Naim DAC V1 and that was way too digital sounding for me. I've had the La Scala for a couple of months now and it's gradually improved in overall sound quality. I do want to try rolling the tubes to some 60's Mullards, as I've read they improve the soundstage and that would echo my other experiences with old Mullard tubes. For reference I use an Aurelic G1 streamer via USB and a Pathos Digit CD via coaxial as my sources
  9. Same weight as my Icon so definitely a 2 man job! No way to hide it from the wife unfortunately
  10. I'll get a bit more breathing room as it's not as tall as my tube amp, so hopefully that plus the lack of 4 KT-150's glowing happily should mean things are a little cooler. Elite Audio are offering me a 30 day home audition on an ex-demo one, so worst case I'm out the return shipping. May as well give it a try!
  11. Hey guys. I’m in the process of shortlisting some SS poweramps as my current valve amp gets too damn hot, takes too long to warm up and doesn’t have enough bass grip for me. The Audia FLS4 looks really interesting and from everything I’ve read gives me most of the tube sound with the additional bass slam. I’m using a Townshend Allegri passive pre, so wondered if any Audia owners could share their thoughts on sounds and how well they work with a passive pre?
  12. My new Soundsmith Aida arrived on Monday after ordering it back in February.... Well worth the wait though, it's a step up from my Boheme
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