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  1. Thank you very much for the advice on the quads, I think the clamps were installed in the last service but its something I will definitely now check. Ill see how the quads sound, since it was a professional service and the worst case is that they just need another service as usual. I want to preserve as much of the LP12 as possible, also the upgrades are so exensive I cant really justify them at this time but Ill keep the Hercules in mind if I ever need to replace the board, since this is something that might have to happen. I was tempted to buy a knock off belt but now that you mention the difficulties in machining a flat belt I dont think I will, not too much more expensive to get the real thing thats been done the reputable standards. Thanks for all you advice!
  2. thank you very much for the info, good advice and a blast from the past with that turntable spirit level, i never would have guessed WHS sold those. I agree that £200 would be much better spent towards a new cartridge, as Im not sure how replaceable the stylus is on the current one.
  3. Thats sounds correct, and they look very similair if not identical.
  4. Thanks for the info about the Linn, I did think they were asking a bit much but I was incorrect in saying I was sending them to Linn, I am actually sending them to a local retailer (got confused with the amps) so it doesnt look like I will be able to find a cheaper price for a professional service, but I should be able to change grommets etc myself. The arm is a rega r200, and I do not know what the cartridge is but I'll be sure to look up Audio Origami. The only place I could find a din to RCA connector was on a reputable website and costs £25 so that should be fine, but as for the aux to RCA I dont see the need in splashing out for that, since its industry standard. Thank you very much for the witch hat audio details, that may well come in handy I will definitely be in contact with them. Thanks for all the advice!
  5. Ok thank you very much. I'll be in touch with the engineer whos fixing them to see what costs will be.
  6. Yeah the service will include a full replacement of all moving parts, oil check and everything else they can think of. I dont know exactly when it was built, but definitely before 1979. It has a rega r200 tonearm, and Im not sure about the cartridge, need to take a closer look and do some research to find out exactly what but hopefully the Linn people can tell me. RE the amps, do you not think they have much resale value anyway since they are so old? Would they have significantly more value if they were serviced by Naim?
  7. I recently acquired a system consisting of the following: quad els 57 speakers (serviced about 10 years ago but not used since) Naim Nac 22 preamp Naim Nap 120 power amp Linn LP12 turntable Quads: As far as I am aware the quads should be good as new, given they were serviced and then not used, unless the tension on the panels goes over time or there is some other issue. I do plan on removing the front grills to get a small dent out and repaint another colour. Amp/preamp: As far as I know, the preamp is fine, but given it has not been used in about 20 years and was never serviced before that, I've booked it in with a local audio engineer reccomended to me by a local reputable hifi company (James Morrow based in Edinburgh, Lothian Road) to have a general service. The power amp is a bit more complicated, as I have been told that one channel does not work so I did not turn it on for fear it might damage the quads. It has also been booked in with the local audio engineer to be repaired and serviced. These items are currently quoted at £80-£120 each, but I did get a quote directly from Naim at £270-£300 each not including shipping. I went with the cheaper option, as I am on a bit of a budget and I think it is just a missing capacitor, but I could be persuaded to go for the more expesive option if you think that it needs to be done by the people who built them, especially given they are one of the earliest models dating back to the early 70s. Also worth mentioning that I plan on adding capacity for a smartphone input, but since the preamp only has 4 pin inputs the only way I can see to do this is to get a 3.5mm to RCA cable , then a 4 pin din to RCA cable Naim Style 4 Pin Latching DIN Plug - 2 x In-Line Phono/RCA Sockets Linn LP12: Fairly straightforward, it does not have a belt and has also sat unused for the last 20 years, and has not been serviced to my knowledge before that (made in the 70s) so I will book it in for a service with Linn and get them to replace the belt, costing £200. Sorry for the information overload, but I just wanted to get some well trained eyes on my system to let me know if there are any huge mistakes or things that could be done better. I'm excited to get it all working together, as they are all impressive parts.
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