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  1. I’ll wager that they won’t be your last Primare components.
  2. Hope you reduced the tracking force to compensate for Chitty’s lift.
  3. Interesting that you prefer the PT1 to the Vector despite the Vector having a better arm/cartridge. The Vector was perhaps a cheaper turntable in real terms but with the vector drive, Acromat (Acroplat?), more modern power supply etc you might expect the comparison to be close. Just shows what a great deck the mark one PT was. Maybe improving the isolation of the Vector might narrow the gap.
  4. My understanding is that for a connection to be balanced you need a XLR - XLR cable. A RCA-XLR or XLR-RCA cable (‘pseudo-balanced’) cannot operate in balanced mode - these are designed just to permit a single ended connection using an XLR socket. The more balanced connections you can achieve in the signal path, the lower the noise and (theoretically) the better the performance. If you have one connection working single-ended (say phono stage to pre-amp) followed by a further connection in balanced mode (pre-power) you will achieve a total noise rejection performance somewhere in between using
  5. Yes, I think I would try different settings and test by ear anyway. Must be better advice than my last effort at least!
  6. My S3/SHO is down at 8ms. Just numbers.. what are you trying to do or decide?
  7. My S3/SHO is down at 8ms. Just numbers.. what are you trying to do or decide?
  8. I found a reference that the REL Strata III had a group delay of 16 ms. Is group delay the same?? If so it’s a fair bet that the Strata 5 will be around 10-16ms.
  9. I don't think you should have your guard on during your birthday - just not right. Get Mrs P to remove it for you on the understanding that anything damaged is replaced by new.
  10. Many years ago I had a Dynavector DX10x5 which started to destroy vinyl by leaving short sections of the groove damaged. I was devastated as I have always been meticulous on set up and checks on tracking force etc seemed fine so I put it down to age/wear but it wasn’t very old. I then bought the test record to give me more confidence in set up. I later had an Ortofon Quintet Black which like your Ronda tracks well and managed the third track. My current Cadenza Bronze tracks even better by ear (eg better on passages prone to sibilence). I have yet to actually test it. I’m not sure if the last
  11. Well done. You knew the wood had to go.
  12. Goldfrapp’s Seventh Tree has just landed. A wise buy on daffodil-yellow vinyl. “It’s a blue, bright blue Saturday..” Great release.
  13. I also remember the Jamo 8’s. Superb. Could never afford them at the time. I’d look for a modern equivalent if I were you and leave the 8’s in a nice warm part of your memory. They might not compare well today.
  14. The Avantree Oasis Plus could be suitable. Double check compatible inputs. You will need a separate pre-amp with phono stage - that’s easier to find!
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