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  1. I'm happy to ship it to UK if buyer pays import fees.
  2. Harbeth Monitor 30.2 40th Anniversary Edition. These speakers are in mint condition: 100% technically and 99% optically perfect. There is a very small scratch on the bottom where the speaker touches the stand otherwise everything is perfect. With the special, limited WBT connectors! Kept in a smoke-free home. With original boxes. High quality photos Shipping within the European Union, not to UK (item is outside of UK, Brexit). Price: 2800 EUR, open to offers
  3. Which one is it? The "Harbeth Loudspeakers" closed group?
  4. It's not the simplest thing to find an ad in a printed British magazine from here, but I tried, is this his number: 01283 702875?
  5. How are the older Harbeth P3s (pre-RADIAL ones)? The original P3s are quite old now, but the ES2 was introduced in around 2005, so it should be ok. AFAIK the Monitor 20 I could buy is the same as the ES2 with Speakon connector (and ugly grey finish). Hifinutt, if I can find a really good condition P3ESR for around 1000, I think I'd probably be open for it. If anyone knows of one please PM me. Nopiano, I might be able to demo an LS50 locally, but from what I've read most people consider its sound too bright, brighter than the Harbeth, which I wouldn't want. I'm looking for something m
  6. My country is Hungary. Luckily climate is very moderate here, not too humid or too dry. How are the drivers / foams in these line of speakers, how much do I need to worry? Is it safe to say that if they sound nice in a demo (for local market ones) I can safely buy them? I still have a pair of B&O S45.2 (rubber foam) and one of them sound really bad. Might be the capacitors, might be something else, but if Spendors or Proac is anything like B&O then it's quite risky to buy second hand isn't it?
  7. Here is my very simple question, what are the recommended second hand alternatives to a Harbeth P3ESR? Longer version: I've spend a 4 hour demo listening to a Harbeth P3ESR and I've absolutely fallen in love with the sound. Yes, bass is lacking and it has a laughable size, but for jazz / vocal / acoustic music there was something in that speaker which I very rarely hear, even at shows. We've been playing around with the placement of the speaker and at one point it felt like it totally disappeared, it was quite magical. Now, having said that I am not willing to spend up to 3k EUR on a
  8. Hi Hyperknot,

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