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  1. Leem

    Dumb question alert

    Yep that seemed to me to be the only option, as long as the volume control doesnt affect the tape out
  2. Sorry about this, I'm embarrassed to even be asking but.... I have a Sugden IA4 integrated amp, which has tape and preamp out, but no headphone socket. Is there anyway to use headphones? I have a headphone amp but if I connect to either of those outputs I guess the speakers would still play? I did email Sugden and ask them, but they said they didn't understand the question!!!
  3. Interesting, I have a Cyrus remote, never even thought to try it.
  4. Nope, batteries are fine, and still doing it today. Tbh I haven't tried using switch cleaner as I haven't got any, but that is probably my next port of call
  5. My takeaway from a lot of YouTube stuff and Paul McGowan, is Americans must be a lot richer than we are over here. How on earth can they afford this gear?
  6. Do you have to align them to the earth's rotation too?
  7. Sorry to interrupt the general Sugden drooling, but I have a question regarding my rc5 remote control with my IA4. When I try to use to control the volume, half the time it works as I'd expect (tap the volume and it increases a little) and half the time it seems to just keep increasing volume even after I stop pushing the volume button, and only stops if I decrease. It does the same in reverse, or I want to decrease the volume a little and it drops to zero. I've checked and it doesn't seem to be a sticky buttons. Does anyone else get this? Just wondered if it's my hamfistedness or if it's a "feature" Thanks
  8. His wallet was lighter.
  9. How do you describe it? If I could do that I'd be a hifi journalist. Clean, warm, but not so much as tubes, but can also sound fast and precise. Lets put it this way, when I blew an output fuse I swapped in my Cyrus 3i, and that's not a bad amp but I didn't enjoy it, and was quite happy to go back to my phone and my dac nano until I got new fuses
  10. I barely get the IA4 past 25% so not sure I need more
  11. I have one, replaced my a21a Not sure it is as sweet sounding, but when you turn it up, oh boy! Is it s keeper? Probably, but so was the a21!
  12. It's just you. I've never even begun to speculate about the merest possibility of thinking about perhaps covering my speakers with a quilt, or anything else.
  13. I'm not using it, but I really wouldn't care if they were watching me talk to my family
  14. I have PMC transmission line speakers that supposedly go down to 30hz. Anyway I added a small subwoofer REL T-zero ? And have been playing about and found that the best setting was with the sub coming in nearer the middle of it's range rather than at the bottom, so I have a fair bit of overlap, but with a bit of careful volume balancing I find it is a much fuller sound. Having the cross over lower means I get bass but a more sparse mid range Hope that makes sense
  15. Leem

    Roon-why ?

    You see that's what I struggle with, I have an immense local library, but squeezebox has that totally under control, I just wondered if I was misunderstanding what Roon gives beyond that