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  1. So I'm looking for a Bluetooth enabled car audio system. No worries there, there's loads of them, but actually what I really want is something to hide out of sight, and connect my phone to, to play Spotify etc. Amazon and eBay show lots of cheap chinese amps, but they all seem to come without power adapters, and with no info regarding actually connecting to a car 12v system, or the actual power input plug size. So does anyone know of anyone, or can recommend a solution, that can supply such a thing with an actual power cable to connect to a car? TIA
  2. Leem

    Don't laugh.

    Nope, it's a sugden, it barely has volume :-)
  3. Leem

    Don't laugh.

    Well a few days later, and the (massive) improvement is still there. Well whatever happened, I'm super happy.
  4. Leem

    Don't laugh.

    Showing your (our) age there!
  5. Leem

    Don't laugh.

    Pity that, I've been using them for 60 years, wish I'd known earlier 🤣
  6. Leem

    Don't laugh.

    Good job I haven't got a budgie either
  7. Leem

    Don't laugh.

    Not really, just living in hope they'd improve. They've definitely massively changed for the better. And we can stop the puns now, my dog is currently sat listening to my second system, although he generally sleeps through the good stuff.
  8. Leem

    Don't laugh.

    I have a dog to do that for me too 😁
  9. Leem

    Don't laugh.

    Well I'm happy, maybe he does deserve something 😁 I'm not a snake oil believer, but something good has happened!
  10. Leem

    Don't laugh.

    So I've been running my klipsch forte 3s in for a couple of months now, and to be fair I've been disappointed as it sounded very thin and uptight, but kept waiting. Anyway today my dog sat on the remote control and massively increased the volume up to high distortion levels (which is loud!!!) Anyway panic music pause and reduce the volume, check everything is ok and go back to playing music, and it's massively improved. Sounds much like I was expecting from expensive (to me) horn speakers Am I imagining it, or has it actually done something positive to my speakers? Either way, I'm happy if it stays like this!
  11. I did upgrade the dirac, and it seems.worth it.
  12. I am using it as a preamp, straight into my sugden line input. No issues.
  13. Yea it does, but Ive not connected directly to the nad sub out yet. currently connected via the speaker terminals. Its on my to do list
  14. Im using my new forte iii with a small Rel Tzero amd it works very well. I must admit though I've got a Nad c658 streamer so I've got dirac room correction running too, which obviously has an effect on the overall presentation.
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