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  1. Leem

    dac bought

    Such a pity to get a nice piece of kit and then play Muse on it 😉 Can I guess it's got lots of synthesized, distorted, bass, and a repeated boring drum beat? Can you tell I don't like them? Boring to play if you're a drummer too, which is probably when I got fed up with them.
  2. Always impressed by people who keep boxes, so have a bump on me. I have 2 of these but no boxes, not selling though, so not hijacking your post
  3. Agreed, thats why unfortunately I wont be spending that amount of money blind. Good luck though
  4. A lot of speaker for the money, but who'd spend that amount without being able to audition? Not having a go at all, as I'm in the market for new speakers (but I'm in North Wales) but without having the chance for extended listening I can understand why you may not be getting any bites. Good luck with the sale though.
  5. Leem

    NFL 2020-2021

    At least The Saint don't have to rely on Trubisky as their backup
  6. Can I just say, what a strange looking sofa! Nice speakers though
  7. Thats a bargain. I'd buy it if I didnt already have one! Anyone who likes class A these are awesome, can power anything, mine rarely goes above 20% on the volume and sounds sublime
  8. Do you ever get time to listen to any of it? What's wrong with alphabetical on composer name? Imagine if I had to rearrange my Led Zeppelin vinyl by genre, id be chopping my albums up into small torus's - or is it tori?
  9. Unless it's done auto-biographically, it's not been done properly.
  10. That's true, everyone knows a spreadsheet is for working out your man maths prior to a purchase, not to provide written evidence of your indiscretions
  11. I confess I'm considering buying a pair of klipsch cornwalls, without auditioning first. Someone talk me out of it, or encourage me, I'm torn 🤣🤣
  12. I think we all want to know what album it was that meant you could do that and not notice
  13. I confess that after my spaghetti post a couple of days ago I tried again today and am much happier, however my bigger sin is I moved my listening chair closer (official designation "too close") to the back wall and my music sounds so much better. I think the devil has tempted me but I'm planning to leave it there.
  14. Leem


    I think shorter interconnects are coming. And a reroute of my power onto a fixed power strip on the back of the unit, and shorter power cables. Even my speaker cables upset my ocd, but can't do much about them
  15. Leem


    The only thing I have extra over you is an amp and the disc spinner. I'm not chucking away my class A loveliness and the disc spinner is there anyway as I still have a lot of dvds and don't want to fill up my NAS or spend the rest of my life ripping them. Still got too many wires thoigh