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  1. Leem

    Black felt pens.

    I got the mag a few days ago, even more full of tripe than normal
  2. Far too much money spent on magazines reviewing things i couldn't afford as a schoolboy/student
  3. Ah, you were reading the techy magazines, that's why you missed the snakeoil. You needed to be reading Hifi Answers 🤣
  4. Agreed. I went into my music room about 9.30 this morning to listen to a little bit of music, and apart from lunch I didn't reappear until 4pm and that was due to guilt. Worth every penny imho
  5. Nope. I run a Sugden IA4, so purchased the NAD as a preamp/DAC
  6. Further thoughts on this. Ive now been playing with my system for a few days, and I have to say I am loving it. One thing I wasn't expecting was that I've been able to move my speakers apart and increase the sound stage, without the adverse effects of being closer to the side walls. That did mean I ran another dirac test and got another filter to upload, so I now have 4 (plus OFF) but I think this is the best outcome so far. Music sounds so much more live and engaging than previously. Well worth the money and I think it's saved me several thousands of £s as I'm now not thinking of a speaker upgrade.
  7. When was that? It was certainly around in the mid 70s when I started, Jimmy Hughes being the ultimate purveyor of gibberish and snake oil
  8. I should have done this years ago (if it had been possible!) Its so easy to use, easy to tweak, and the upgrade to full range just happened automatically on the phone app. So easy to tweak, then save the changes and do back to back comparisons. I'm sure it's easy to become obsessed with tweaking though. Forcing myself to listen and not jump repeatedly between filters now! If anyone has any room or speaker issues and happens to want to upgrade their streaming and DAC this comes with a huge recommendation.
  9. It comes with its own mic and 3.5-usb convertor
  10. Well one of the other good things about the 658 is it has AptX so I can use my nanoDAC too, just need to get some decent headphones to replace my Bose qc35s - great noise reduction but appalling sound balance and feel like they're glued to your ears with suction
  11. I will. Ive paid for the full dirac suite, so get correction up to 20khz, so ill see how that goes over the next couple of days. So far had no problems other than my own incompetence
  12. Following another thread on here I fell into the wormhole of reading about digital correction. After much thought (well not that much!) I decided to splash out on a nad c658 on the flimsy basis that I was running a squeezebox touch and original dacmagic as my digital system. I spoke to Richard at audiologic yesterday and the magic box turned up this morning. After a couple of hours fighting with connecting to spotify (dont have two streamers with the same name!) I had the system running and sat down to listen and was very pleased, a definite improvement on my admittedly long in the tooth system. So i then sat down and gave dirac live a run through, which was easier than I was expecting and better than my failed attempts with REW.afyer running the free version (which only works up to 500hz) I had a filter set up and loaded. Definitely sounded different, and the advantage is you can switch between it being used and not. Not exactly double blind, but an easy swap. Anyway, its definitely helped my mid range hole, and boosted the bass. Whether its an improvement is down to personal preference, but I much prefer it. Looks like I may be buying the full version.
  13. I'm not absolutely sure but I think i might sell my soul before I sell MY IA4. This is an awesome amp, anyone dithering, buy it, you won't regret it - apart from the upgrade-itis it may cause
  14. Yep I've had new oil and belts and upgrades etc, but nothing for about 15 years (since I had my Inspired Hifi upgrade), I was just wondering if it actually needed anything, and if I'd notice any difference if i did have a service. I'm sure if I took it to my local Linn dealer that he'd recommend taking it back to pure Linn spec and spending a fortune (in fact that's what he said last time I went in to talk about speakers!) but I thought I'd ask people who dont have skin in the game 😁