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    LP12 with Cirkus
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    Rega RB301/ DV-10X5
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    Naim Stageline
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  1. Thanks everyone for the interest - this is now SOLD
  2. ...and reduced to £1250 to entice a sale & collection before I move on Thursday 31 Oct
  3. Sorry, hit reply instead of Report
  4. OK, now offered for sale at £1500 Thanks for your help again. Cheers Mark
  5. Thanks all - I really appreciate the effort you put into your replies. I'm realistic that I won't ever get the servicing/upgrade costs back, and I knew that when I paid for it. Having had a good look around, and your input then £1500 seems reasonable for a mid-range price. Thanks again Mark
  6. Bump - all my other stuff is gradually selling but I still have no real idea on what price to put on this. I'm a bit loathed to surrender it to the vagaries of a 7-day eBay auction. Any input or advice gratefully received Cheers Mark
  7. This rack has been the perfect match for my Naim / LP12 stack for the last few years. It has 4 normal Q4 maple shelves, one Q4 Evo maple shelf and one clear perspex turntable shelf to top it off, all rising on 19mm black columns. The column configuration is as shown below. This rack, specced similarly is over £1000 using the rack builder on the Quadraspire website It's in lovely condition but with a bit of shadowing where the components have sat for a few years, along with some footprints from my Supernait on the 3rd shelf down, and the top perspex shelf is in near mint condition. Also comes with a few spare columns, spikes and floor protectors. COLLECTION ONLY please from near Banbury. Thanks Mark
  8. FS: NACA5 (white 2x4m) with Naim Plugs & Banana c/w 4 x Naim plug spares £125 ONO The title pretty much says it all, 2 x 4m lengths of white NACA5 with Naim plugs soldered on one end and banana plugs on the other. There are also 4 x spare Naim plugs Collection from near Banbury preferred but will ship at Buyer's cost. Thanks Mark
  9. FS: Naim Stageline N £245 with 5/4 interconnect Suitable for MM or, as I have been using it, good for a high output MC cartridge such as the Dynavector 10X5. An immaculate little box and comes with a 5/4 interconnect that I used to connect to my Supernait (that's also for sale here) but it really came alive when I lit it up with a Teddy Pardo Dual TeddyCap (another item for sale here) Collection from Banbury preferred but happy to ship at Buyer's cost and risk. Thanks Mark
  10. FS: Naim Flatcap £225 Along with my CD3.5 here I'm selling my Flatcap with SNAIC5. Although they are listed separately, I would be happy to sell them as a pair for £50 cheaper at £450. The FlatCap is in very good condition, comes with the manual and is packed in the original box. Collection from near Banbury is preferred but willing to send at buyer's cost & risk. Thanks Mark
  11. FS: Naim CD3.5 £275 (£450 with FlatCap) Working down the stack now as more items come up for sale. This time it's Naim's ever-popular workhorse of a CD Player, my CD3.5. It will come packed in the original box with Remote Control, Manual & spare puck. The spare puck comes with a health warning though as I can't remember if it was a faulty one that I replaced a couple of years ago. I can't test it though as all the CDs went out the door last week It's in cracking condition and is up for sale alongside my FlatCap (£225) of the same same generation. I'd be happy with £450 for the CD3.5 and Flatcap if you wanted them as a pair. Collection from near Banbury preferred but willing to post at Buyer's expense and risk. Thanks Mark
  12. FS: Dual TeddyCap £395 It's not the most exciting box to look at but it's fantastic to listen to! Replaces 2 x HiCaps and it made quite a difference to my Supernait and Superline N that the LP12 was connected to. It's in immaculate condition because it hasn't been moved since the day I took it out of the box. Comes with 2 x TeddyCab5 cables. Collection preferred in Banbury, but will ship at buyers cost & risk. Thanks Mark
  13. FS: Supernait £1100 The big sell off continues... I bought this amp on first listen and have loved it since for its clarity with any source and excellent DAC. But if you’re reading this, I don’t need to tell you any of that. It’s been on the same shelf since I bought it and is in excellent condition with very few minor cosmetic scratches. Supplied in original box with manual and remote control. Collection from Banbury much preferred but could ship at buyers cost and risk. Mark
  14. UPDATED 27 Oct - to offer for sale at £1500 £1250 I'm retiring and going travelling whilst I'm still young enough (55) to enjoy it so I'm selling my complete stack rather than put it in storage for 5-10 years I can pretty much find the going price for the usual stuff like the Supernait, CD3.5, Flatcap, Stageline N, DTC etc but struggling to identify a fair price for the LP12 & Armageddon, the answer seems to be "how long is a piece of string?" It's a tidy deck fitted with a Cirkus bearing & sub-chassis, Rega RB301 arm and low hours Dynavector DV-10X5 cartridge. The only faults I can see are some micro abrasions on the lid, a small blemish to the front RH corner of the deck and the olive light doesn't come on the PSU. Coincidentally, it's exactly 8 years ago today that Cymbiosis serviced it and fitted the Cirkus bits. Any advice on how to price or input is much appreciated. Thanks Mark
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