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  1. Would still be interested to hear about yours. Thanks
  2. Thanks. I’ve sent him an email for some more info.
  3. Thanks. Feel free to pm me more details
  4. Thanks for the heads up. That may be worth investigating. Haven’t heard an A28 so couldn’t compare, though.
  5. It needs some lively speakers on the end to sound its best. Appreciate it can sound a bit flat with the wrong speakers. But, as a good all rounder, I think it will serve him well. He’ll be getting B & W speakers which will match well.
  6. Yes, I had one a while back. Sold it on as wasn’t using it. He’s looking for a starter amp and I recommended it and said I’d help him try and find one.
  7. Looking to source one for a friend. Must be in good to excellent condition, complete with original packaging and remote. Delivery or collection to Suffolk. Alternative Arcams considered. Thanks.
  8. There’s a Sansui AU505 on eBay at the moment. Reputable seller. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/224747321990?hash=item3453fbfa86:g:73AAAOSwrQVhvfns
  9. Wow, when I first got into HiFi in about 1990, this was the turntable of choice, outperforming - by all accounts - all turntables in its price range and above. What HiFi winner for a good few years, too. This looks like a cracking example. I’m sorely tempted.
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