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  1. Guy selling a R200 centre here. Overpriced but an option.
  2. Bump up. Open to offers. It’s too good to sit around doing nothing.
  3. Utterly beautiful. Yew is such a gorgeous finish. Bet they sound wonderful, too.
  4. Trying to source a pair for a friend. Piano black in great condition please. Posted to Suffolk. Many Thanks.
  5. Open to all offers. Great for some old school taping fun during lockdown. New and sealed cassettes available.
  6. Open to offers. Great transport or player in its own right. It’s just sitting unused and I’d like to see it in a new home. Thanks
  7. You can change some of the numbers on the front, otherwise there’s not much I can do🤣. This is a seriously good player for the money
  8. Now £100 plus delivery. Needs a new home for a lovely CD player.
  9. Thanks Julian It’s a rather special thing. The original 965 was excellent and this better. Better than a lot of new players today. Rotel kit of this era is very good.