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  1. Lovely. One of those speakers I’d love to hear. Your profile says you’re in Leeds. Shame as I assume it’s collection only, I presume?
  2. Could you please pm me with some more info. Thanks
  3. This is all relatively new to me so not sure of the various merits of these models. I’d rather not buy new as, if I decide not to dive deeper into this rabbit hole, I don’t want to lose money selling it on. At this stage, I just want to plug it into my Io and have an experiment. I’ll research the models mentioned.
  4. Thanks for the suggestions so far. I’ll read up on them but feel free to pm me any pics or details.
  5. I would like to give my vinyl itch a scratch. As such, I’m looking for a decent starter turntable. Something that is pretty much plug and play. Must be in jolly decent condition as, if I decide to stick with digital, I’ll need to move it on. I’m thinking a Rega P1 or 2 but will consider others. I don’t wish to tinker too much at this stage. Must be able to post or deliver to Bury St Edmunds or I could collect locally. Budget is up to £200. Thank you.
  6. Thanks. It’s a lovely deck but I just don’t use cassettes any more. Somebody might. Price drop to £100. It’s just sitting in its box doing nothing so offers welcome.
  7. Sorry to have missed this. Would love to have a listen. Stupidly outstanding bargain.
  8. Looking for a Brio as above. Boxed and in very good condition. Thanks