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  1. Shame you’re so far away. Adore late 80s chunky amps, and this is an utter beauty.
  2. Looking for the above. 2017 version. Not R version. One that matches the Brio. Thanks
  3. Friend of mine has some Walnut KEF R300s he wants to move on. Not what I would call compact, though......
  4. They do crop up but don’t hang around long. I’m a little unsure buying blind but, in the present circumstances, and buying used, I have little choice. Hence having to rely on advice rather than ears. Beauty of used is the ability to sell it on for no loss. The Primare reads well and seems to match well with R300s, but that is anecdotally. Lack of phono stage not ideal but not insurmountable. Leema reads well but seem quite rare. The R300s need something with good bass control but with enough pep and power to get them singing. I’ll keep reading around. It’s not as if we’re going out much these days 🙄
  5. Interesting. 120W Class G power..... Heard an A19 and couldn’t see what the fuss was about. I’m sure the A39 is a very different beast.
  6. I have a pair. Persuaded a friend who was trying to get back into HiFi to get a pair. He lost interest so I said I’d try and sell them for him.
  7. There’s a lot of sense to an Elex-R. Rega are pretty good at making sure there is an improvement in sound as you move up th3 models. The Primare interests me, but no phono stage. The Leema Pulse is also interesting but not widely available. All within budget.
  8. If I were looking new, I’d agree. £800 on the used market could get an amp that was £1200-1500 when new. Choosing wisely, an upgrade is possible. Not end game but improvement 👍
  9. Find a pair of Quad 10L speakers. Designed and made by Spendor for Quad. £699 on release in 1996. Can be found for £200. Outstanding small speaker.
  10. I had a Cambridge Audio CXA60 for a while and it had that ‘live’ feel to it. For 30 minutes or so you felt you were front and centre and it was great. Then I started reaching for the volume down button (never a good sign) or even turned it off as my ears were fatigued. I like a very neutral presentation but with scale and separation . The R300s can do this but they need something meatier and higher up the chain than a Brio to hear them at their best. The Brio is a cracking amp but I’m ready to move onwards and upwards.
  11. There’s a Primare I22 DAC on flea bay. Lovely looking thing, I have to say.
  12. That’s one of the reasons I’ve never tried Naim before. The phono sections on Regas are so good.
  13. If you can find one in budget please let me know
  14. Great price for that amp. Shame it’s coming from Europe, Would probably sit in a dock somewhere for several weeks these days.