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  1. I’ll take it, thanks. PM coming
  2. Don’t suppose this is still available at all? Thanks
  3. Looking to find an 8000A. Would prefer later black version with 60W but earlier ones considered. Must be in excellent working order: no crackling volume pots or flaky RCA inputs, please. I’m looking for a slot in and play not a project. In as good as condition as possible, preferably with original box etc. Delivery to Suffolk needed or can collect locally. Thanks in advance.
  4. Sold. Please archive.
  5. Selling my RCD-02 CD player in black complete with remote control. Bought from a very helpful forum member recently. Full working order. Brilliant player. Only selling as I’m getting a dedicated CD transport. This is in great condition and still sounds terrific. I always was a big fan of Rotel players. Also comes with power lead and non-original box. Located in Bury St Edmunds, please ask about postage. Socially distanced collection or local delivery could also be arranged. Further pictures on request. Looking for £95 plus any delivery costs.
  6. Black Concept 20s. These are like new in the original box and packaging with grilles and bungs. They have custom made Van Damme HiFi 6mm terminated jumpers. £190 plus postage to be determined. Socially distanced collection from Bury St Edmunds or will deliver if local.
  7. Thanks for the idea. Sold on Saturday, though.
  8. Lol. Beauty, beholder’s eyes etc. The 10L’s make you realise how coloured a lot of equipment is. So I figure a very neutral amp with a good power reserve is the way forward.
  9. Yes, didn’t give enough information. Room is about 5 x 5 metres so not big. It’s only playing CDs through a Rotel RCD02. Budget wise, I only want to spend £3-400. I would prefer an integrated to keep the box count down. Have read about the Quad pre/power combinations. I’m sure they sound great but they’re not lookers so won’t get the “wife approval” and she has to live with them too. Power wise, I think these need at least 50W, probably higher with 84db sensitivity. Thanks for your response.
  10. After a long search, I’ve managed to source some mint 10L’s and they’re everything good that has been written about them. I’m now looking for an amp to get the best out of them. I’ve tried them with my Cambridge Audio CXA60 but suspect they need something a little more less excitable but with decent power (84db sensitivity). I would be interested in your suggestions. Thanks.
  11. Jolly good, by all accounts
  12. They look good. Would like to hear a pair. When the hifi shops open again, I’ll try and arrange a listening.