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  1. Another bump for this classic player. Twin TDA 1541 DACs and Philips transport.
  2. I enjoyed the Brio very much, so jumped at the chance to upgrade to an Elex-R, which is superb. I’m moving away from CDs so I moved the Apollo on and have used a variety of older players from my (too large) collection. It’s currently a Rotel RCD-951. I also upgraded the P1 to a P2, which was a good upgrade but did make me realise how good the P1 is. p.s. I’ve updated my profile
  3. Indeed they are. I’ve had them firing across the room which wasn’t satisfactory and was going to upgrade to floor standers but they impress me every day so they’re staying put. In my opinion, they are tremendous speakers for the money. My good lady wife likes the look off them, too.
  4. Thank you, sir. Yes, compared to the other glorious systems in this thread, it is relatively modest but it gives me an enormous amount of pleasure and that’s what’s it’s all about. Very hard not to covet many of the systems I’ve seen here, though.
  5. Another one from the collection. 1990 Philips CD620 with the legendary twin TDA1541 DAC. This is in excellent, full-working condition with original remote. Few age related marks and swirls on top but fascia is immaculate. Still sounds great, but I just don’t use it. Lovely player in its own right or it has digital out to use as a transport. Collection from near Bury St Edmunds or delivery could be arranged if necessary. £125.
  6. Nice thread. I really enjoyed looking at all the pictures of rooms and setups. Here’s mine. Forgive the “mood” lighting. For some reason, I prefer listening with the lights low.
  7. Selling my A19. Cracking Arcam FMJ amp with a big, wide sound and a very good phono stage. In very good condition with original remote, power lead, box, packaging and manual. Very small mark on top which is shown in picture. Hard to see in real life. £200 plus postage or collection from Bury St Edmunds area.
  8. I’ve got a 1990 Philips CD620. TDA1541 DAC. Philips CDM 4/19 transport. Pretty much mint condition with remote control. Maybe over your budget, though, as I’d like about £130 plus postage for it.
  9. Bump. Were previously sold on eBay but buyer turned out to be overseas and hadn’t read that I wouldn’t post abroad.
  10. Hi. They’re QED XT Silver Anniversary cable jumpers. I also have the original B & W jumpers.
  11. Not sure they’re what you’re after as they’re rear ported but I have some B & W 606 S2 Anniversary Specials. Light oak. £450
  12. Tremendous player at a tremendous price. You’d still be happy if you paid four or five times that. GLWS
  13. Oooh…. And I’m trying to stop collecting players….. Lovely. I bet it sounds glorious.
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