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  1. *update* To anyone with similar issues with a set-up such as mine. It was a combination of nasty sounding silver interconnects (especially the digital cable) and a combination of dac and power amp matching with my speakers. Changing the power amp(s) made the largest change for the better. As did changing from silver plated interconnects to shielded copper. I now have a much fuller natural midrange with a touch of warmth and enough bass to sound live. Thanks for all the replies. Regards, Adam.
  2. Adam.

    Amplifier Rca Link Out

    I was reluctant to add anything to the chain, but added a pair of tee connectors from amazon and can't tell any difference. Recomended!
  3. Adam.

    Amplifier Rca Link Out

    Hi. Just a quickie. Have recently purchased a pair of amps but they don't have rca link out / chain out / sub out and there's nowhere else in the system that I can tee off from. So I was wondering how other amplifiers offer a chain out? Is it just tee'd off the rca socket to one next to it or is there more to it? I'm sure I've seen like that before.
  4. I did exactly the same thing! Pulled the plugs out with the amp still on, the plugs touched the casings below (biamped) and all hell let loose. Shrinkfitted all of them after that.
  5. Correct me if I'm wrong but aren't consumer components designed to operate at +/- 10% Voltage as the norm?
  6. I Double Boxed a pair of Apa7.5 and sent them insured at value UPS to Northern Spain. They were there within a day and untouched. Amazing! I've found couriers loose items far more oftern than damage them. Imho I would keep schtum about the glass, it gives them an excuse not to honour the insured amount irregard of what they damage. Valves should be packed separately from the instrument, rolled up in tissue and bubble wrap if there are any in there though. (Unless they're Nuvistors)ūüėĀūüėĀ
  7. Wilson audio Sasha Daw, one of the finest speakers imho. Very polite and capable of dynamics that'll open a rift in time.
  8. I always wondered how loud my music was from outside, I live in a single glazed colander so I guessed it would be leaky but boy at normal levels with the subs on it's like being in the room from the drive! Since this discovery I've been listening as if I have immediate neighbours (which I don't) just to avoid problems. Going to invest in some new doors which fit this summer too. All those little cracks REALLY let the sound out!
  9. Adam.

    Beware - parcel2go

    I've always found UPS to be the most reliable as I sell quite a few things online. Anything small packet size goes with royal mail who are also surprisingly good. My Hermes are consistently terrible and a waste of money imho.
  10. I settled on VanDamme 6mm, it's a fine cable. My only gripe is/was how pig ugly it looks in a room, so I split it apart, wrapped it in black cable sheath and made it double helix then added some teak blocks I knocked up. Just some food for thought. Regards, Adam.
  11. Hi, I'm looking for a pair of Rega Exons or a Usher R1.5 or something similar at under £1000. Willing to swap I have an Xpower that's just been serviced with Psxr, but it's too cold sounding with my speakers. I'm near Cheltenham. Regards, Adam.
  12. *Update* Hi all, I've been listening extensively over the last few weeks and the system is growing on me. My problem was that the old 602s were pretty forgiving to alot of music that the Kefs just tear apart. With a well executed track this system is just breathtaking. Ciao Adam.
  13. Great replies thank you all very much! My interconnects are Vandamme silver signature and speaker cables are Vandamme 4mm hifi copper. Plugged in to the wall with el cheapo power cables shortened to length so they hang freely. Yes the DAC is also a pre. I was considering a valve preamp or valve power amps to smooth the 'over edged' cyrus sound whilst retaining the seperation and 'space' around instruments. Is that reasonable? Ah! the speakers. They show no forgiveness and replicate everything I'm giving them. This system sounded acceptable with poorly engineered music with my old B&W602s but the treble was just awful harsh so they had to go from the set up (still have them). The Kefs on the other hand are sweet and reproduce cymbals/drum skins/vocals very naturally so I'm reluctant to part with them. They also look stunning. My room is long rectangular with many alcoves and old doorways now converted to shelves/windows as its an old stable. With a low ceiling 50% raising to the eves 50% with only maybe 3 bass nodes, one with a sofa in it the other with a soft drape through it and the other behind a closed door. With a well mastered track at high volume there is a ton of bass at the listening chair. The sustained volume being the issue. Cheers Adam. Glos. Uk.
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  15. Hi. Just after some opinions. My current system is... CDxt se2. DAC XP+. X Power in stereo and 1 PSX R on the dac. My speakers are KEF Reference 203/2. I'm finding vocal presentation especially on louder produced tracks very tiresome and forward, with bass that is present but thin and unsatisfying. If I really up the volume the bass is present and satisfying but the bite from the midrange is intolerable. Loud being about 85db and me usually listening at a comftable 70-75db (at the speaker). I'm reluctant to give up the vast, precise and detailed soundstage that my dac+cd set up gives but have to do something as I'm no longer enjoying music and keep finding myself turning it down. My room is moderately well damped with cloth hangings and some acoustic panels on the rear wall. Speakers are 3ft from the rear wall and 8ft 8 apart. Adam.