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  1. I’m just outside Lewes East Sussex. That was my fear on adding a sub, too overblown. My system sound is pretty good and my music taste is hugely varied, (Caravan to Depeche Mode, Sabbath to Gregory Isaacs), so big bottom end will not suit everything.
  2. This is why I asked the question. I may try and investigate this before doing any more then, as I don’t want to add something that is at odds with the clarity and soundstage. (I asked the question as a Jamo 250 came up very cheap locally and just wondered good or bad idea.
  3. It is a cracking album and a great ‘in’ to their stuff, buy it from MM for £2 nothing to loose
  4. Question then MF1000. If we can only hear to 20MHZ will the sub just provide that internal organ moving bass that I sometimes feel at a Dub gig? Not heard, but felt.
  5. Thanks Purite, I assume this would tell me if a sub would be a good idea as a first step or if other changes would be more sensible.
  6. The speakers are early Mono Pulse (with the rolled steal running around them) which most people do rate as the early ones were made with little profit just well sourced parts, what I'm saying is I think the speakers are fine. Source is Manticore Mantra TT (Need to change the C77 for a P77 stylus), and Naim CD5ivs2. The Denon PMA 350II is probably the weak link although I like the sound. However, I ask the question as it's not that I have weak bass at all, just wondering if I could get more without spoiling the dynamics? I have no knowledge of Subs bar the booming TV sound bar and sub which is fine for TV but would be awful for HIFI.
  7. Not sure if this has been asked before, but opinions please. I have good speakers, (Mono Pulse) which go down to 20hz (I think I got that right, 20 something). I like a lot of music with very deep base, very happy with the hifi sound of the speakers and they produce great base, but could I get more with a sub without affecting the quality of the sound? No dedicated sub output on amp, connection will be from speaker cable.
  8. SRM Tech stylus cleaner. Comes with Carbon fibre brush, made for the job and cheap (can get it on the bay). Sorted a mates Ortofon which dealer told him was knackered, now sounds and looks great down the x40 hand lense
  9. I bought one 2 yrs ago for my sons first forage into hifi. Cost £60 added B&W 602s2's for £110 and a Harmon Kardon blue tooth thingy (he wont do proper sources). For a 16 yr old he has a hifi system that blows his mates away for less than £200. Dont rule them out for inexpensive hifi starters.
  10. My Manticore Mantra TT with A&R P77 A second hand bargain but was underpriced when new. Even in a top end set up has no discernable difference in sound than an Lp12 which are silly money. It's a lost gem.
  11. Just read your link for the Cyrus tinkering Tristan, maybe if I can source one the father in law will be invited to dinner soon and be plied with wine
  12. Thanks for the replies yesterday I also came upon a Stuart Boothroyd Meridian set with 4 boxes (no tuner so I asume power supply, control pre and power x2). Never heard this set up but how would it compare? It's a long way to go and listen to it but if worth it will travel.
  13. sent you a pm with a possible person selling one. Hope it helps
  14. I pose this as a thread because I have heard both of these (many moons ago) and always liked their pretty clean and rhythmic sound. I have decided I will be in for a quality amp that can handle repairs (father in law is a retired R&D electronics engineer). My current set up is a pair of 2004 Mono pulse speakers (the ones with the steel outer frame - I love them), Naim CD5i v2, Mantracore Manta TT, and Denon PMA350v2. The Denon remains a fine operator but the mechanical selector switch is wearing out so I have an excuse to upgrade. I have listened to a Cyrus 2 mk3 recently but not the Quads (only a Vena which I rather liked). Opinions from users of both please not just hearsay opinions. Interested in not just the sound but build, repair-ability and upgrade possibility. Both Amps have risen in cost somewhat the last few years (unlike me who is becoming vintage but depreciating in value), but rightly or wrongly I have decided that £300 would be better spent on quality old than mid range new. Open to other considerations (from potential sellers also), but can't do valves. Sound I know depends on personal preference (my old Cambridge Audio 640c to me only looses out on soundstage and rhythm to the Naim), but I do value the opinion of others. Thank you for your thoughts.
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