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  1. Hi Jack, Thanks for your kind offer, I’ll be in London early August for a few days so could hopefully work it in with that trip 👍. I’ll pm you.
  2. I had the ls-40 in my system for a week (there’s a postage only trial available on another forum) and liked what I heard very much. My only reason for not buying a pair was what I perceived as an irritation in the mid bass, it wasn’t on all tracks but it bugged me. I’ve since changed my front end and I’m pretty sure it would be a different story given another listen. I would definitely recommend a listen as they’re as good as I’ve heard.
  3. What a perfectly timed thread! I’ve been thinking more and more about horns over the past six months but have struggled to know where to start if I’m honest. Thanks for putting the time and effort in to create this thread and for the reading material references. I need to try and find a few systems to listen to and would love to hear these at some point! Phil
  4. Well I’m now officially on the waiting list 😃 and hoping you’re not all crazy...
  5. I have been using wooden stands that I knocked up for the past six months and they are a definite improvement.
  6. Ok. I’ll dm @Bigman80 and get the ball rolling...
  7. Hi all, I’ve been lurking on this thread for a while now and after upgrading my turntable and cart recently, I’m more intrigued than ever as to what the Bb3 would sound like compared to the phono in my Oto Se? If it’s better than a Tron Seven Ultimate, I’m guessing it’ll be an improvement? I’d be very interested to hear people’s thoughts. Cheers, Phil
  8. Does that say SEAS H3xx in the foam? I’ve a pair of AN Js and never noticed that !
  9. That’s a thoroughly decent offer! 😀 You’re welcome to come have a listen any time you’re near Manchester pal .
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