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  1. Does that say SEAS H3xx in the foam? I’ve a pair of AN Js and never noticed that !
  2. That’s a thoroughly decent offer! 😀 You’re welcome to come have a listen any time you’re near Manchester pal .
  3. It’s at the dealer waiting, I just need to drop my tonearm off, they’ll assemble the Tt and arm then deliver it and set it up in my room, unfortunately my room isn’t quite finished so it’s a waiting game. Hopefully a fortnight at most.
  4. Hi Andy, I was looking into a Verdier Tt as well as the TT3. I decided to buy the TT3 as I very much like what I’ve heard in demos. I’ll keep looking out for a Verdier of some description though.
  5. I’ve a mogami, with 75ohm canare connectors, think it’s 1.5m. Cost about £42. Used for about 8 hours . You can have it for £20 plus postage.
  6. Don’t say that, I’m already questioning why I’m selling it!
  7. I have a 2.1x that I’m thinking of selling.
  8. The lotus hifi one is still available, it seems they’re advertising it on behalf of a guy, however the attitude of reply I received has put me off and potentially cost the guy a sale. 🙄
  9. Not sure that was on the heading when I asked (might have just been me being dimwitted).
  10. Thanks all for your input, I’ll start having a look into all these leads tomorrow. Are there any other sources of information that would be worthwhile looking into?
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