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  1. I prefer a timber floor with a decent rug. That is what we had at our old place, the new music room has a very thick pile carpet and I've got to say, I'm not a fan, it kills some of the vibrancy of the music. I don't really want to listen in an anechoic chamber.
  2. Nope, not if its properly sourced. The only issue with some types of rosewood is that the dust from working with them can irritate the lungs and cause rashes etc on the skin.
  3. Aye but hearing other people's thoughts and experiences are all part of the research fun, I don't really want to be wasting dealers time when I won't be buying for a while so it's good to hear from others.
  4. Ahh that makes total sense, paid subscription, I did wonder why some are more equal than others.
  5. If I'm at work I'll have radio6 on. If I'm at home, music of some form will be playing all day. Proper listening starts around 8pm and runs until 9.30-10pm if I have work the next day, although anywhere until 3am if we're having a bottle of wine or two
  6. I think I need one of these Intona devices straight away for my second rate noisy ANUK dac. Ps, Keith, being one of Amir's top fans, do you think you could get his autograph for me? He's so selfless, helping to right all these audio industry wrongs, one measurement at a time *swoon*
  7. I've always fancied a Viva amp and their speakers look awesome, shame they don't have any dealers in the UK to go and have a listen.
  8. That makes sense. Thanks for the reply.
  9. I'm currently saving for a new TT, the TT3 and PSU1 (or 3 if I can push to it) is my first choice but is there any others I should be considering? I'm curious about Kuzma tts and Well tempered. What are peoples thoughts?
  10. Erm... I pretty much changed most of my system. I got offered a mint AN Oto phono Se which I couldn't turn down, then the Dac 2.1x appeared in the classifieds so I did some wheeling and dealing and that came home, then realised that my laptop was absolute bobbins for using as a streamer so bought a Bluesound Node 2i. Everything was great but I had a niggling feeling that my Rega cart on the P3 was throttling my system so I picked up an Iq1 and it's superb. To say I'm happy is an understatement. It's the first time in 20 years that I've been pretty much content with my system and can just enjoy listening to music. Whichever format I listen to, everything sounds amazing, however, the biggest surprise and best vfm upgrade has been the cart, since installing it, I've only streamed music a couple of times but I've bought about 10 lps. I'm extremely lucky to have such an understanding partner. Although I've been told "no more boxes for at least 18 months" so just enough time to save up for a decent TT! 😁
  11. It's certainly more turned into something more interesting
  12. With all the bickering that goes on on this forum, this thread renews my faith a little! What awesome offers!