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  1. BettisDad

    Which RCM?

    Thanks for the replies so far. I'll have a look in the Linn section.
  2. BettisDad

    Which RCM?

    Thanks for the replies so far. That's a good point, I'd not thought of that.
  3. Beautiful. Unfortunately I'm not allowed to buy a new TT until next year 😂. Glws
  4. BettisDad

    Which RCM?

    I'm soon to be 40 and my other half has asked me if there was anything I'd like for my system. Seeing as a new TT might be pushing it, I've asked for a record cleaning machine. Now I'd love a Loricraft or similar but realistically that's way too much so I'm looking along the lines of a Project vacuum type or maybe an ultrasonic cleaner. Having read about ultrasonic cleaners, they seem a great idea and very effective but I worry about the cavitation damaging my records? What are peoples thoughts/experiences? The choice is between - The new Project (all metal) Velvet Vortex by Spider off here Kirmuss Audio ka rc1 Although I'm open to suggestions. Thanks, Phil
  5. I forget the model number, it was about £30 from Pc World. It has 4 ports on it.
  6. I'm not sure about ethernet cables but buying a little tplink switch was a great cheap upgrade, I've had it for about 7 months now and I've listened without it quite a few times but the sound is just better with it in place, I don't know the reasons behind why but what I can say is that at £29 pounds, I'm sure it's not just me trying to justify it to myself. The reason for buying it was because I seemed to be getting micro drop outs, they disappeared which was a good result but the improvement in sound quality was a real bonus.
  7. No idea if the photo shows? I've been listening to this album for a month or so and it just gets better and better. Massive Yusef Lateef influence which can never be a bad thing.
  8. Is there any reason that the red heat shrink is missing from one end?
  9. She's great, radio6 have been playing her quite a bit recently.
  10. That's now on my vinyl wanted list, superb!
  11. Do you still need to use an interface to use an sbooster?
  12. A table that's on my shortlist too. Good luck with your search.