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  1. That’s the one I have but mine has prices.
  2. I would imagine the dealer would let you home demo. The other issue might be lead times as I believe quite a lot of the mid to upper level AN gear is built to order. I did manage to find a relatively up to date price list, although it’s packed away in a box somewhere 🙄
  3. As I see it, one of the main reasons, as others have pointed out is the to do with the price list and the fact that each component have several iterations based on internal component specs. Sure, it’s more convenient to order a mainstream amp online in about 3 minutes flat and not even have to get out of your armchair but if you’re really interested in AN gear, it’s very worth while actually visiting a dealer and spending time listening to various products. All the dealers I’ve spoken to and visited gave the same prices and it’s certainly not a secret. It’s also important to add that while the top end stuff is insanely expensive, their entry level 0.1 gear is affordable and very very good.
  4. I can certainly vouch for that.
  5. Great to see these finished! I hope to make a pair in the new year after following this thread!
  6. Yeah I'd seen that. There's one on ebay at the moment but it's not in perfect condition and I don't want to take punt on something that might be faulty.
  7. I'm looking for the RCA version of this cable in mint condition. Thanks.
  8. BettisDad

    Which RCM?

    Thanks for the replies so far. I'll have a look in the Linn section.
  9. BettisDad

    Which RCM?

    Thanks for the replies so far. That's a good point, I'd not thought of that.
  10. Beautiful. Unfortunately I'm not allowed to buy a new TT until next year 😂. Glws
  11. BettisDad

    Which RCM?

    I'm soon to be 40 and my other half has asked me if there was anything I'd like for my system. Seeing as a new TT might be pushing it, I've asked for a record cleaning machine. Now I'd love a Loricraft or similar but realistically that's way too much so I'm looking along the lines of a Project vacuum type or maybe an ultrasonic cleaner. Having read about ultrasonic cleaners, they seem a great idea and very effective but I worry about the cavitation damaging my records? What are peoples thoughts/experiences? The choice is between - The new Project (all metal) Velvet Vortex by Spider off here Kirmuss Audio ka rc1 Although I'm open to suggestions. Thanks, Phil
  12. I forget the model number, it was about £30 from Pc World. It has 4 ports on it.
  13. I'm not sure about ethernet cables but buying a little tplink switch was a great cheap upgrade, I've had it for about 7 months now and I've listened without it quite a few times but the sound is just better with it in place, I don't know the reasons behind why but what I can say is that at £29 pounds, I'm sure it's not just me trying to justify it to myself. The reason for buying it was because I seemed to be getting micro drop outs, they disappeared which was a good result but the improvement in sound quality was a real bonus.
  14. No idea if the photo shows? I've been listening to this album for a month or so and it just gets better and better. Massive Yusef Lateef influence which can never be a bad thing.
  15. Is there any reason that the red heat shrink is missing from one end?
  16. She's great, radio6 have been playing her quite a bit recently.
  17. That's now on my vinyl wanted list, superb!
  18. Do you still need to use an interface to use an sbooster?
  19. A table that's on my shortlist too. Good luck with your search.
  20. To be fair, I drive a navy blue Volvo estate.. At least black is seen as chic!
  21. It's more than likely A.mir.