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  1. Me too. Champagne gold and 19 years old. Should really sell it but know I'd regret doing that.
  2. Blimey, that was a quick reply (at 1.20 a.m.). Glad you like.....I might find out for myself soon. Cheers.
  3. ....maybe you're not bothering with a write-up. But an honest yes or no will do. Glad you bought it, shouldn't really have bothered or somewhere between?
  4. Look at the state of it too. People are being 'optimistic' (a.k.a. taking the ***king piss) with vintage hi-fi pricing - charging a minimum of what they paid for it....decades ago. Still, if people are stoopid enough to encourage them.......
  5. Yes, I got the announcement on Volumio, when I tried BBC radios 2 & 4. I was half expecting it though. If you go Browse> Web Radio> Volumio Selection you'll see that 6 Music is included there....and it works. You can 'Add to Radio Favourites' from there - which is what I did - deleted the ones I had in my favourites and added their choices.
  6. Good question. He made the point that the slightly better 8TC measurements could have no audible benefit. So we can only assume it really is just because he likes the look of it.
  7. ...and his cock looks like a wirewound resistor.
  8. He likes the look of Kimber cable, said 'it's like jewellery', which might explain why he's wearing it.
  9. Excellent. Thanks. I've just seen there's one in silver back in stock - more than one of the blacks it seems. Been looking at Schiit Magni Heresy too, needless to say no stock of that (here or USA - until mid next month). Look forward to hearing about your A50S......said to be a mini A90 so should be good.
  10. It absolutely matters to me. Surprisingly noticed reversed channels on a known track on a radio station once (and it was them wrong, not me).
  11. You can't beat a nice display. I use a headless RPi, but if I ever spent real money on a streamer, I'd have to have a display on it.
  12. The difference of opinion between those two publications that you've highlighted huzy, shows why you need to listen for yourself. I still own a (19 year old) Cyrus 8, connected to PMC twenty21speakers A combi that would kill some of the 'pipe and slippers' boys here If you like listening through rose tinted ears, steer clear of Cyrus. If you like your music to be detailed and exciting, it could be for you......but, like I said, you need to judge for yourself.
  13. Yes and the March Audio DAC1 also gives the KTB some fancy casework.
  14. ...or this for 85 quid. No XLR out, but a nice coax in. I didn't think the £100 price I paid was bad. Even more of a bargain now. Too cheap to be any good you say?........try it. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Khadas-Tone-Board-ES9038Q2M-External/dp/B07KN6P9QB/ref=sr_1_3?crid=D1K2LCZFCHJ4&dchild=1&keywords=khadas%2Btone%2Bboard&qid=1615840938&sprefix=khad%2Caps%2C324&sr=8-3&th=1
  15. Indeed, nothing will change the (normally applied) bias. And that's the point. 'Anti-skate' is a sideways force to counteract the inward drag of a (normal) record, isn't it? So in the case of a record playing from in to out, the inward drag becomes an outward drag. You're right, the bias hasn't changed, but the drag (the reason for the bias) has totally changed. If I'm wrong, please feel free to explain what anti-skate is and whether or not it is a sideways force.
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