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  1. Years ago I worked at a Cabaret venue where we used the auto-reverse function of a 707 to provide hours of background music. I really liked the look of it, but never got to properly hear it, seemed like overkill for background music. One night though, we had a top American soul act, complete with a fantastic orchestra.....I noticed the 707 wasn't on it's shelf. I followed outputs from the mixer, up through the control room ceiling. In a little upstairs cupboard, hidden away from their management, was the 707 making a high-speed bootleg recording direct from the live mixer. (I was the lighting man, but can't blame the sound man for doing it....that would have been one excellent tape). I've got 3 reel to reel recorders in the loft, but nothing like as good as your Pioneer. Good luck with finding it, it will be a lot of fun to play with and, sound wise, (especially at high speed) I'm guessing you'll think it well worth it.
  2. I liked the idea of this when I first saw it announced. I was an owner of their original 3020 amp and 4020 tuner, NAD is fine by me. May well be a case of 'snobs need not apply'. In which case, more fool them if they rule it out on grounds of brand (or even just because it's class D).
  3. Worse for wear maybe, but I bet you find them comfortable don't you? I've got the 590's too, previously renewed the earpads and now with custom foam on the headband. I've tried other Sennheisers and models from AKG and Beyer, nothing comes close to their comfort. I've recently bought a pair of the new HD560S. The majority of users and reviewers highlight their comfort......but, you've guessed it...not as good as the 590 (not sure anything could be). Long ago I read someone saying the 590 used the same drivers as the (original?) HD600. Not sure about that, but I did try the HD600 for a week around 2 years ago. Expected more of an improvement over the 590 than I noticed. No doubt you're well used to the 590 sound. Like me, you probably always knew they were coloured. The 560S removes any doubt about that. They've got an identical 120 ohm impedance (and similar sensitivity) so whatever you use for the 590 would work for the 560S. I see monya above was recommending the 560S, considerably different sound signature to the 590, so try before committing is the advice. As the thread is 3 months old, you've probably got something by now anyway........
  4. I use a RPi (with Volumio) and a Khadas Toneboard DAC, originally via USB. Sounded pretty good to me. Then I tried the coax out of an old Philips CD recorder into the Khadas and was quite impressed. So I thought I'd get a Hi-fiberry Digi+ Pro to go coax, rather than USB, from Pi to Khadas. I found the sound was cleaner and a bit more detailed. Some will probably say it's because it's not USB, but I reckon it might just be that the Khadas is good on coax.
  5. Nice. (I'd have gone for silver too). Those sort of things redefine value.
  6. Gray


    I often wonder what the manufacturers / retailers of such things, think about their customers. It must surely be a mixture of contempt and appreciation for their stupidity.
  7. Gray

    TV ads for HiFi

    I wouldn't know if there were any. I go out of my way to avoid adverts. Genuinely prevents me watching or listening to commercial channels. How anyone can sit through a TV perfume ad....or listen to the speeded up 'small print' at the end of radio beyond me.
  8. If you've got a manual for the RA100, have a look at the tape connection. There will be (fixed) outputs on pins 1 & 4 of that 5-pin DIN socket, with pin 2 as the common ground. An appropriately wired DIN to twin RCA lead would then connect to your Adam. (Note that most readily available DIN to RCA leads are wired to pins 2, 3 and 5, so would not be suitable. You need to seek out a correctly wired lead or, if you can use a soldering iron, make one yourself). As the tape output from the RA100 will be at a fixed level, you'd have to vary volume using the Adam's volume control. You'll need to set it higher than when using your PC, but it will work well....and you won't blow anything up.
  9. Ruler for me, single components centrallised to the millimetre. My 'rack' is a completely modified Ikea Pax double wardrobe. All horizontal and vertical divisions customised for the components. Just as well I don't own a camera* otherwise you could see it . * What?!.......true, no camera, no smartphone.
  10. What a coincidence, I'd just finished watching this video, then saw this thread. (My brother sent me a link tonight). Was way ahead of its time. There's some amusing comments under it (though there's plenty of material to work with).
  11. When you initially setup Volumio (which I use) they point out that, if you choose the software volume control option, you're no longer bit-perfect. If your DAC is compatible with hardware volume control, then you can choose that option (for convenience with no potential audio compromise). My current (Khadas Toneboard) DAC allows hardware control, but I just do what I've always done - choose Volumio's 'none' option (for default 100% RPi output) - and do all volume control with my amp.
  12. I've got that CDP (gold) Only ever turned the volume down a couple of times when using its headphone socket.
  13. Gray

    Faster music?

    That's what a Granny says about her 50 year old radiogram (even though it's got no HF whatsoever).
  14. Raise your voices a little? At its highest? Now this, to me, raises the interesting issue of listening levels. At my normal listening level, there is no way any conversation could take place in the same room - and fortunately it never does. Mind you, I'm virtually nearfield (to PMC twenty21 from Cyrus 8) in a small room (but if any gear's gonna screech my combo should ).