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  1. I like that Volumio comes with useful plugins. Makes it very easy to add physical control buttons to the Pi (all the usual 'transport' controls and shutdown, as well as hardware volume control for suitable DACs).
  2. Gray

    One Track

    Mine would have to have percussion. (I reckon a minimum of 95% of my music has some form of percussion).
  3. Why not request one? I think it might answer your question. EDIT: See the post 3 down from Robin. That's the sort of thing that makes people turn their back on the magazine.
  4. Blimey, that's a bit drastic - others just bin the mags. They just stopped coming to me. I used to get some amusement reading the customers' letters, with their tales of inky black silences.
  5. In the video he says he's had speaker changes that have made less of a difference. That's some claim (and one that makes you wonder which speakers were involved).
  6. For Disco fans only....12" tracks from a looped playlist. No ads, no talking, 320kbps. Click on the arm to spin away: https://www.radiosalsoul.com/ https://www.radioprelude.com/
  7. That would probably be the longest wait for me
  8. Indeed. Those are the items responsible for the most laughably ridiculous of all magazine reviews.
  9. Ah but imagine how much more he'd have spent if he'd noticed a difference.
  10. Fair enough. To be honest, they have my genuine sympathy. They've been persuaded by some extremely convincing 'science'.
  11. More like 2p to them. Only an idiot would pay £2 for a standard fuse. Anyone that buys an 'audiophile' fuse is way beyond idiotic.
  12. I've had irrigation and microsuction on the NHS. The microsuction was a disaster. Story too long, but I was left with much worse, virtually non-existent hearing - after a couple of weeks, I had to go private to put things right. When it works, it really is the ultimate upgrade. Never forget after one irrigation, the sound of gravel underfoot, the little metallic sound from the relay of my car's indicators! And then getting home to the hi-fi. Switched on radio 2. Matthew Wilder / Break My Stride.....not a favourite of mine....but boy, did I appreciate the clarity and detail of Cyrus / PMC more than ever. Difficult to overstate the benefit.
  13. That's true. However, if you were to switch the tuner off, then increase the gain of the amp (enough).....there's a fair chance you'd hear a (slight) breakthrough from the record. It's common for unused inputs to be 'live' (open) up to the selector switch - so makes sense to short out any unused inputs - if only on the good old principle of "why not?" (Especially as it's so cheap and easy to make your own 'shorties').
  14. You really do have to wonder about the target market. The man in the street wouldn't spend £550 on a complete system and those on hi-fi forums are universally ridiculing them.
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