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  1. When I was auditioning speakers this year I made the trip (two plus hours in the rain) to Gig Harbor Audio. This is a small but very cool audio shop in western Washington State in the USA. I spent about 90 mins with the owner who was a fun and very passionate audio guy. The topic of subs came up. His opinion was that there are some incredible sub systems that will help improve existing room situations with existing speaker and amplification combinations. A very individual and subjective arena with multiple positive solutions to tweaking sound preferences. All good. But he clearly stated that he prefers to start with the room first and then pick the right amplification and a direct two channel speaker system that will deliver all the sound response you desire. This can be done without leaning on a sub system. This is not always practical, especially if you have already purchased quality kit and move from location to location. All in all, a non one size fits all arena...
  2. Good memory! That was an early Aktive Akudorik system in Oregon. The only Akudoriks I have seen. But the asking price, driving distance and the cost of the Katalyst upgrade made me swing for the new Akurate System Hub and Exaktbox instead. I think I made the right choice. I look at the major USA selling sites for high end audio just about every day. I never see Akudoriks ever...
  3. So many Europeans who brought over exotic performance sports cars to the USA have learned the harsh reality: the poor quality of American highways is just brutal on this level of driving machine...
  4. No guns for me. I enjoy cameras, old lenses, espresso gear, audio and kayaks. I don’t ski, play golf or do anything that involves user fees. I have resisted the little red sports car phase of being 50. I used to be passionately into old 1970s Toyota Land Cruisers and wheeling on super dangerous mountain 4x4 trails in Washington State, but after 16 years outgrew it...
  5. All our security stuff is in Seattle. We are here about 60% of the time. I maintain two self monitored systems, one for sensors in the house and a seperate system for exterior cameras. This also adds some fun cool features like adjusting lighting and turning on the coffee station with my phone. I might be a bit of an audio geek but I am a total 100% geek when it comes to espresso...
  6. You got me there Mike! Actually I have never listened to Akudoriks. You chaps in England or Scotland might have options but over here they are quite unobtainum. Getting them would be a leap of faith. That combined with the real possibility that I would then need to seek a sub system is sort of a deal killer. But if I had access to audition Akudoriks and the space for a sub option then I would be a total eager tire kicker here. Very intriguing, almost like forbidden fruit? But, this is Billz’s thread and the attention here should be addressing his valid question...
  7. Good point, but I defer to the OP to police his own thread here. As we ALL know there are multiple threads running that generally focus on the same thing: Linn software that yields frustration rather than delivering music enjoyment. I follow multiple forums in different countries and the oft seen sentiment I see can be generalized as “Linn makes great hardware but suffers from crippling software”. I think there is truth to that. I run Linn systems at two locations. I also run multi room amps and speakers using SONOS at both locations. I consider the sound quality of SONOS to be “mid fi” when compared to Linn. But my SONOS is reliable while my Linn kit gives me fits. That is a problem. I concede that I might need to address my network. I am researching internet provider options and modem technology upgrades. But, my bottom line is that with two locations, with different providers, different modems, SONOS, Linn, multiple smart TVs, multiple TV sound bars, security motion systems and exterior security camera systems the only piece of this giant cake that seems to be always crumbling is the Linn software...
  8. Sounds like a wide range of options that are very room specific? When I upgraded my Majik DSM to the latest Akurate System Hub & Katalyst Exaktbox I kept my M140 speakers. Hugely improved sound but my speakers are still $3000 speakers. I discussed hypothetical speaker options with Paul, my Linn dealer, who set up my Exakt system. He said that Akudoriks would be a real upgrade with a more refined “Linn” sound. But he cautioned me with “but with your room and tastes Max, you might find you will miss the bass you have now. You might then need a whole sub system.” Like others adding a sub would impact my wife’s furnishings: just no practical place at this end of the room to place one. So, for me, having a full range pair of floor standers makes better sense than smaller standmount speakers and a sub. The floor space is more critical than the 3D volume in the air. I also like the sound when seated between two stereo speakers. But that’s just me. I know a lot of you enjoy sub systems and multi speaker surround systems. Having your speakers perform for a home theater environment is a whole different story. I am strictly two channel audio. If I ever decided to upgrade from my M140s I think I would focus on Exakt ready floor standers instead of standmounts and a sub system. Options here are very limited in my part of the world. The Kudos Titan range would be interesting but no dealer carries them here. For that matter I have never seen a used pair of passive Akudoriks in the US in the five years or so I have been a Linn owner. But I am very happy with my Linn system and I doubt I would fall down the rabbit hole of needing to upgrade the 140s.
  9. I wonder what the numbers (%) look like with Akudorik ownership? 1) Akudoriks are set up with no changes and very happy owners. 2) Akudoriks are set up with an anticipated/planned sub system to be added down the road. 3) Akudoriks are set up, sound is mostly loved, but bass found lacking followed by a sub system search. 4) Akudoriks are set up followed by disappointment and a search for a different speaker option. I doubt there would be many instances with #4...
  10. Yesterday: Kazoo could not find the room on my new iPad Air. Then tried the Lumin app and all was good. I also have an older damaged iPad Pro. Picked that up and Kazoo worked fine. Both iPads on the same wireless network. I rebooted my Linn DSM System Hub, reinstalled Kazoo on the new iPad Air and it still could not find the room. I gave up and went to bed. This morning I pick up the Air and Kazoo is working again??
  11. This is my second system. An ongoing year long upgrade mission. The current system is Linn Majik DSM (3) > Pass Labs XP-20 preamp > Pass Labs XA30.8 amp> Spendor D9 speakers. Plus a Rega turntable station (P6 w/ Ania MC, Aria phono stage & Neo PSU). All fully balanced interconnects are made by Transparent. I have tried having the Majik perform preamp duties with the XP-20 reomoved but I like the sound with the Pass pre in there. I have the amp and volume control turned off with the Majik. I love the sound of this system. The most “game changing” component I have bought has been been the Pass Labs XA30.8. While rated at only 30watts this beast (huge and heavy) Class A amp delivers a way smoother (and clear) sound than my previous Linn, Rega (Elex-R) or 250 watt Bryston did.
  12. The other week I played my 40-year-old vinyl copy of Kratwerk’s The Man Machine on my Pass Labs system. My wife and dogs were out so I decided to push my new XA30.8 amp. Even though this well played album had pops and crackles the music sounded bloody marvelous. I doubt I will play this system that loud again (my neighbor up the hill texted me “is that you?”) It did make me want to purchase a new copy of this record though. It would be interesting to compare a good vinyl copy against the streaming services...
  13. Just keep in mind that you can’t play hi res albums via Tidal on your Selekt. If you want to do a better A:B comparison you might want to try the free 14 day trial with Roon. Roon will do most of the Tidal MQA unfold and will then play on your Selekt. Most of the Qobuz vs Tidal chatter comes from which service has more missing albums from the types of music folks enjoy...
  14. That is the endless debate: which is better, Tidal or Qobuz? You will never get the same answer from everyone. If you are using a Linn DSM and want to experience the new hi res files then Qobuz is the answer as Linn won’t play Tidal MQA files unless you add the Roon option. Roon will cost you though. With Qobuz you get all kinds of different bit rates beyond CD quality. Some sound better/worse than others. How you react to the sound is the new joker in the deck. Playing the latest super hi res Qobuz feed of Abbey Road by the Beatles on a high end revealing system sounds astonishing. You get more detail and nuance than you have ever heard in your life before. That is the good news. But if you have been listening to Abbey Road for decades this new listening experience can just seem strange? Sir George Martin produced this record to sound a particular way. The new version sounds different. Is it the production or the new high end system(s) playing it or both? Even if you spend vast amounts of money on a digital system and play the latest highest resolution albums there will be times that the sound will make you turn around and utter “what the heck?” I use both Tidal and Qobuz. I use the Kazoo and the Lumin apps. I am also now using Roon. If one becomes flaky then I will use the other. None seem rock solid to me so I have adopted the Swiss Army Knife approach...