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  1. Cheers Dom, I've enjoyed that one
  2. yeah, I thought the same back then.. plus he was the one who said tone controls are useful... I know more business owners full of c...
  3. What's HiFi reviews are much worse then useless
  4. For me this is a good enough reason to skip Tidal altogether.. there's always Amazon with as big as Tidal catalogue and uncompressed Hi-Res.
  5. the chances are he wouldn't be happy as he wasn't when Devialet indroduced SAM for all the Harbeth models and he was wailing he won't honour the warranty if Davialet users damage his speakers ( can't find the link but it was on HUG).
  6. dari

    Glenn Croft

    Glad to hear that 😊 Croft Integrated and small Harbeths, something I would consider for my second system.
  7. dari

    Social Distancing

    this study suggest that we may need 40Hz however, I suggest this one as sufficient even for the worst viruses
  8. well, if that's the case ( and I have read in another thread about similar issues with Linn) then I may just update my Mac and carry on with Audirvana; never in 10 years got any issues with it; Tidal and Qubuz are supported and the app is good too. Thanks for sharing.