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  1. Thank you, really appreciate it. Apple TV it's not for me then. Thank you again.
  2. I'm looking for BBC Sounds, NTS Radio, Bandcamp, Soundcloud. I would also want to know if I can listen BBC Sounds or Bandcamp on demand programmes just as I can on iPhone?
  3. Could someone tell if I could install same apps on Apple TV (latest gen, as the plan is to get one), as on the iPhone? does it work in the same fashion or are there any limitations on what can be installed?
  4. have u got airplay in your dac/streamer? that would be the easiest way. if you haven't then you could buy airplay receiver.
  5. NTS = 2 internet radio stations, NTS 1 and NTS 2, both no adverts you have dj's/producers 1hr/2hrs slots during the day and repeat programmes at night. all shows are available to listen back. so depending on the show there is some talk or music only (some shows are talk only, but very few). I think NTS is 128kbps only. tbf, I care more about their content than stream quality, but I agree the quality is not great and you can hear it, therefore I listen NTS in the car or as a backgroud music and when I like something I'll get the music thru my usual channels.
  6. NTS, good call... for me they were probably the best station for more than 10 years
  7. there are obvious benefits that comes with the streaming platforms (like low monthly cots or huge libraries) but one thing I cannot stand is the lack of customisation of the home screen (would be even better to be able to set what you want to see on the platform in general).. so Tidal, Apple Music, Spotify - all of them really - throw at me pop, rap and all that crxx.. from that perspective, Qobuz seems to be a for a more mature customers.
  8. one of the benefits of buying music is that I'm not at the mercy of the streaming service when it comes to latest remaster... I can look for and wait for the master I want. cheap subscription of any streaming service helps to choose what to buy. plus, there are albums not available on any service I tried so got to buy them.
  9. "While today we take uncolored frequency response and good transient response for granted, even the very best all-time classic speakers like the EV Patrician, Altec 19, Altec A7 and Acoustic Research were horribly colored and had ridiculously bad transient response by modern standards. Not that those speakers can't sound great, but none of them have the transparency of modern speakers. I recall a review of I think it was an AR-3a that mentioned how it had so much transient ringing that your couldn't see where the tone stopped and the ringing started on the oscilloscope photo!" https://www.kenrockwell.com/audio/why-tubes-sound-better.htm Is this a matter of opinion or there's truth behind the statement that the mentioned classic speakers were so bad compared with best modern speakers?
  10. That's fine, just moving forward with the conversation... "The main thing imo to take away from GR research taking speakers apart should take away the myth that the more you pay the better you get" well, probably not the case with the audio note... you pay a lot and get a lot. The GR guy should like that as he is always pointing that better (crossover bits in his case) components gets you on another sound quality level.
  11. at least one can rest assured with audio note. you know they have listened to various vaxes or wooden boards so they have reached the ultimate level of... sound quality, of course.
  12. well, I think they'll still need a studio as they need recorded music to sell the tickets. re the classical music: in my view, we live in a great times when it comes to high quality recordings. most of it is recorded in concert halls.
  13. Today, I see recorded music as a means to promote the artist, to advertise. Live music is where they earn money now. Tickets are getting more and more expensive so I guess they are compensated a little? They also get a share from playing their music on the radio. Much radio stations play pop music so you know where the money goes.
  14. did he ever talk about active speakers? or he's not selling it so not worth talking about it? re ATC, you could ignore the passive crossover and move to their actives. the benefits are clear once you listen side by side. and it's easy with ATC to hear same models this way. would be interesting to know if one could get closer (or better) to actives ATCs using GR guy upgraded passive crossover circuit in their (ATC) passive versions.
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