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  1. dari

    Speakers in corners

    ex ATC owner here ( SCM11, SCM19, SCM40A); ATC won't need as much space behind them as from the side walls, they are happy to play right against the wall but I would avoid corners. 20ASL - in my experience - are quite dark sounding speakers so corners could make the bass and mids less clear and - probably - the soundstage would collapse... to the OP - what's the length of the wall you're going to put speakers on?
  2. I've just thrown some more bullsh... to the already substantial pile
  3. Oh, I see... this is how I see it: in the 'Because You Listened to...' section they pick 3 albums from various genres you've been listening to and go from there...
  4. Suggested New Tracks and Suggested New Albums?
  5. proof I'm not a closet rapper 🤓
  6. I was thinking exactly the same about you 😜
  7. true... also, they don't have 'sound normalisation' ( do they have 'artist radio'?) I have asked them about it and they said: 'we don't manipulate music in any way, we present it as we got it from the record label'; there are ways around it, Audirvana support Qobuz and there one can run 'Sound normalisation'. but they offer booklets with some ( especially classical) albums.
  8. Sounds good 👍🏻 the price is good too... if they could only have a little larger library..