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    Speakers in corners

    ex ATC owner here ( SCM11, SCM19, SCM40A); ATC won't need as much space behind them as from the side walls, they are happy to play right against the wall but I would avoid corners. 20ASL - in my experience - are quite dark sounding speakers so corners could make the bass and mids less clear and - probably - the soundstage would collapse... to the OP - what's the length of the wall you're going to put speakers on?
  2. I've just thrown some more bullsh... to the already substantial pile
  3. Oh, I see... this is how I see it: in the 'Because You Listened to...' section they pick 3 albums from various genres you've been listening to and go from there...
  4. Suggested New Tracks and Suggested New Albums?
  5. proof I'm not a closet rapper 🤓
  6. I was thinking exactly the same about you 😜
  7. true... also, they don't have 'sound normalisation' ( do they have 'artist radio'?) I have asked them about it and they said: 'we don't manipulate music in any way, we present it as we got it from the record label'; there are ways around it, Audirvana support Qobuz and there one can run 'Sound normalisation'. but they offer booklets with some ( especially classical) albums.
  8. Sounds good 👍🏻 the price is good too... if they could only have a little larger library..
  9. coffee, cognac, water
  10. Yes, seriously... all recommended music is related to what I was listening. I use Tidal exclusively to check new albums before I'll buy them.
  11. Ok, I see.. well, we have Tidal family account atm and we all like something different but the recommendations are 100% related to what each of us listen so it strange you get something you don't listen to?
  12. What a disrespectful type you are. I would be amazed if any of the forum members of any forum you are posting on actually go and buy anything from you.
  13. re number 1, recommended music, are you referring to 'Mixes for you', 'Suggested new albums', 'Suggested new tracks'?