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  1. Thanks for all the great feedback. I found out some info re the ADSM headphone amp: Output impedance is <2 ohms. It’ll do 2Vrms at maximum output. And has 40ma of class-A bias, after which it is in class A/B mode. So, roughly 80mW into 50 ohms (class A). Which would yield 40mW into 100 ohms, or 13.3mW into 300 ohms. Interesting, given the above, that I've come across quite a number of people who enjoy 300 ohm headphones like the Sennheiser HD600's and 800's with the ADSM. I'm guessing that the overall sensitivity of headphones is not restricted to number of ohms?
  2. Thanks for the feedback. Which headphones did you use with the AK and what would you recommend I consider?
  3. Thanks for the excellent info. Were the PS500s as comfortable as the Sennheiser HD600s? what did you prefer with the PS500s? are they both relatively sensitive headphones that don't require hard driving? Anyone else have recommendations that I should look at?
  4. Did you compare with the direct output of the Akurate DSM? I'm hoping to use the ADSM as my headphone amp and not make a separate purchase.
  5. I can't find any specifications for the Headphone out on my AKurate DSM Katalyst. Anyone help here? Can you give me some recommendations as to a good pairing. Has anyone compared stand alone headphone amps with the direct out of the ADSM?
  6. Thanks for correcting me. Does the /3 refer to any ADSM that has Katalyst? If so, I better hope that I like Space Optimisation!
  7. According to Linn support everyone who runs a DS or DSM digitizes their TT signal. I think the only way to stay analogue is with AKurate or Klimax Kontrol - someone correct me if this is incorrect! Doesn't surprise me that you preferred the ADSM Kat as the Dac it was using for your signal in the ADSM pre-Kat is inferior. I have a VPI Scout TT with a Benz wood-bodied L2 MC cartridge so I'll be watching out for Entity. Can you describe the improvements of the Urika over the Linto?
  8. Thanks for the detail. Really interesting especially about the bass management. Problem I have now is that I'm intrigued by the Urika. Guess the question should be whether the Uphorik would be a good upgrade for me? Can you describe the difference between the Urika and the Linto as I'm assuming the Uphorik differences would be similar. I'm taking the same leap you did all be it in a single step - I have an Akurate DSM Kat on the way to replace my 5103. the thing I'm nervous about and a little surprised is that I can no longer stay in the analogue realm with my turntable as the DSM digitizes every input. I didn't use the 5103 Stereosub to manage my Melodik sub as it interrupted the analogue feed. Are there still vinyl spinners who stay with Linn's analogue preamps or have most LP12 users moved to DS or DSM?
  9. Forgotten that you mentioned the DSM's in your original response. Thanks for the heads up. Agree that Katalyst should take the Akurate DSM well beyond the Akurate Kontrol. Have you done a side by side comparison of the Linto and Akurate DSM? It surprises me that the Linto can outperform the Akurate DSM in particular as the Linto was launched 21 years ago. Do you remember the ways in which the Akurate DSM fell short?
  10. How do I limit my  search to the Linn Owners Club and Forum?

    The drop down box in the main search engine does not show this forum (or others)

  11. Thanks for the help. I'll give Nigel a call. Richard doesn't have one posted on his site.
  12. I have intermittent crackling / distortion in the right channel bass unit of my 5140. I swapped the Aktiv cards from left to right and the distortion moved to the left channel. Conclusion I have a failed mono Aktiv bass card - correct? Anywhere I can buy one other than fleabay?
  13. Thinking of going to the Akurate DSM. How does the phono section compare to the Linto? Is the 2 channel analogue performance equal to the Akurate Kontrol or better?
  14. How do the Kinos and Kisto compare from a purely audio pov? Do they all manage subwoofer in the analogue domain?