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  1. Is Darren in the UK? I'm in SF Bay Area. Just to get someone to eyeball it here is more than the cost of a replacement.
  2. Love the creativity! I could decommission my Aktiv 5120 and transfer the card into MID 5140 service while waiting for the actual card to turn up. Don't think the Linn helpline would ever encourage this but certainly a lot safer than running without a card! Major difference is that the 5120 card feeds 2 speakers rather than one in the 5140. Anyone know if this changes things from a technical point of view?
  3. Anyone know if I can TEMPORARILY remove my 2 MID cards and run my system in semi-Aktiv mode without causing damage to my MIDS? I'd keep volume levels below 80db. This would help me a great deal in the short term!
  4. Missed the exact single card by 4 days on e-bay so i will exercise patience, I don't mind buying a pair but full set is too many $$$. I'm resident in the SF Bay area so speaker acquisitions other than local are off the table.
  5. Unfortunately this is the Stereo version. My 5105 need the mono version.
  6. I have contacted this seller so thanks for the heads up. Unfortunately the MID card I want is "missing" In the ad he writes: " FYI - (missing Midrange Cards) from what I am told just run the midrange driver direct off of the amp (it has it's own natural frequency response - won't do deep bass or lots of highs) & the Bass Card & Treble Card both have Gain Control Trim Pots so these can be Adjusted to give an overall Good Response - Still Available" I don't think my MID and BASS cards have Gain Control Pots and even if they did it doesn't seem to be good advice. My q
  7. Need a replacement Mono Aktiv Mid 5140 card for an AV5105 amp. None on ebay and CJ1045 doesn't have one. Anyone have one in a drawer or have an idea of how to get one other than watching ebay (which I am doing)? Comes at a really bad time as I'm smack in the middle of demoing a new phono stage!!!
  8. You're correct. It's rated at 200 watts. I think it's an adapted AV5105.
  9. I own this sub and love it though agree managing the controls in set up is less than intuitive!! Do you have it working now? I belivee the amp inside is a mono half of the AV5105 of which I own 6. Is this correct? Do you have it working now?
  10. I'm using the Kazoo server and Kazoo app on a Windows 10 PC. It's almost random that i bring the Kazzoo server out of "unavailable" on the Kazoo App. I'm hoping someone has an action I can take with the Kazoo Server to make it available regularly. Opening the Kazoo server in Konfig sometimes works - not always.
  11. Windows 10 PC. Kazoo server unavailable most of the time. Through iPhone works well. Anything I can do?
  12. How about some more nostalgia as we close out 2020? All this power chat is giving me indigestion and upsetting my cocktail prep
  13. They should love them. Take care with instruction. My son and I just shared a laugh over how he destroyed my Indexes one late night at College! Now he lives in SF and I've set him up with a pair of DCM TF600 an amazing Craigslist find that I almost kept!
  14. Bought my first piece of kit at the age of 13 for STG 59.00 - Rotel receiver (1974). Built homemade speakers using 8" woofers with my grandfather and listened to FM radio in particular the Top 20 on Sunday evenings. 1975 saw the addition of an entry level Goldring deck and a pair of Wharfedale bookshelf speakers. 1985 saw the beginning of my Linn crush following auditions on Tottenham Court Rd: Dual CS505 TT, NAD 3020 integrated and a pair of Linn Indexes.......
  15. Anyone else find the ADSM MC Phono Card a little too "akurate" and lacking in real life depth?
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