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  1. Phew, reading this thread is a relief... I thought my cart or something was dying!
  2. Same problem here in the UK, Kazoo won't load, yet plays fine on Sonos...
  3. I've just had to delay the next bicycle upgrade because of an Amp/Karousel upgrade that I just could resist
  4. Ness Audio... early 80s... my first encounter of Linn products too in the form of LP12/Naim/Isobariks
  5. Brilliant, trips like that are always awesome especially when you meet other like minded nutters along the way . You'll have to go back for the Stelvio sometime, I had a right laugh thrashing my little Audi TT up and down it last year...
  6. Great Cars and glad to hear you treat it appropriately! Bet its a hoot to drive
  7. Same experience here, simple quick no nonsense good ole American customer service... got mine in 5 days!
  8. Similar story for me, I was about 13 or 14 (circa '81/82) my pal and I wandered into the new hifi shop in Inverness and heard an LP12/Naim/Isobarik set-up. I was blown away, never heard anything like it. I wanted to own an LP12 from that day and finally got one earlier this year (!) and very frustratingly only a couple of months before Karousel . My first proper system was a Dual 505, NAD 3020 and KEF Chorale 3s. CDs took over and the Dual was sold () and it has been evolving ever since. Currently I've got ADSM/3, LK140 (x3) and Aktiv Ninkas alongside the LP12. This week I changed all my ethernet cables to Blue Jeans Cables and very pleasantly surprised with the improvement. I fear the LKs are getting a bit tired, one has developed an audible hum (albeit not through the speakers) so I'm trying to figure out what to do about it... one option is revert to passive with a used Klimax Twin or a new Lejonklou Tundra, I'm a little doubtful about reverting to passive though. I guess I'm going to try some stuff and use my ears. Or do I just get the LKs serviced and live with them for a while yet, decisions decisions...
  9. My ex used to say that she sometimes wished that she'd catch me looking at proper porn and not just pictures of amplifiers, speakers or bicycles!
  10. Completely agree, a great evening's chat, Jon's a top Chap! It was great to put a face to the name Mike (and Eriku), you're always welcome to in Lichfield to break the journey... once we're allowed to do that sort of thing again
  11. I jumped down this particular rabbit hole very recently... I don't know where you are based but I would highly recommend you contact Peter Swain at Cymbiosis, in Leicester UK, With Peter's expert guidance on where best to spend the money we spec'd up a deck that was a mix of new and used parts and built a deck that is just getting better and better and significantly better than an off-the-peg Majik. I'd also say that starting with a few LPs is a great opportunity to start to build collection to love, even better now that you can stream it and decide whether you like it or not before committing to buying. Of course there are inevitably hidden costs, decent LPs aren't cheap actually they are f**king expensive! And you will need to set aside £400-£500 for a decent record cleaning system, which I have yet to do... I spend £40 on a Spinclean thing, its ok but its not nearly good enough really! So having said all that, would I give it back if I had the chance? No way!
  12. I thought I'd post an update on what has been happening with my LP12. About 10 minutes after putting up my original post, Peter at Cymbiosis got in touch... it never occurred to me to give him a bell in the first place! Having run through the symptoms we were both of a similar view that most likely candidate was the phono stage in the ADSM and less than 48 hours later a Rega MC stage landed on my doorstep from Peter to try-out and give me something to compare against. So it had been a few days since the issue had arisen and it wasn’t without a degree of surprise that I found the deck was performing significantly better . I guess this must be the cartridge settling in and starting to work properly. Switching to the Rega Phono (after letting it warm-up), initial impression is a warmer, more detailed and engaging listen than the on-board Linn stage… (Why on earth do Linn make those RCA plugs so flaming tight!!??) Using Miles Davis “Kind of Blue” on 180g vinyl and streaming the HD version on Qobuz as a basis for comparison, I was surprised to find that the Rega was actually outperforming the streamed HD version. The little Rega stage really does give the on-board Linn a bit of a kicking! Things do however seem to be continually improving, I guess it is also entirely possible that the on-board Linn stage is itself running-in. Anyway the great news in all of this is that there is clearly absolutely nothing wrong with the deck itself. Many thanks to Peter Swain for his help, support and outstanding customer service… all being well there will likely be a phono stage purchase at Cymbiosis on the other side of this current apocalypse. JB
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