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  1. Didn't actually know that but can't be a problem as I am in the UK and they are all UK stations.
  2. You are quite right, I had forgotten that so will do. Thanks for the reminder.
  3. Still no icons though the radio stations all work. Quite obviously a difficult problem to sort out.
  4. As TuneIn is no longer able to offer me the stations I used to love listening to I no longer use it though I did visit ity the other day to find there was even less for me listen to. My DS gives me all the BBC stations and the x3 Linn stations and thats all I now listen to. None of this is Linn's fault of course but there is no point in TuneIn anymore so they should delete the connection facility. On a slightly different topic does anyone know why there is still no Linn icons for their x3 stations?
  5. I have been into hifi sinse I was given my first record player aged 10 or 11 9i am now 690 and over those years I have heard equipment that have been quite amazing in the way they have reproduced music (good and bloody awlful!) but as far as I am concerned Linn make the best stuff I can afford to buy so for me yes Linn is the best.
  6. My b in l uses a Innuos Zenithe server to great effect and has had no issues since he bought it about 3 years ago infact he raves about it so much I will eventually upgrade to one over my ZenMini which does have moving parts. Like me he uses an Akurate DS with the innuos.
  7. Musicians are a funny lot, I should know as I am one even though I have now stopped playing, age and covid has killed that for me. Is the term musican really describing professionals or amateurs? I was at one point only semi pro but that doesn't make me any the less a musican. Many professionals of any profession are usually just too busy to spend their rest time doing what they do for their work time. TV actors watch very little television, as a painter and decorator I dont sit down and paint my home in my spare time and nurses don't come home to a house full of patients either! As for me I use certain discs to assess my system and then I use my system to listen to the music on my albums! I can listen to music on any standard of playback apparatus but I use my system to try and reproduce things as best I can so I can hear as near a live performance at home anytime I want.. I fully realise that no stereo system at any price will ever reproduce any live performance but its the best any of us can do thats for sure. A live performance is always the best way to go and for those here that have never heard one, and there will be some, get to a live gig and then you will realise how poor your system is and of course how good it is too. To hear a top orchestra in full flight is a mighty experience, go do it and have a life changing experience.
  8. How very strange and a week later the three stations are working but there is no visual on any of the icons. Its been like this all day.
  9. Hi Mike. I actually built my room about 10 years ago so I can tell you exactly how it's built. Some of my ideas I feel have worked but others have not. Firstly I am in the uk so3 of the walls are thermolite with plasterboard dabbed and then skimmed and one is actual brick (its an extension) with plasterboard dabbed and plastered. The ceiling is not level (which I regret for sound reasons) but not for spacious aesthetics. the floor is 175mm thick concrete sat on 150mm of Celotex insulation. On top of the concrete is screwed 28mm battens and then Oak finished flooring that floats and is not fixed down. Mt speakers sit on 22mm thick granite and then their spikes as normal. I have of course experimented with removal of the spikes and sat both on and off the granite and on dense rubber feet but this did not work well at all. The granite was an experiment that has worked well and only the pandemic has stopped me visiting my local granite man to have some cut properly and I really must get round to doing it. I have a fairly thick wool rug on the floor in front.
  10. Not sure if things are different to a few years ago but Linn dealers could always make some for you using Linn off the reel black cable. My b in l had a pair that he replaced using Chord Cadenza cables and I sold his for him on eBay. Try asking a Linn dealer.
  11. I have had this problem and used a x4 small pieces double sided tape to stop the mat lifting. I have changed from the felt mat some time ago to a Ringmat which is in two parts and I still have to use the double side tape. I basically had horrendous static problems resulting in getting rid of my large mat I had on my oak flooring as it was basically a nylon one and I thought that was my problem but even with a pure wool one nothing changed. I then realised that it only happened when I was wearing crocs so stopped that and all electric shocks have stopped. I use a wet record cleaner and any sign of dust atraction I just give the disc a clean and its all sorted.
  12. The amount of bass (both depth and weight) is more than enough for me in my room so it's not anything I would even consider. The Keltik's can be quite frightening when I really give things some welly so I have no need to and if I did want more I could do so by adjusting the crossovers. I assume you have done this and your speakers are not being curtailed by the crossovers? Some years ago when I acquired my LK100 amps and speakers I was very non plused by my speakers but then on investigation I found the crossovers were very badly set up and by the time I had finished things were very different. Today I have Majik 4200 amps and Chakra crossovers so I made sure I got things right from the off infact I could have even more if I wanted.
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