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  1. Just to make it clear today I replaced the internal fuses in my two Linn power amps, I already have an upgraded fuse in the plug top (I am in the uk). I am not new to hifi and have replaced fuses many times over the years and always replace with the correct type and power. As to me i am a retired brass musician who played at the top levels for over 45 years so I have a very trained pair of ears and fully realise when I hear improvements and not just changes. if you don't hear any benifits that thats fine but please don't tell me that I don't. As to safety i think anything made by Russ Andrews is made to the highest standards and will conform to anything thrown their way.
  2. I have been fitting upgraded fuses for several years now and today I have done the two internal 10amp fuses in my Magik amps and there was, as always, an immediate improvement. For me it's a no brainer upgrade to do (£50) and Russ Andrews has sold me two more. Anyone else done this?
  3. I have been a hifi enthusiast for so many years, had all sorts of stuff and I am still learning. This week its just how important cartridge loading is, I wonder what will come along next?
  4. Drive is one thing the Allegro doesn't lack, why would anyone say that? Its a seriously good preamp.
  5. I will be interested to hear your thoughts on the MF v Townsend.
  6. I would say if you have the old one dont replace it if your source needs some upgrading but if not then yes it's really worth doing. I have a new preamp in my own upgrade path and as and when, and if of course, I ever get that far I would be more than happy to use one. A friend has a MusicFirst pre but he lives in Bulgaria so i havent heard it my self be he says his is much better but it is more expensive but if the cost isn't an issue I would try and A/B them though I think the MF would be better.
  7. Ok lads what I should have said 'on my feet' but there's an idea, naked listening hmmm not a pretty site so probably not.
  8. I know exactly what you are experiencing and I also found out how to stop my problem though saying that I feel my problem is not that cut and dried so let me explain. I have had x4 LP12's over the years and static as far as records and the felt mat sticking to an lp has always been there and a Zerostat used to sort that out in the main but a few years ago a different sort of problem reared it's ugly head. This new problem not only caused the mat to stick to an LP but gave me very violent electric shocks when touching the arm or steel top plate but also a very loud hum unless I took a separate earth wire to the LP12 chassis and connected that to back of my phonostage earthing point. I even took my LP12 to Peter of Cymbiosis for a check over but he found nothing amiss and thought it must br a fault in my house wiring. My b in L is an electrician so I got him over to give my house a full work out and he found nothing wrong at all. Some time later I added an earth bonding system in that all the casings of my equipment is bonded together and connected to an earth rod in the garden (he is also a Linn owner so has the same installation). Note that the bonding system is not in anyway connected to the electrical side of my equipment! Anyway none of this has ever removed the loud buzz if I remove the extra earth wire and i was still getting the almighty electric shocks when ever I played a record but then one day i realised that if I took off any shoes I was wearing the problem went away. Its not just me that gets these shocks as even a LP12 owning friend has recieved them here when he has changed a record which is something he does not experience at home but he was wearing his shoes. So then, I am not sure I will ever get to the bottom of all this but now I never wear anything but socks when I play a record.
  9. The new ABBA album which I can't stop playing, I never realised I missed them so much.
  10. Things have changed yet again today with actual images on the Radio tab where yesterday it just said Airable and no tabs at all so it is slow to react. One thing for sure is i am so pleased to have my favourite radio stations back and perhaps a load of new ones as well.
  11. I did that yesterday but it could have been just slow to react. Anyway I have my favourite 'Cinemix' station back which for me is just perfect!
  12. Just opened up and low and behold stations have appeared!!!!! it only took about 14 hours for this to happen, I had touched nothing as I could find nothing to touch, so now it all appears to be working. Thanks for for your input folks but what was wrong I have no idea.
  13. Morning Moomintroll. Well I have had enough of this new facility already. Yes it opens but it is completely empty unlike the radio tab thats has loads of stuff. Any idea what I have to do next? I am not at all impressed with Linn not explaining to us normal mortals how we move on. I have looked at their Facebook page and their own site and there is bugger all.
  14. AH! That Linn Music app, i'll take a look. Def not avaiable for my macbook where I do most things. Right have now got it on my iPad but will have to wait until the morning to sort it any further. Thanks Moomintroll.
  15. Hi Coalboy, The only place I have seen Airable mentioned is in my Linn account so i presumed it would then appear in Kazoo. Is there another Linn app other than Konfig as it doesn't appear to be there.
  16. I think I have done everything but all that happens is my 'Radio' button disappears and I then lose all radio stations and I then see no 'Airable' button. I have activated it in my Linn account under music but it doesnt appear when using Kazoo. I have 4.86.421.
  17. Until recently I used x4 LK100 power amps (Aktive of course) but even with all the caps replaced (which to be fair was a massive upgrade) other bits began to die so I bit the bullet and bought x2 Magik 4100 amps and the upgrade was huge infact I have never looked back. Old V New? - NO comparison!
  18. Getting back to the vibrations, I have known for years that vibrations caused by internal components do need to be damped and I have always tried to fix this by adding some sort of isolation underneath the box. I think most people think about airborne vibrations caused by speakers but our equipment causes far more damaging effects than a speaker and any isolation used helps. I know Naim have used internally suspended boards so there is obviously a known problem but not too sure I would open my stuff to tweek any internal screws.
  19. A friend had the earlier model amd now has the plus version so I know the differences or at least enough of them to know that I would go for the latest one every time. It really is a superb preamp and worth every penny.
  20. Knee joints YES SOON!!!! well as long as the dreaded Covid doesn't put another curse on things!
  21. Didn't actually know that but can't be a problem as I am in the UK and they are all UK stations.
  22. You are quite right, I had forgotten that so will do. Thanks for the reminder.
  23. Still no icons though the radio stations all work. Quite obviously a difficult problem to sort out.
  24. As TuneIn is no longer able to offer me the stations I used to love listening to I no longer use it though I did visit ity the other day to find there was even less for me listen to. My DS gives me all the BBC stations and the x3 Linn stations and thats all I now listen to. None of this is Linn's fault of course but there is no point in TuneIn anymore so they should delete the connection facility. On a slightly different topic does anyone know why there is still no Linn icons for their x3 stations?
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