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  1. Thank you for that info. I should note then ekwal is used as a center channel speaker in a 5.2.2 setup. I assume I would used another Aktiv bass module and an additional channel of amplification. Currently use a 4200 with 2 channel Aktiv.
  2. My Ekwal is currently Aktiv bi-amp. The manual mentions Tri-amp Aktiv. Anyone know how to set this up? Thanks..
  3. Happened to me as well, when I shut the system down to make some changes one 4200 would not power up. Luckily I did have a hair dryer and within a few minutes of warm air, it powered on. Probably a matter of time before it no longer powers on at all. Linn wants to replace the Dynamik supply which is now out of warranty. I may just put my original power supply back if it fails completely...or send it across the pond to @CJ1045
  4. I have similar issue with one of my 4200’s. Linn wants to replace the Dynamik at an out of warranty fee since it was installed about 6 years ago. I would contact @CJ1045 here on the forum as he has a possible fix for a nominal charge especially if you are UK based. Good luck!
  5. Both Katan and 109 are surround speakers but I would say the Katan will get more use as it’s a rear surround just behind the listening seats. The 109 will really be used for immersive audio as height speakers. At least in the current configuration.
  6. Thanks guys makes sense! The 4200 will be up front with long speaker leads to the speakers.
  7. Oh yes we have been in contact One more question for you, my 4200 that will power 2 sets of speakers, Katan & 109 passive. What is the best way to connect? For example, Channel 1&2 for Katan (l+r) and 3&4 for 109 (l+r) or channel 1&2 for left and 3&4 for right on both speakers? Not sure it matters but figured if there a best way to configure...Thanks for all your help!
  8. Probably not much of a mix, but Aktiv Espek with 2x 4200, but one is a newer 4200/1 both have Dynamik. The newer one on mids/tweeters and older on bass would work best, I assume? I have another older 4200 which I’m using for rear/heights. The latter has a failing Dynamik and will most likely be converted back to original PS. Would it be best to keep the same amps age wise on the Espek regardless of Dynamik? Thoughts...
  9. I agree and actually that was the reason I used bare wire in the 4200’s. What I do notice is the binding posts seems to get loose over time and I tightened them several times. Anyone see this?
  10. Thanks for the quick reply’s ...I may give the locking bananas a try!
  11. What do you all find best to use to connect the speaker outputs? I currently have my 4200’s bare wire k600 out to Espek with the standard Linn bananas on the speaker end. Need to make some mods and will terminate with a better solution if one exists Locking banana looks great or spades but what size spades would the 4200 accept? Thanks!
  12. Agree I will have to look carefully but my thought is just to mount the Majik109's on the wall. Paul made a great suggestion as the Rear Surrounds are much more active that Atmos heights but not worth damaging a perfectly good set of Katans. Brakits are already on order from Linn...
  13. Well looks like my early Katans have different hole pattern drilled than later ones which the Brakit ordered will fit. I may need to mount the Majik 109's on the wall or drill the Katans...