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  1. Why do you think every room correction system in the world including Space requires you to give listening position?
  2. Yes, you cannot simply feed a 'suckout' more signal, it's just going to eat it up.
  3. Jeez man, of course the modes stay the same but your position relative to these modes and hence the perceived power response will change and Space will take this into account. And yes, I did take a few courses at a fairly well regarded west coast uni in acoustics and I did work for Paul S. Veneklasen in Santa Monica.
  4. Sorry if I was unclear. SO is calculated for the given listening position, modes will of course vary widely across the room. If you remember, in SO1 changing listening position by just a little gave big changes in the response. This is of course true for all such calculations.
  5. Yes, and remember room modes are only calculated for one position in the room.. Multiple subs are indeed not very practical irl, but don’t you agree it would be ideal if we could nip the problem at the ‘source’ by controlling the in room power response rather than compensating for it by manipulating the information? Maybe this is what Philbo is working on right this very moment?
  6. True, I regret the sweeping statement. But I do have almost 40 years of experience with Linn dealers and reps, working for the then largest importer, having been a partner at of one of their largest accounts outside the UK and a Linn only dealer on my only lonesome own.
  7. There are a few intrinsic problems with Space, mainly it’s too blunt and it’s too obscure and the vast majority of dealers absolutely do not master it. In an effort to make it ‘user friendly’ Linn has invited the end user to tinker with the settings. This is completely in line with HQ’s ambition to own the end customer, rather than the dealer. There should of course be an advanced dealer menu for space and proper training for dealers. Setting up a system using tune-dem by a trained individual is an extremely swift and easy process, has always been and should remain so. There ar
  8. Personally I’m very cautious around Amir. He is, for undisclosed reasons, acting as a MQA apologist/useful idiot. His responses in the H U G E Golden thread on his site is an overt act of public seppuku. (Sorry for the tacky Japanese reference!)
  9. When I was at Castle they were making the mainline shaft for the Rolls Royce commercial jet engine, that’s pretty high level machining in my book. The reason that SME is making the Keel has more to do with the fact that they are more fit for purpose when it comes to low volume manufacturing. At Castle making stuff for Linn, like the Klimax cases, was more disruptive and not profitable, SME is simply a better match. Castle & SME are both top tier shops, just different business focus.
  10. Of course not. I had forgotten this is an audio forum where a sense of irony is verboten.
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