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  1. Looks like beam steering like used f.i. in the Beolab 90. Here’s a good introduction to the tech: https://www.tonmeister.ca/wordpress/2015/08/04/bo-tech-beam-width-control-a-primer/ Or here: https://www.diyaudio.com/forums/multi-way/302839-beer-budget-beam-steering.html
  2. You're right, sorry for veering OT! Brilliant tool and congratulations to all involved! It will be very, very interesting to be able to visualize what SO2 does compared to say Dirac. Best
  3. Thank you very much for this, very interesting! In the latest graph virtually all information between 60-90Hz is down -15dB, so for all intents and purposes pretty much gone. If the signal generated by the speakers in this region (the thump in Tina turners Private Dancer f.i.) are down by this much they are bound to be effected by temporal masking, they will not be magically (re)generated by the room. In other words, if the room modes are that strong in this region I have to believe there is more work to be done in placing the speakers via tune dem? You seem to be faced with the choice of having this band either drowning out music or not being present at all.
  4. Absolutely correct! Also use A/A - B and try to avoid falling into the trap that second is better because it’s different and never ever switch between A - B midsong.
  5. Wow, that's great. I actually double checked the months vs weeks issue before posting and was told months. Will have to check again!
  6. Pssst - I have inside info they are buying up Sierra Leone in a consortium with Swiss Alu.
  7. You’re a lucky guy akamatsu! Due to the global shortage of aluminum the current estimated delivery for DSM/3 is 12 months out . Or try buying say some Ultegra bicycle parts from Shimano - 72 weeks. It’s the same all across the board and I haven’t even started on the glut in chips. This is going to get worse before it gets better and has very little to do with Linn I’m afraid.
  8. Hi Paul, I like to take the route of eliminating as much of listening to the sound as possible to help me focus on the music. Playing old swinging music like this is usually complete chaos on your typical ‘detailed’ audiophile system but very energetic and melodic on a good Linn system. It’s really effective in sorting out the good from the bad without getting lured into nice sounds. Just remeber these guys used to get paid by the amount of couples that gathered on the dance floor and go from there!
  9. Delignit, the makers of Panzerwood , do indeed make a few interesting plywoods. https://www.delignit.de/en/applications-product-programme/building-equipment.html?ma= https://www.delignit.de/en/downloads/customers.html Panzerwood is very expensive however, we’re talking like €500 a sheet!
  10. The ’weakest link’ concept has appeal because it’s a instantly grasped static concept that’s easily popularized. A hi-fi however however is better modeled as a flow where every element decreases the quality of the signal and none has the capability to improve it. The idea is that a superior signal will emerge at a higher quality through this system than a inferior signal with less lossy ‘links’. You can easily test this by feeding great speakers like the 350:s with a crappy remastered album, let’s say a pop song like ‘Take on Me’ remastered during the loudness wars, and compare it with an original pressing of the same song played on say some 242:s. No contest. Or say, play Beethovens 5:th with Kleiber on a 50s Decca purple label on an old Rega3 and the same album recut in the 90s on a Klimax LP12 and sit back in wonder. If the information is not there it can’t be retrieved by a better ‘link’.
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