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  1. Mint with original box and manual, looking for £170
  2. Need a slim amplifier and the audiolab 8000a is just the job, anyone have one and thinking of moving on, let me know TIA
  3. Looking for a half decent turntable upto around £150, let me know what you have.
  4. Thanks, one of my faves, only selling because I'm now using pre/power
  5. Excellent condition, working perfectly 50x50w with phono £75
  6. I'm setting up a turntable system in my brothers dining room and have shortlisted a few amps that I think should do the job, one of them is the audiolab 8000a, anyone got one collecting dust? Let me know. Also consider pioneer a400 or creek 4040 s3.
  7. Approximately 3.4m x 2 van damme lc ofc directional 2.5mm hifi speaker cable, dumbell configuration, terminated with 4mm plugs, hardly used. £30
  8. cd63 se cd player with remote control, laser has been replaced. The lid has been refurbed by a previous owner and looks OK, reads discs perfectly £50
  9. Certainly, have the original box, let me have your details etc Rgds
  10. Flixton, just outside Manchester