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  1. It's worrying how many people have no pride in their personal surroundings. I took a guitar to a luthier to be setup once, saw the state of his workshop, subsequently left pretty quickly. Found another later later who's workshop was like a sterile lab with everything in order and having its place. Multiple guitars have been left with said luthier since. A clean house, is a clean mind.
  2. The guy needs to tidy up his house that's for sure.
  3. Technically its five, if I wanted to change the power tubes it would be another 8! So the idea of using NOS Mullards tubes for the whole thing would stretch to nearly a £1000. PL say themselves just to change the main two, and then the other four have less of an effect, so something like a standard NOS Brimar in the other four would work, and they can be picked up for less than £30.
  4. Thank you for all the thoughts and advice. To address some questions; I do know of Upscale Audio, I watched enough of his videos before I bought the Prima Luna amplifier, but I have to admit, he does tend to rave about everything as long as he sells it. The new Mullard re-issue tubes have gotten a pretty bad response from users but as he sells them, he raves about them! Still, he dosen't ship tubes outside of the US, so not much I can do there. I have had Genelax 12AX7's before and I didn't get on with them, they sounded like an atypical Chinese tube to me. I appreciate the 12AX7 will have different characteristics than the 12AU7, and of course the equipment they go into being a huge concern, so I may give them a go. As pointed out, it can result in a bit of trial and error. At least the main sound is from the two driver tubes, not that costly to keep changing. It it were all five, it would be a bit much. The Mullards are brand new old stock and have been tested, '4 anodes returned between 2.2 and 2.3mA/v'..apparently. I don't think anything is wrong with them at all, it's just their characteristics, not a fault. I have the Mullards back in now, and if I could find a hybrid of the two that would be spot on for me!
  5. I recently tube rolled my Prima Luna Evo 400 with a pair of NOS CV4003 Mullards (12AU7) from 1965. I found the sound became, relaxing but thick and muddy - there was characteristics I liked but it lost so much detail over the OEM Prima Luna ones, I ended up the removing them. Can anyone advise on a tube that had a midway signature between the two? I believe Prima Luna tubes are Chinese made PSVane types. I appreciate the amplifier has been voiced with the OEM ones, and that chopping and changing may be frowned up, but it's something I want to do The Mullards were great, but just to much loss of detail. I know not all 'NOS' Mullards are the same, but I don't want to shell out a small fortune again to try a different set! Would a Brimar valve be more suitable for my requirements maybe? Thankyou in advance for any thoughts or advice!
  6. Rebelling against a democracy isn't a Rebel Alliance/Jedi motivation either! Thats like Nigel Farage using an Amnesty International logo. Please cease and desist the use of the Rebel Alliance emblem! You could change it to the Galactic Empire one, much more fitting.
  7. Gaslight

    EU made hifi

    You could try Pathos, or Gold Note both companies products are hand made in Italy.
  8. @tuga You have a picture of the Rebel Alliance in your profile section...but you do seem less of a rebel and more of a Clone Trooper minion type than a Luke Skywalker or Hans Solo. You know the Rebel Alliance was built on the idea of a force/faith, quite invisible and not something that could be measured!
  9. Thanks chaps. All soldered up as XLR to RCA config. Works fine, sounds exactly how it did before. Definitely no need to go buying new cable! (I did try XLR to RCA adaptors, cheap ones from Amazon that sounded horrendous and also needs the earth bridge solder joint removing). The proper Cardas ones are very expensive. This cost £2 in solder, just needed some adult guidance!
  10. Ok chaps So I have Male XLR (Amp end needing to be changed to RCA) Pins: 1 - Screen Pins: 2 - Clear Pins: 3 - Blue Female XLR (phono amplifier end) 1- Screen 2 - Clear 3 - Blue Bigfool , I havent dismissed anything! I was merely asking advice on wiring up. I am not changing the cable, so essentially just need the general feelings on whether to stay balanced to RCA or just do complete RCA to RCA
  11. Thankyou so much for this I am getting the soldering iron out!
  12. Not the case for me.. Are you able to advise on how to solder the new plugs on? That's all I am asking really
  13. Sorry, my full turntable and turntable amplifier. It has XLR and RCA outputs from the turntable amplifier, so I can choose. Currently have XLR but new amp only has RCA in. I do not like Coaxial cable used for analogue, tried that before with the same brand cable the sound was inferior to me. Happy with the cable I am using to be honest, I lose a bit of something then thats ok. Just need to put the plugs on the end of my existing cable. Costs nothing then.
  14. Hi I am hoping someone can help or advise me what is best to do. I have a long XLR cable for my record player. My new amplifier does not have an XLR input so i can have to put RCA plugs on the end. I have the plugs and some Cardas solder, but I read this page that mentions there is an alternative way of wiring this setup. I am not that well versed in these things but can solder pretty well. I am correct in thinking I just do not solder the screen wire into the RCA plug at the amp end? or is it best I just convert the whole cable to RCA? (its 6 metres in length) Thankyou!