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  1. I've only ever spoke to a 'salesman' once about Hifi, and he recommended something far cheaper than what I opted for after listening to both of them. I once listened to 'measurement' bias and bought an RME Dac, it was dreadful in comparison to what I had owned and currently owned at the time. You seem to be avoiding questions a lot now, you do understand the term 'circular rhetoric' right?
  2. There's a lot of fact in that. The 'other' forum has the equivalent warriors of measurements who are all members of of the budget kit brigade. The difference I see is, these folk will scream and cry about expensive kit and thread spoil every thread they can that talks about things they can't afford, and find some ridiculous reasons to hate something without listening to it, tbut he guys that have the open mind or the ones with pricey stuff, really wouldn't ever be offensive about budget kit, and just accept that if a person is happy with what they have and what they hear, that's all that matters.
  3. Everything I have is excellently designed, as it all sounds great. Occasionally I frown at poorly designed casings I must admit, as aesthetics are important to me as these devices share my space, and good design that fits with my spacial vibe is important to me. Your posting history since joining the forum is fascinating. I am beginning to believe you are merely a shill to refer traffic to ASR. Many come and do this, you're not original, hence why George rewrote some of the AUP to avoid circular rhetoric.
  4. Requesting donations, is advertising, for oneself. Therefore he is a commercial entity using his platform to make money. Interestingly, because he essentially uses other people's products to make his donations, he is effectively, nothing. and, no. It is not able to measure human responses , thankyou those responses make us human, and it's exactly how it works when making music. I am not C3PO and happier for it.
  5. Southeastern


    I use Transglobal for USA shipments as they are very good prices on their DHL service, which are the best for overseas shipments in my opinion. I didn't know they insure Hifi, and didn't even think to check - good knowledge - thanks!
  6. Audio Pro C5 Wifi/Bluetooth Speaker - around £150-200, hearing is believing, these things are absolutely excellent and give a Naim Muso a run for their money.
  7. Still doesn't explain your previous statement. It is blurb, as it's based on his principles of 'measuring', (as we can't measure everything we hear nor how that translates in our brains and nervous systems), written for promotion of his website. The very website he asks for 'donations' to run/operate/drive his car.
  8. Southeastern


    Barely any of the third party bookers like Parcel2G, Parcelmonkey etc cover Hifi equipment. Overland Express do, however claims with them are drawn out and long winded. As I posted earlier, its better to book your courier with whoever and take out separate independent transit insurance for the value, then you know your covered for the exact item value without a company claiming its not covered in their TC's.
  9. That's a confusing statement. I wouldn't expect to be able to read a blurb written by a forum owner anywhere else other than his forum, with or without his flavoured varnish. I did read it, and it was rather useless, and heavily varnished with bias. Is there an 'unvarnished' version elsewhere? Please post a link.
  10. Could you fill out your WAM details so we can all see your system, as I am fearing it comprises of a Dell PC from 2001 and a set of Logitech surround sound speakers your mum gave you on your 14th birthday. Happy to be proved me wrong of course. Maybe some photos of your setup?
  11. Southeastern


    My personal preference is use someone credible like DHL Express (not Local) or UPS, and take your own transit cover out from someone like Secursus, package it like you've put your elderly mother in a box and shipped her to South America, and take photographs of the items, even a small video, and then of every stage - before, middle and after of the packing. https://www.secursus.com/en-gb/?gclid=Cj0KCQiAip-PBhDVARIsAPP2xc1Kkuwd4Z3rJMpQhN3kfiQiYUvOt2HRhz4FeVaoRSOtLupLr05QIOwaAikHEALw_wcB
  12. Mentally ill or a distorted sociopath with faith followers...Charles Manson was a bit like that.
  13. What a pointless thread rebirth..
  14. All as equally as pointless as each other, I presume is what you are trying to say..do you own any jewellery or a watch?
  15. I bought a couple of these from Purite Audio
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