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  1. Interesting to hear Mac. i know there was an owner on here who had the S3 La Voce and then the La Scala and mentioned the La Scala just sounded different as opposed to being better. What are you finding similar to the Luxman?
  2. Emporium Hifi traditionally overprices, he is selling used AMR fuses for more than they are brand new, funny
  3. The Shunyata Venom is, I picked it up for £60 used on a US site..shipping was about £10....just ask them to declare it at $10 value so no duties to pay
  4. One time is a possibility, second time is a coincidence, third time is a pattern. I tried four cables with silver content...but I'll definitely try to get hold one of these Supra's as my system has changed a lot since I did the cable testing, so it will definitely give a good example of the differences.
  5. I disagree on that. I used multiple Wireworld and Audioquest (amongst others) USB cables once when I did my own little cable testing thing and the silver ones all did what silver does, which did surprise me, as I went into the testing with the same view as you. Granted the effects where slightly different to silver in Analogue but they still, overall, did similar. I binned them all (or rather, returned them :))
  6. I do keep my eye out for a Sablon USB cable, but new, isn't something Id spend on a cable, and of course because they are known to be so good, they rarely come up used! The Shunyata Venom I picked up for £60, theres something about Shunyata cables that just sound 'right', and with such a low floor noise theres no nasties that come through. I might try ones of these new Supra cables though as £100 is affordable, but from my experience, Silver cables are a no no for me. I've always found silver more suited towards a more elderly listener who's natural top end hearing has started evaporating.
  7. I had similar feelings when I got the G2. I had always discounted Chi-Fi stuff as 'measured and harsh' after my experiences with Lumin gear, but since getting the G2, my digital is an absolute bliss to listen to, every day is just a pleasure with no annoyances anymore. Try a Shunyata USB/Ethernet cable, you won't be disappointed. Their baseline Venom is truly special.
  8. Do you think many folks have various of the same power LPS's to do the same function knocking around? For me,I save and struggle to pay for what I have, Im just not going to buy the same thing twice or thrice.
  9. For me, it's more natural. Thats all I search for. The complete picture, sounding natural. I've spent so long in studio's and playing in some great venues over the years I have a fairly good experience of how stuff sounded at the time - some hifi system I have heard have gotten it 'so wrong' in recreation of how music actually sounds.
  10. Measurements arent the complete picture, therefore I do not rely on them at all. Proof is in the proverbial listening pudding. One day I'll have a listen at this Star Trek devices and make a decision how bad or good they are with my ears and emotional response to what I hear.
  11. One way to maximise profits even more then.. Ive never heard any Benchmark DACs so I cant judge really, as they look like something out of a 1980's Sci-Fi series, so never been one for me.
  12. The RME DAC most definitely benefitted from an LPS, it didn't take a mega expensive one either to bring quality changes.. Still wasn't enough to make it work for me though sadly. Interesting video. I am wondering if you may know of a high end DAC that uses a switching power supply? Anything maybe 2-3K plus?
  13. Ridiculous statement, because if we 'shunned' Chinese produced goods, then the country would grind to a halt. People would die, and there would be pandemonium. We are reliant on Chinese manufacturing (sadly), which is why it makes them a super power.
  14. Yeah I highly doubt it was a G2. How do you not remember what £4k streamer you had?! Christ, I'd remember sweating having something that expensive on loan...
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