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  1. lol you would care if you bought one used and then couldn't ever own it For me, Shunyata is the cream of digital and mains cables, as Cardas is of analogue cables. They have some crazy prices, but having found their entry level Venom stuff better than other brands that would charge 3-4 times the price, I just stick with it as my 'gold' standard..as I just wouldnt spend some of those mental amount amounts. i will definitely keep an eye out for a used Sablon USB though! I already have a great OLED so feeling fairly at peace with everything right now! I am hoping I don't get any upgrade bugs in the near future, but I know I probably will
  2. I use a Shunyata Venom ethernet and usb cable...Im not sure I want to spend the price of that Sablon a cable though!...The Shunyata is excellent even at their entry level stuff. I've had a look at that power supply - definitely food for thought, but another £500+...I think I'll try to stay happy with what I have right now as it was a large expenditure on its own. What differences did you notice with the upgrade? I think the previous poster obviously has a grievance with Auralic, which I probably would if there was a fault that is shown to be a common manufacturing fault and they refused to do anything about it or charge a high amount to fix it. However I do agree, the whole registration thing is an unnecessary faff - what if the previous owner had died? does that mean the unit then cant be sold on by say family if they can't access his emails, and it basically becomes an expensive brick? Although I've kept the Auralic and am very very happy with my sound right now, that does leave a bit of a taste in my mouth, it basically says 'you don't own your product, even after spending ££££ on it, we do'.
  3. And yet they work. I use one, and it was a great lift. However to avoid this thread going down the usual BS please try to remain on topic.
  4. I think I will just to see the previous owner is known so should be ok
  5. I appreciate the prompt! I am baffled as to why they do this also, maybe some of the Chinese people control mindset being involved...which will have darker undertones for whatever reason..but yes, its mine, not theirs, I can do what I like to it. I imagine they are trying to look as 'big' and 'grand' as Apple. It's quite ridiculous on a music streamer. What actually happens when its 'activated', as it works perfectly fine as it is through the DS App or Roon without..aside from the registration prompt.
  6. Thanks for the info on the registration. I wasn't aware, as I was using Roon, it just works automatically, I wasn't sure if registering makes any difference. As I tried to do now, it did indeed bring up the previous owners details and that they will email them to de-register it. What a ballache! Lets see if they 'respond' over the weekend...otherwise this may be problematic. I appreciate you mentioning this.
  7. I didn't need to contact Innuos over anything, but I have heard their support is A1. I did contact Auralic about a few things and they got back to me within hours with detailed help and explanations etc. I often find the real issue with Chi-Fi manufacturers though is when there is hardware faults and replacements/refunds etc are involved, its like getting blood from a stone. As I bought the G2 from a UK dealer, I have our excellent UK consumer rights which will cover me from minimum 2 years, and possibly up to 5 years for a hardware failure, so thats fine for me.
  8. Honestly, for the more 'budget' end of decent cables I use Shunyata's Venom range. USB, Ethernet and AES. If you buy them from the States, plenty appear on eBay for cheap enough, think each one cost me about £80. But I am sure lots will be along to tell you the usual names, Van Damme, Mogami etc etc. I doubt any good cable 'impacts' data transmission...it's what else it brings with it that matters. This is why Shunyata are excellent.
  9. I paid for Roon years ago when it was affordable, and I use Roon to control all the speakers in my house, all through one single interface that gives me complete control of everything from NAS contents, to streaming services, provides me with lots of other relevant data and finds me new music, that I can allocate to whatever system I want. No other software does that. Innuos 2.0 dosent sound 'so much better', it sounds the same as say the NAIM app, which is a small but noticeable improvement over Roon. However Roon with Auralic, sounded better than Zenith/2.0 hence going that route, as I prefer to use a single interface for everything.
  10. Thanks Dom, yes it's exactly that, the Zenith would be a dream in some systems. I can imagine me going back to it one day if I ever change things around.
  11. It's definitely not my speakers, as everything else works fine with my system But they are Q Acoustics Concept 300. The results are.. The Zenith is back in its box and going back to the dealer. The Zenith does sound more 'analogue' like, but it was too devoid of bottom end and too frantic in top end. This dosent mean harsh, it was anything but, it has an incredibly smooth reproduction, but it was just too 'busy' for me, it lacked control and could at times just sound a complete mess if lots of things were happening in the track. Over longer listening periods, this began to grate on me and gave me a headache. For slower stuff, it was very impressive but lacked a real low end rumble, which at first didn't matter, but overtime, for me, I just felt like it was lacking, and it was annoying me. There is sibilance in voices, nothing major but its there, and I had a choice not to have it, so I went that way. The G2 although being a little 'darker' in its presentation, just worked so much better. It has control and precision and a big bottom end and midrange warmth, it works very well with my setup. It's instrument placement may not be as realistic as the Zenith, but it manages to create a defined soundstage that one becomes at 'peace' to listen to. The casing also feels much more substantial for the price tag, the Zenith and its folded panels felt a bit cheap. Power cable changes was a big step up on both routers, but more noticeable on Zenith - without a decent cable it had a slight harshness (noise) to the lower treble, and lacked midrange even more. The best way to think of it is the Zenith being on the front row of a live concert, and the G2 being in the treated engineers studio room. I do use a valve amp and R2R DAC, so it could be that the blend of those with the 'analogue style' of Zenith was 'too much' for me. I feel like the Zenith is a great streamer, and matched to say a solid state system, I can see where it would really shine, when the G2 might just be overly precise and become robotic. However, the step up in SQ from either unit over my already impressive NAIM ND5XS2 was pretty big, which was already massive over a Bluesound Node and rPi. I feel like I have digital now an enjoyable experience like my Turntable without any real annoyances. I did try the Zenith on its native App instead of Roon, and SQ was better. Much like when choosing the native Naim app on the ND5. It's very clear to me that Roon does have a more 'processed' sound signature, where as InnuOS 2.0 and Naim was much natural. I imagine the die hard Roon fanatics on their forum prefer that, but I preferred the native apps. It won't stop me using Roon though, as with the G2, it sounds better with Roon than the Zenith without. For fun, I put the rPi back in after having the G2 on for a couple of hours...and boy, the difference was spellbinding. Even with a fairly decent system , it really proved that the source is equally as important as say the speakers. The rPi, just sounded so bad. Harsh, no spacial magic, also like an arcade game style sound signature, one dimensional and robotic. Obviously the price difference is mega, but it's definitely imo worth considering stepping out of the linear rPi rhetoric if you want better sound quality...and power supplies are a huge part of this.
  12. I often think there is an element of greed in many markets...Hifi definitely being one of them...
  13. Brexit caused 20% overnight on a lot of things.. There is an add-on even for markets not directly involved in Brexit, for example, raw materials from China, that used to come through various European trade routes before hitting the UK which reduced end prices, is now not available with the 20% added at the end. A good example, the DCS Network Bridge, went up in price from around £3250 to £4300, and now they have stop making it because the material costs are too high for it to be worthwhile in manufacturing. Considering it was known as a very successful product, and one of the 'best' streamers out there, it really does show how industry is getting hit because, I feel, we survived on foreign materials for so long and lost our own manufacturing hubs.
  14. I believe Roon does, I used Audirvana before and it was a better SQ than Roon. The native NAIM app on my previous ND5XS2 was also better than Roon on SQ. I feel though, with Roon being an extremely arrogant company, this probably won't change, so I am definitely going to play around with InnuOS 2.0 this weekend.
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