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  1. Are they 10% cheaper though? maybe I bought them last month when they where 20% cheaper..;)
  2. We are in England, so any Danish imports would accrue 20-25% VAT/Duties. I also can't price track Danish websites as I dont speak Danish, so I can't see historic pricing for these. However, I could track the Quad Artera Stereo in the UK, and in May, this year, the price dropped to below what your Danish sites Black Friday price is, which would support our hypothesis about 'Black Friday'..
  3. Because, it's a con, as every one has said. Cant wait for you to tell us what these 30-40% discounted items (over their lowest selling price this year) are...
  4. I bet no one actually gets a real 'Black Friday' deal for an item that hasnt been sold at a similar price within the year...supply levels are so low for so much, it would be rather silly to sell it off cheap to get more sales...
  5. https://www.mcru.co.uk/30-day-money-back-guarantee/ Other that not being able to spell tailor, he offers returns if you don't like them. I'd try them, if they work for you great, if not, then send them back. I've never tried MCRU cables, but cables are all subjective anyway. On a subjective pov, I can thoroughly recommend EWA cables at the moment, having just heard their LS-80 cable which is breathtakingly good.
  6. @TheFlashhas loads of wonga, he can afford better You can also pick up a s/h SL for around £300...
  7. I loved my Nagaoka MP500...until I tried a Hana. Couldn't go back to a MM now. The Hana has all the premium ingredients of the Nagaoka but also has that airy lovliness of a top shelf MC. I began with the Hana SL, then an ML, and I have no desire to change.
  8. My money is still on the customer claiming it was'nt in the box. I've had two of those 'claims' this week alone. There is always an increase in scams when there is a downturn in the economy. We need more info really.
  9. Add a 'watch' on Hifi Shark, it will ping when the scumbag lists it somewhere. Also if you havent, question who it was delivered to. I've had that game played by buyers before. '"oh it was an empty box, or a brick in a box'
  10. I've had both Classic Remix, Inpol Remix but not an Inpol. Classic - a bit thrashy and raw, Class A/B Inpol Remix - lovely fluid class A, but had no real low down grunt. Was very polite. Both look bloody awesome.
  11. They make a difference, most definitely. It's not huge, but it's very clearly there. A while ago I got a range of USB cables to try from Amazon specials to Wireworld Starlight, Shunyata Venom, Audioquest Carbon etc, all pretty reasonably priced on the used market. All of them sounded different, and I was very happy to find the Shunyata range which for me was spot on. It brought my digital end to new heights and was relatively affordable, so I felt very blessed I stop listening to the 'bits are bits' rhetoric that often gets spouted and improved my sound. My best advice is to try different ones for yourself, listen to no ones opinion including mine, and make your own mind up through your own listening. Start with a cheapo Amazon basics, and then have a range of others available up the price change and from different manufacturers. I can't imagine a £3000 USB cable is going to be worth the money though, however I cannot comment because I have never heard one and I don't want to concrete an expectational bias before I actually hear what it is.
  12. It was sold far too cheap, I dont think it will happen again.
  13. Shunyata Venom for me, relatively affordable in the grand scheme of things and just wonderful. I tried SO many digital cables , some much more pricey than the Venom, but always came back to it. I have an ethernet, usb and aes, and haven't bothered trying other cables out since. I find they are the Rolls Royce of digital cables, where I find Cardas to be the equivalent in analogue cables. Never tried one of Nicks cables, but imagine they are pretty darn good!
  14. 1. No I don't. 2. No I don't. 3. No it dosen't. 4. I don't, but the phrase "Judge yourself before others" comes to mind.
  15. Calling a person who seems like a nice person who has put himself out there in interest of the hobby as a 'comedian' then wingeing about 'ad hominem' when you get pulled up on is rather childish. You basically abused him and criticised his setup from start to finish, and you wonder why you get directed responses... The fact that you quote 'lose and win' shows a very different intent that many hobbyists have, so maybe thats where your critique comes from, I don't know.
  16. Its easy to criticise and mock others, but unless you've put yourself out there to provide content for the hobby and interest, then you just sound like a numpty imo. Wheres your video? I'd love to see your room!
  17. Still not sure I could spend that sort of money on Hifi unless I'd actually done some good in the world with my money first/
  18. I want to hate him but I am just envious
  19. Someone needs to learn how to use the multi-quote function...
  20. 2nd Class Standard wouldn't be advised, as no proof of delivery, leaving the buyer open to disputes. The second class signed for only does up to 2kg and a small parcel at a basic rate. The increased optional weight as a medium parcel 3kg jumps up to courier pricing. The compensation is also only £50. Blocking postal codes means that you are stating you do not deliver there at all, when it fact you may do, but at extra cost charged by the courier. By doing that you are basically reducing the exposure and reducing say your neighbours from purchasing items. That seems to be counter productive on all accounts. Plus, not every seller will be aware that it costs more to send to various places out in the sticks. eBay definitely dosent make you aware of it in the postage section. As a person who lives in these areas, personally I feel the onus is more on you to understand further costs may be incurred (or to lobby the courier companies and get it changed as its definitely unfair), or to contact the seller first if you need to query it. So really I wouldn't agree anyone wanting to be paid what the courier wants to send to your remote location is a 'bastard' as you say, seems a bit harsh! It is hassle though, so maybe trying to get eBay to change their system to allow a 'remote area' cost as a postal option would be beneficial to you?
  21. I think its hard not to be cynic in this day and age, especially with Hifi related 'start up ' projects, considering what members of PFM have gone through with the Westlake and Onix 'projects'. Im with Rabski on this, if I am buying Psvane or JJ, I would prefer to buy them knowing that, not a JJ in a Brimar box...so do you really know what you are getting?
  22. I don't believe there isn't an option to charge more on the listing for remote areas. They have a blanket UK cost. Therefore the seller has to come back and request more, as say , if you sold something for £10 (minus fees thats around £8), and postage was £10 to UK mainland (minus fee eBay charge on postage so £9), then the remote fee bumps it up to £20, would you expect them to still sell it to you? If you live in a remote area, I guess the grievance is with the courier and eBay, not the eBay seller, and one should expect the extra costs surely? If you're 'pushing back' at paying what the courier charges to deliver to your address, thats more on you than the seller.
  23. I know, its ridiculous, however its generally more of an issue selling third party item for specific brands (but there have been millions of reports about people selling the actual item). eBay don't tell you how to do it, and if you get a few VERO take downs, your account normally gets banned without recourse. They often wont tell you where you went wrong either. For example, as a basic example, if you're selling a gear knob for a Ford Fiesta, you cant write Ford Fiesta Gear Knob in the title, as if Ford are using third part brand protectors such as RedPoints (https://www.redpoints.com) they will cull your listing and you wont ever be able to re-list it again (trying to will get you a ban). You have to write, Gear Knob fits Ford Fiesta for example. One would think you are safe selling say 'Panasonic DVD Player' if it is indeed a Panasonic DVD player, but again, if the brand is using a third party protection service, and they deem it as brand infringement (e.g not an authorised reseller) they will issue a VERO report to eBay, and eBay will remove your listing, without any form of recourse. In the US you can fight VERO claims, as there are so many false and abusive claims, their legal system allows it with a simple process, but in the UK, we can't. Many people register random 'names' with the UK IP office so they can register with and then abuse the VERO system and take out their competitors selling similar or the same items. Welcome to the cut throat world of E-commerce. https://www.ebay.co.uk/help/policies/listing-policies/selling-policies/intellectual-property-vero-program?id=4349 https://community.ebay.co.uk/t5/Archive-Seller-Central/Fake-VERO-claim-by-other-seller/td-p/3211269
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