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  1. Me? If me? it does help with that if cd skips...if you have two cds the same? Try it on one and then compare with the other cd? Obviously make sure t cut is washed off and cd is dry!
  2. Try t cut...then once burnished..wash under tap with soapy water..then once dry..try it? Its quite effective.. In my opinion.
  3. I have a modded jolida dac..its very good..but since i bought the alchemy dac and the schiit eitr..i havent used the jolida..
  4. Get a alchemy audio ' dac in the box ' then get a schiit audio eitr ( assuming you stream music? As the ' dac in the box' has no usb input) you may find the combination of eitr and dac in the box rather wonderful! If you can't get a schiit eitr then a musical fidelity v link would be quite acceptable...hope this helps.
  5. I started this topic about usb to spdif converters and how it can improve the sound and why? i happen to think this might be of interest to people who own dacs..who might be interested in improving the sound? If you want to discuss humming? Start a thread about it..
  6. That's the important thing..the music sounds good..that's what it is all about..🙂
  7. No...usb to v link then optical or coax to analogue outputs ( that would be a dac) this v link is a usb to spdif converter which has a ansynchronous clock within it..thus its awesome with older style with my jolida dac it has a ansynchronous clock within it..idea being crap clock from usb but then its reclocked by the jolida and hey presto! Nice sound...but strangely if you use v link between usb and jolida..optical going from v link into jolida..the sound is improved by a Margin? How? The reclocking by the v link is ignored by jolida which uses its own by logic the sound would be the same from tablet usb or from v link to jolida as the ansynchronous clock in jolida takes over? So.maybe the v link is a usb conditioner? But why the clock? As most modern dacs have ansynchronous clocks anyway? all a bit over my head..some know all on another forum said as the DAC reclocks the v link would make no difference to sound only if the dacs ansynchronous clock could be switched off..then the v link clock might make a difference? Well? Mr know all is wrong! The improvement in the sound was considerable and most unexpected but welcome...
  8. Possibly? Ill try my chord coax later to see if there is less improvement compared to guessing the reclocking doesn't take into account clean signal? Which if this is the case? Then we all should use a v link ( i have a schiit eitr arriving soon which is Supposed to be even better!) before we change our dac for a better one? i have never seen this put forward in answer to someone wanting to change their dac..
  9. Think they might all sound different in different systems too! My topping D10 is amazing with my kingrex amp but less so in my other amps and my HRT streamer 2+ dac is excellent in my main kit but not so excellent in kingrex or apart Champ amp! Most strange...
  10. I had no idea a converter would make such a difference in sound..just thought they were useful if you didn't have a usb input on your DAC? perusing the Internet, there isnt that much information on the jump in sound quality using one of these in front of a dac? Only stuff i read was the clock in the DAC took over the signal so the clock in the converter didn't matter? On my old dacs which arent ansynchronous ..its like a new really good analogue sounding dac..but on the asynchronous dac its a improvement too?
  11. I have a topping D10..i bought as I dont have a dac with a sabre chip in it..i put it through my main kit streaming hi res from qobuz.. It was ok..( it cost me £35 so wasnt expecting much to be honest) so i then took it to work and through my power amp using chromebook as a streamer for qobuz was ok i then i tried it through my kingrex t20u amp..again using chromebook /qobuz hi res as the source..fantastic!! The sound is brilliant!! Topping D10 and kingrex are excellent together its all about synergy i suppose?
  12. Use your best interconnects between pre amp and power amp..
  13. Bought a musical fidelity v link to see what my cyrus dac would sound like streaming from tablet..( my dac x has no usb input) sounded pretty then i thought what would my musical fidelity processor sound like? Its has no usb input either! So i put a Optical from v link into input on! Sounded fab! ( old 90s dac) so..i then bought a audio alchemy dac in the box..used a optical into dac in the box from v link again sounded very good..i would assume both of these old dacs have no ansynchronous clock? So the ansynchronous clock on the v link was making a huge improvement in the sound of these old dacs? so then i thought i would try the v link with my modded jolida this dac has a ansynchronous clock and a usb input! So i started comparing sound between jolida dac's usb and the v link into jolida again using a Optical cable..( i used My audioquest usb cable to jolida usb input and a cheap usb cable to v link) i was surprised at the result and called in my long suffering friend to listen and they confirmed what i was hearing..the v link was superior to the usb input on jolida..the sound was better in every way..could someone explain this? The only thing i can think of is the optical input on jolida isnt ansynchronous? so if the clock is better on the v link then that would explain the better sound?
  14. I use a denon 110 on my axis, it sounds great!