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  1. Now your in the higher setting is it night and day difference?
  2. Thats it! But for me when i change sampling remains on 96/24?
  3. I had this problem..with windows and went to to advanced sound settings and changed it to 96/24..dont know if this helps or not
  4. I saw a review of whiskies according to bartenders in new york ( and I guess they should know! ) and every whisky which was chosen was irish whisky! No japanese, no scottish, no taiwan whisky! So you might be right..
  5. Highland park is very good..bunnahabhain stiruridreadair is excellent! I just bought a few bottles of johnnie walker ' white' reduced at asda £18 each..its quite nice! Japanese 'toki' whisky is sometimes reduced..its a bit of a aquired taste..but once you get used to it? Very nice.... I have drunk many whiskies in my time..bunnahabhain stiruridreadair is my go to whisky..its unaged as many whiskies seem to be nowadays.. First dram ' bit rough' lol second dram ' actually quite flavoursome' third dram ' im not sharing this whisky ' lol...
  6. Weird i was going to same thing..i also have tinnitus.. Thankyou slayer concert cardiff! Weird how tinnitus is different for everyone.. I hear mine at the same volume as everything around me.. So its always there.. But sound passes through it? Very annoying it is..and Sadly no cure in sight..
  7. To be honest if i could get seed potatoes i would use them..but needs must when the devil drives..and im concerned how we going to feed ourselves certainly later this year..i feel very sad for nurseries and garden centres its armageddon for them! All for a ha'porth of tar the ship was lost..the ha'porth of tar being adequate testing...
  8. I tried a dragonfly red and cobalt with headphones both very good..i have a cyrus soundkey which is amazing with headphones and my Yamaha single speaker fed from ipad.. But I tried cyrus soundkey through my hifi to my speakers and wasnt impressed at all..
  9. I have a HRT streamer 2 dac going can have it for what i paid for it..its pretty good
  10. Yes go online and ask a question.. Get thousands of different answers and choose the answer which suits you best..its the modern way..i have grown spuds this way many times and have never encountered a problem..but if i had gone online? Maybe i would never have attempted this? You pose a good question..ill go online and choose a answer!
  11. Im letting my hair a little worried that if its cut it will never grow back! I look bit like wild man of wearing a beanie hat!
  12. My neighbour and I share a badger set and the badgers have decided to move...i had a mountain of soil to deal with so thats now a slope with badger run through the butternut squash is being planted there..i have onion sets, spinach, lettuce (all the year round and little gem) radish, pak choi, carrots (early nantes), runner beans ( best of all and scarlet emperor) broccoli, swede, beetroot, swiss chard, broad beans, Peas ( kelvedon wonder) climbing beans ( Blue lake) and spring Local hardware shop still have seeds at the going to try and plant im not overwhelmed with anything? How much pak choi can one eat in a week! Lol..anything i cant use or store ill put at front of house so anyone who passes by can help themselves to if they so wish..thing with the spuds is they produce such a abundance of crop which stores very well..i hope this will see me through the winter ( if you can call winter that anymore? More like the rainy season!) where i work we have about four acres of land... I might turn some of that into veg plot too..part of it is coppice but due to ash die back Sadly its being ravaged! Plus the grey heron that has turned up and is trying to clear the pond of fish! Lol..if its not one thing its something else!
  13. Utter twaddle..if the sprouting spuds are chitted properly its fine..but getting on to the important point of what are we going to do about feeding ourselves when this pandemic passes? The supermarkets are lifting their restrictions..are they insane? Rationing needs to be bought in.. as come winter people who are just getting by? Wont be..maybe i am some bloke on a hifi forum with a opinion..but we need to start growing stuff..its nearly april..there is so little time..this is if course only one of the elephants in the room..but we can deal with this elephant if we act now!
  14. Agreed...ill shut nephew messaged me and said his mate has been on a ventilator and he is a big strong builder 30 years old! Quite worrying!! Im off to the shop to get my essential whisky..
  15. Thought lord sumption had some pertinent points today on radio 4 lunchtime programme