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  1. Try using some washing soda in your said above washing powder is the way to go..i had slime stuff in the folds of the door rubber as I always used liquid detergent..went back to powder..slime gone
  2. Hi. I have just bought my daughter a Amazon tablet and she is having difficulty getting google play on it..according to google it will accept google play? Does anyone here have any ideas how to get google play on the tablet? Thanks..
  3. Currys own and cheerful! I had one of their dishwashers..excellent
  4. There was a eye doc on r5 today who said you can get conjunctavitis from gummy eye..yet boris said he needs glasses now because of covid..odd? Dont think conjunctavitis affects your sight? Apart from gummyness? Did boris say this about needing glasses to bolster mr cummings story? We have all had conjunctavitis.. We know what it is...we don't need to go on a drive on our wifes birthday to test whether we have conjunctavitis...i have nothing against mr cummings..but what he did wasnt fair! And here in blighty we play by the rules...and he cheated..
  5. +1 for bosch...i have one..on the whole pretty good..replaced door rubber and pump in eight years..
  6. I have a HRT streamer 2 + american dac and it is awesome ( for the money ) oh and a jolida dac ( made in China though) another awesome dac..
  7. I had a leak stereo back in the day..power amp, pre amp and tuner! Looked like a city scape lit up at night! I have had always a hankering to own another one..but my hearing and expectations have changed over time..chances are it will be yet another dissapointment.. So ill stick to my quad amp and AE1mk3 and my LFD cabling.." let the past lay and the future will have its day my quad is here to stay! " ( im a poet..but you know it lol)
  8. Well? Im not sure? Us old hifi lags get xmas presents we never want..have to listen to our better halfs bending our good ear! Kids only contacting us when they want something! ( not always but mostly) watching our bodies not so slowly deterioate! Our solace is music..and our trusty hifi.. I think if four legs found these usb cables to be a surprising improvement! im sure he is over the moon! Anybody would be who is a hifi fiend! Tread carefully sir you stomp on my little bit of happiness...i think yeats said that.. Lol
  9. Im a recent fan of irish Whiskey..its too drinkable! Far too drinkable!! As smooth as a valve amp! And cheaper! 🤣 they make rather good cider too..and they gave us the genius rory gallagher! Oh and wb and jb yeats and guinness!
  10. have a exacting dac.. WHF always say if your system is good enough..then this cable is a revelation! ( any very expensive cable) i guess your experience bears this out..hifi is the gift that keeps costing! Lol.. And if it brings you happiness....then its money well spent! 🙂
  11. Sorry i dont understand? Dacs all sound the same? Dacs dont all sound the same? Give me a cheap dac and my room measuring gizmo..and ill allow you to listen to dac nirvana on a shoestring! Its all very confusing..😵
  12. Agreed...i was saying generally if you want a percieved improvement then a better dac will probably be money better spent? Maybe it was demon drink lol👿 ill try to avoid listening to hifi when i drink my whisky! 😋😉 not much chance of that happening! Lol