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  1. Nice post, and considered too..I'll mull it over..its just shy of 6.40am here and I'm halfway through my first coffee and the porridge is calling me names..I find tony j not esp verbose, I think he likes a laugh..if I wrote the IEE802 I would imagine a laugh would be most welcome! ( no disrespect to tony j - he is an exceptionally polite man, and for me, politeness like kindness is one of the greatest wisdoms ) re testing and reliance on science? Its nonsense! A lot of science is brainy people blathering coz they think having brains gives them a right to! If I buy a £200 interconnect and it sounds good to me..then I'm happy..its my money..of course there is a chance it may sound crap? But if I bought a van damme interconnect it's quite likely it will sound mediocre..but it cost musn't grumble..but the worry is, all this expensive equipment joined together with mediocrity then under eggs the cake? And as you probably know under egging is as bad as over egging! So if you want to have your cake and eat it..then van dam holds the river of music back when it really needs to flow... Not bad before breakfast..if i dont say so myself..
  2. I can guess who they are...I get called a troll...cheek, does a troll write poetry , paint landscapes, think deeply, be kind but then firm too! No trolls just grunt and a good one uzzy...keep posting mate..always considered and helpful posts..
  3. Think so..not cheap..might try it, if its expensive which it is..then by extrapolation? It must be cables
  4. You wont like what I have to say..and then more of the same commences! is what it is..
  5. Yes father as usual your right..I'm not that young! Odd..I thought you would know my age dad? Anyway I'm off to la la land ..nite
  6. Apologises if I appeared rude, it wasnt my intention...yes your right i preach..and from the pulpit I see some sleeping, some awake but unseeing! some thirsting for the truth of cables but not drinking and a few smiling as they know what I know..join us young greybeard..we need more handsome men..
  7. you find a lot of mistakes? If so? Did it ever help much ?
  8. Yes wholeheartedly agree....nothing better
  9. Try a fried sandwich, two slices of bread, butter side up, then put one slice butter side down in frying pan then sprinkle bread ( unbuttered side ) with grated cheese and sliced onion.. then place other slice of bread, butter side up on top..then turn on heat to high..after a short while flip sandwich ( bit tricky ) then turn heat down a bit and fry sandwich, whilst pressing down on top with spatula..keep flipping sandwich to check browning..then serve with green side salad..(the cheese should be perfectly melted and the onions soft, delicious! )
  10. Lidl creamy milk chocolate is rather good..and their cheaper one is ok too... not sure if it's fair trade or not, but tastes alright....
  11. Please no....please...look I'll shut yeah van damme is brilliant. anything..but not a graph! Aaargh....
  12. Yes tyga, I bet you miss " he that cant be mentioned " me too....oh well, must press on...
  13. Yes true...that didnt occur to me..look what about you sell them to me cheap..we dont tell Plus I'll still think of you kindly and if you have any problems with lifes slings and arrows? I can help you free of charge! That's money in the I'm sure you are aware I am a deep thinker..I'm already helping my work colleagues with much the same it's no problem if you ever need sorry I meant, assistance!
  14. I just struggle with your graphs, nothing personal..i always look forward to your riveting posts..
  15. We didnt do that in my day...we sent letters stinking of cheap aftershave!