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  1. I tried was ok..leather I preferred..( got a off cut from upholstery shop and cut it to size..suede side up! )
  2. It's called being facetious...I stopped faffing about trying to get better sound out of my speakers when I actually got some decent ones...hope this helps
  3. If that speaker cable was more relaxed? Better sound? Maybe lay it on a chaise lounge? As opposed to pushed up against wall? Lol
  4. Musical fidelity v link 2 might work? I use one from my tablet ( usb) to v link then to dac... Assuming the dac has optical or co ax inputs...i have a modded jolida and its excellent..thing with the v link is it opens options for old dacs..v link into my cyrus dac x is very good..and the v link from tablet into my musical fidelity htp just fab! ( in two channel pre amp mode) these htps dont cost much..and you get top of the range musical fidelity..pre amp and dac for not much! Odd really as using the htp as a dac for my CD transport its ok...but streaming thru v link to so much better!
  5. Yes i think it will vanish! If i unsubscribe from qobuz i believe all my playlists and saved favourites blah blah..will be gone!
  6. Very good hopefully.. I stream qobuz from tablet to dac to hifi..sounds great
  7. I shall wait and see...if you keep them? I think that would make them solid mate is interested in the bantam monoblocks..i will pass on this quite interesting information..
  8. Well..yes and your right that they are very good..but a big heavy hot behemoth amplifier takes some beating! However the behemoth uses a lot of from a green perspective? bad..all the trees dead! Oceans dry! Acid rain! But the little bantam amp with the big heart..runs on practically no power..coral reefs glistening..sun smiling..tree huggers drooling! Think ill switch off the behemoth...🙃
  9. I think there maybe something in you said the problem may lie with dac? But when i use my spdif/usb converter which improved the sound? The sound was good before..but the converter took it up a notch ( quite noticeable) so if my schiit eitr with its gen 5 usb gubbins makes a noticeable difference..then wouldnt cleaner power improve things too? its a logical progression in my opinion..
  10. Do they? I have their stealth amp and I think the apart amp blows it out of the water..i also have a kingrex and a sonic impact amp and in my opinion there is something missing in these little amps..a organic verve for want of a better word? For what they are these little amps are brilliant.. But they do leave me a bit if i had your flash speakers..maybe i might feel different? I have a suspicion i wont! Lol..
  11. My kingrex has a built in dac..very good
  12. If people used ' in my opinion ' after making sweeping remarks.. Then the sweep wasnt ( use a schiit eitr in front of the gets really my opinion 🙃)
  13. I bought a audioline radio cassette player for my first had a bright Blue light on it..i loved that player..forty years ago that i have all sorts of hifi stuff...but I can't really say i love any of it?.... What happened? Im not sure that audioline sounded any good..with my goodmans three way speakers at the rear of the car...i was as happy as larry....
  14. Im now going to be looking at all my cd' see who made them.. If they're sticky? ( could be marmalade? ) if the reflective film is up the duff? ( could be my eyes?) i have to keep down a job..practice my Ukulele..think deep thoughts! I dont have time for cd evaluation! Think ill keep with stickiness..and no worries 🙃