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  1. I'm not influenced by the measurement brigade..my hearing is the best thing I possess..its yours too..graphs and firmly held opinions have no sway with me...
  2. Why? Its not a competition..you stick to your belief system..I know better..I have been evaluating cables for years...if your using £3 a metre stuff? And your happy..that's fine..but better is so close..are you afraid that I am right? Look try a better cable, if it sounds better..and it will..keep it to yourself if you want..and you will realise your kit has so much more to give ..its a win win mate..if you want to send a pm thanking me? It isnt necessary..Zen has no ego..it just wants to help.
  3. Glissando..I can hear the differences between my audioquest ruby and quartz interconnects..and my lfd spiroflex and grainless are quite different from each other and considerably better than the audioquest..I had a sonic link interconnect in the 80s and I thought it was brilliant then...I found it recently..load of crap..lol..if your using these horrid cheap interconnects..pm me ill lend a pair of better ones...use the better ones for a week..then put back those horrible interconnects..you will immediately hear it..
  4. Its ok..in debate sometimes it gets a bit heated...at the end of the day, its just hifi banter..we are grown ups. I think if the heat gets too hot..then go and cool off ..then return reinvigorated! Thing i do is not answer immediately, I think about it..then I clear my mind and Zen kicks in...if I upset anyone I would be very sad...but I haven't..so all good
  5. If you have e a pair of cheap interconnects..which you think are giant killers? Can I listen to them? There is no such cable..I'm sorry if this is news to you..its not news to me..sadly
  6. Yes very simple, its called listening...try it? No tricks..no gizmos..no snake in the grass...you decide what you like by listening..could this not be easier? I'm trying not to think...your overthinking...when you clear your mind of thoughts..that's where the Zen is..in the that clearing..is happiness
  7. When you join them to hifi equipment and switch on the equipment, then turn up the volume..I can assure you that cables make a sound! And every cable has its own sound signature which is called a ' tone' better tone, is down to better cables...if you like the ' tone ' of van damme cables, that's fine.. not everyone can be helped.
  8. However unlike some? I'm not...its called enlightenment..a simplicity of thinking..in fact, you see more not less..may I suggest some Zen for you, stinger..I can see your trying to crawl through the morass of false knowledge to wisdom! Its very easy...just cast off the chains and pick up your cables..the blind lead the blind and they fall in the ditch..you don't have to stay in the ditch mate...the good stuff is within your reach..just open your eyes...better cables make better sound
  9. Trust your ears is the opposite of snake oil...snake oil seeks to trick the unwary...the listening seeks nothing but the obvious..
  10. Some might? What's the point of knowing if you don't share it? Its all very well sitting under a tree..meditating but the real Zen is making a difference..which I am...you could to...Worth a try?
  11. Is this a grudging acknowledgement that I am a Zen master? garn63, you have noticed the golden thread going through all my posts..that simplicity and humility are a path to enlightenment...the better cables is actually finding the better person within ourselves..which I strive to do in a unassuming way..no one has noticed apart from you..all the science and knowing has blinded them...but there is still time to change and accept that ' better ' was always good enough..
  12. Or it maybe the best idea ever! The brain is easily fooled..but the hearing? For a hifi aficionado..no way! years of learning and years of knowing doesn't hold sway with the listening..the listening brings the happiness..not the learning or the knowledge..its the hearing! Should be a new Greek God..Hearing ' the bringer of happiness '
  13. Agree about the cable lifters..but we need to trust our ears..we have to live and listen to our equipment..no one else does! To have someone say your listening wrong or you don't understand the science? Therefore buy these speakers, amp etc...is bad advice! But the judicious use of the right cable in the right place! Might be good advice? Let your ears decide
  14. Well? The sin of truth telling I suppose..there are others like me..but they afraid to speak up..so I speak for them..my grammar punctuation is really grotty..but I use words like someone knitting! Weaving and cajoling the sufferers of strangled hifi ...is that a sin? To help the afflicted? That's a good thing!...they say good things come in small packages? Those small packages have the better cables inside..open the package! Hifi happiness awaits
  15. Hi viven, how you doing? When you speak of the truth of cables..initially people will say..you is mad! But when they listen with their ears instead of getting people with machines to listen for them..then they realise I'm not wrong! This isn't directed at you..you are a believer like me..its those others with strangled systems I worry about..
  16. Allow your hearing to decide! not a person with some machines make that choice for you! Hifi is happiness...not misery ( has anyone noticed how touchy the measurists get when their arguments are squeezed ? ) I'm never moody..always happy ..this is the Zen of better cabling
  17. The ' better cables journey starts with a single step...since then my personal ' better cables journey has been beset with many pitfalls, the measurement brigade charging in with their nonsense..the hecklers..the dyed in wool types.. and the stuck in the mud mitherers..but the journey will continue..the particular ' sonic ' characteristics of a cable ( the tone ) will be manifest regardless...
  18. Don't apologise, my grammar and punctuation are really bad..but as long as we all understand each other..that's the main thing..and sometimes with dodgy grammar and dodgier punctuation! It sort of free's you to use interesting language in an unusual way? And why not?
  19. It seems simple to me...better cable produces better tone ( sound ) I'm struggling with people who struggle with this blindingly obvious fact! Life is a struggle anyway..why add extra struggles? Better cabling is like Zen..it has a beautiful harmonious simplicity..
  20. No worries fled, your more than welcome..hope I have helped you..I do try to be helpful!
  21. No such thing as a transparent neutral cable, all cables bring with them a tone..you choose the tone you like best and pay accordingly? Isnt a cable filtering effect the same as a tone? It is in my handbook..
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