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  1. I assume this should be . @Tendaberry, correct me if I'm wrong.
  2. For me, 4.75.360 seems to solved the problem. Though I'm running an analogue DSM. Worth trying anyway!
  3. Can you explain what network issues were there and how you fixed them?
  4. I'm running 4.75.360 on my devices. All of them are DSM/DS-I with analog outs, no pure-Exakt devices here. Still, no signs of crashes during the last two weeks. Previously crashes up to several times a day. I call this improvement.
  5. I've update all systems to the fresh firmware. So far, no problems observed. Will keep watching. Thanks everyone for help and suggestions!
  6. @ElimG this sounds almost exactly as my case! With Selekt being a fairly recent model, I'm afraid there are not many versions you can downgrade to. Do you also have other DS(M)s on the same network?
  7. My KDSM is on 4.70.300 and it doesn't show an update unless I select beta. Then I see 4.75.353 and a usual warning.
  8. I'm quite fond of SO2, but I'd rather live without SO2 than with a constantly crashing system. Which firmware did you install that fixed the crashes? Also: how can I get the firmware you recommend?
  9. There's something new. Right now it crashed when I added an album to the playlist. Haven't seen that before.
  10. OK, but I still don't see how this upgrade is supposed to help with the crashes. No mention of anything along the lines in changelog.
  11. Actually, Linn told me the crash log should be preserved and uploaded after the reboot but they don't see anything like that. This I call extremely weird. Router->NAS Router->KDSM Router->Ethernet-over-power brick At the other room: Brick->MDS-I KDSM is running "Software Version4.70.300" and no update is visible. What lockups issue, by the way?
  12. That's the funny part. I've been in contact with them but they don't see any crash logs. I wonder if it's possible to access them locally...
  13. Yes, I'm aware of the fact that changing volume implies sending data on the network. Both used to be on the most recent version. Since then I've downgraded the MDS-I and I plan to do the same with KDSM to see how things progress.