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  1. The problem is all of them can go the way of the dodo unless they embrace the fact that software rules the world and should be their core competency. Making great hardware is no longer enough when our cars are computers on wheels and our music players are computers that make sound.
  2. Watermark is often my "good morning" album for when it is early and quiet and the daily hustle is still at least a few hours away. Great selection!
  3. Would you be interested in a player that outputs using the SCD protocol over the Ethernet, @macfan? This way you got the clocking and DAC from your DS/DSM. The transport is checked with the Accurate Rip database to ensure bit perfect streaming. If you're interested in testing, drop me a line
  4. If you're up for testing, there's a new experimental version that plays with recording buffers. Looks like something exactly right for you. Contact me via email so I can share the new build with you.
  5. Tidal introduced Tidal Connect. A new way to stream music from the platform to the devices. There are a few initial partners but Linn is missing from the list: Anyone knows about any plans for that?
  6. Folks, I'm delighted to see Songcorder being used for this purpose! Would you like some of your findings published on the product Website?
  7. I believe some of you use their LP12 to convert the vinyl to a digital form. Which software do you use to split the album into single tracks after the conversion?
  8. Converting signal to high res is not a problem. Making sure the signal actually is high res in the first place is the real challenge. Unless you have a very good ADC in your computer, the high res file won't sound as good as a regular CD quality file recorded with better ADC. Songcorder uses the ADC present in your network streamer. I believe that regardless if you're using Majik or Klimax, the quality should be much better than most computer soundcards. And this is the main selling point of Songcorder. The source-first approach to sound quality.