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  1. My thoughts exactly It seems a modest investment in Songcorder can save you a few grand in the next years.
  2. Yup, still imminent While wrapping things up the new ohNet version was released that promised better stability so we had to start things over again (especially since it wasn't quite compatible with the previous versions that we were using. Good news is the new version should reach the testers by the end of the week!
  3. OK. The day of new release is almost upon us. Besides some new features, we will also increase the price, so if you were hesitating before, now's the best time to buy. This way you'll get Songcorder now and the update later free of charge. If you'd like to beta-test the new release, send me a DM, please The main changes: - increased stability - better transport on problematic networks - timer - better handling of file saving - improved missed frame alerts
  4. "Walk on the Wild Side" is If anyone's familiar with Neil Gaiman there's an anecdote related to this track. In short, his daughter's named Holly as a tribute to the main character in this song.
  5. Filename is there. Raws stay, but it's possible to auto-remove them. Cap is in the works. Stability is the focus. The only concern is that the underlying protocol is rather sensible to network situation. We improve what we can but some things are beyond our capabilities (eg. We won't be able to change your switch or make sure you're not running "noisy" network traffic)
  6. Would you like to beta test the new version that should address these issues?
  7. Would you like to share some of your philosophical issues? I'm always happy to talk philosophy.
  8. As I'm constantly curious, I came up with a nice little experiment that can be performed. Fully spec'd Klimax LP12 into the Katalyst KDSM and into the Organik KDSM, both playing the same album that is captured by the Songcorder. I'm curious if the two samples will present a difference when played back on a lower-end system (Katalist KDSM, ADSM, and so on). My gut feeling is that the soncordered Organik KDSM should sound better even on lesser systems, but I have no way to prove it Anybody willing to give it a try?
  9. That's how I learned Vangelis and Demis Roussos ever played together. They live in two separate universums in my head.
  10. It's amusing but not surprising that some people are so bitter and cynical they need to continue "proving the point" even when everybody has left the discussion.
  11. Sure! If you have a spare one, I'll take it. I can even pay the shipping cost so it's too much trouble for you.
  12. This and some other of their early works are superb. "Nursery Crime", I think, and "Foxtrot"?
  13. I think the level here applied to the ADC used previously by @Kenilworth . The output volume of a DSM should not affect the quality as the stream is sent pre-volume control and pre-SO.
  14. Do I get it right that we should get similar improvement leaving the old Klimax DSM and adding Organik Exaktbox? Or am I missing something?
  15. Yeah, the two Exakt ports thingie has been puzzling me from the first time I saw it. I would imagine Exakt to be the way forward for a lot of things. Kinda like USB is for computing devices. Speakers and Urika are probably just the beginning. But if you want to put it forward, you also want to have as many ports as possible, otherwise it becomes cumbersome (and yeah, I'm still convinced every device that has a USB input, should also have a USB output so we can daisy chain them. It's a serial protocol after all!)
  16. Nice packaging! Though the display doesn't look very classy from that perspective
  17. Thank you very much for the kind words! Out of professional curiosity: what ADC were you using?
  18. Have you tried this https://deinelakaien.bandcamp.com/track/because-the-night-2 ? CC @JensA
  19. Yes, Closer is powerful. Speaking of sad/melancholic/dark: https://medium.com/doomhammer-talks/dark-age-of-love-romantic-songs-you-wont-hear-on-the-radio-6ee0bdc72179
  20. Are you familiar with Deine Lakaien? Alexander Veljanov is said to have the world's saddest voice.
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