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  1. I will never use them as i have Shure 846s. But I have tried the Comets before and for the money they're really good, and in some ways even compete with the 846s. If I was on a budget, there's no better choice. Maybe they will forever remain in their plastic and not fulfil their destiny.
  2. Purchased August 2019 Have an 8 year warranty with Dynaudio certificates available and will be shared RRP £2,000 Brilliant speakers. May be some very minor scratches (barely visible) on the bottom of both (like you'd ever look at the bottom of your speakers?). Other than that, in brand new condition. ASKING PRICE: £1,350 XEO 10 STANDS NOT INCLUDED unless you want to make an offer to include them
  3. I've discovered atabites. Might be the most unnecessary indulgence, or might be worth it...
  4. The speaker stands come with plastic bags you put the sand in, so rust shouldn't happen.
  5. Thanks.. so this Although some reviews are saying it was damp I just read on another forum to use aquarium sand, which might be more expensive.
  6. Dynaudio have said I need dry sand. How dry is dry? Looking at an online hardware shop that sells sand, there are also lots of different types of sand available. tarmac sharp sand tarmac building sand tarmac yellow building sand tarmac plastering sand tarmac paving sand I could go on... Any recommendations on the best sand?
  7. Do you know if these are compatible with the Xeo 20s?