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  1. At least the newer Weiss DACs have some sort of integrated EQ. Note sure which model you run though.
  2. I've never used vinyl, always had all my music in some sort of digital format. But I see no reason why Space Opt wouldn't work with vinyl. If you have Linn streamer/dac/pre as your system hub, you connect vinyl to its analog inputs. From there on Linn does its magic, including Space Opt (if you want it to).
  3. Congratulations, great speakers! If you need room correction, you can check Mini DSP products or change your front end to Linn, which has something similar called Space Optimisation. Or if you use Roon, just measure your room with USB mic and do the corrections manually with EQ or use convolution filter. Google for instructions.
  4. Patu


    Yeah I went for the range limiter ones, should arrive next week. I would’ve gone for the monster bass traps but they’re whopping 16,7cm deep. It’s a bit too much since I would’ve had to pull my av-rack further in the room in the process. Also my better half would’ve killed me again.
  5. Patu


    In the process as I told in my first post. That’s pretty much the maximum I can treat the living room without my wife killing me.
  6. Patu


    Addressing the lowest room modes would need studio level environment. Even the 70-80hz bump is very difficult to tame (that’s the worst bump in my setup). Sound quality is simply so much better when room modes are fixed. Yours would be too but you’re just too stubborn to even consider it. Your argument is the same as saying ”why you think it’s ok to listen to a hifi system in any other environment than anechoic chamber”. You never listen to the original signal which the mastering engineer intended, you always listen to your room + speakers. You get closer to the intended representation with DSP. It’s comparable to calibrating your TV set instead of watching uncalibrated image with extreme brightness and oversaturated colors.
  7. Patu


    I really don't get this old school view of "you can't touch the signal" anymore. I guess it's better to listen to completely f'd up sound with room modes instead of fixing the signal with well implemented DSP under ~150hz which are the most problematic frequencies? Just like tuga said, unless you listen in anechoic chamber (nobody does) you never hear the "direct" sound of the speakers only, it's always a mixture of room acoustics and speakers.
  8. Patu


    Sure, should probably buy UMIK-1 or something similar to measure the room.
  9. Patu


    I’ve used Linn’s Space Optimisation for a few years now and it really works. I have very problematic living room + open concept kitchen space since all the surfaces are solid concrete. It’s pretty much the worst possible option and you can hear it when playing music without correction. Linn SO only touches frequencies under 100hz. Without any DSP there’s serious room modes which make low frequencies a muddy mess masking mids and highs at the same time. Luckily my listening position is mid room and I can move the sofa back and forth to find optimal position there. That being said, I have put some effort for acoustic treatment. The best way is do as much acoustic treatment as possible and fix the rest with DSP. I have one Hofa tube bass trap in the worst corner and other one on its way to place in the second worst corner. I also ordered two GIK 244 bass traps to place them behind the speakers. For mids/highs I have six 60x60x4cm Ecophon Master SQ panels behind my listening spot. This isn’t nearly enough for my ~30m2 space but it helps. The first Hofa already brought an audible improvement to reverberation time.
  10. Have you enabled Roon MQA core encoder for that output? Roon can do the first unfold of MQA so your gear doesn't need to support MQA.
  11. Might come from passive ATC's which have been driven with underpowered amplification. They need plenty of current/power to sound best.
  12. I don't know where this impression comes that ATC wouldn't play well with lower volume, IMO it's direct opposite with the actives at least. Plenty of "oomph" even with low volume levels.
  13. Yeah it looks like not the easiest room because of the fireplace. Luckily ATC’s aren’t the most difficult speakers to position since they won’t artificially boost bass. Great if they work well in your room.
  14. Well this picture explains it better, plenty of space. I have my right speaker (50ASL) close to the corner and have some room modes but I live in apartment building and all walls, floor and ceiling are thick concrete so it can be difficult.
  15. Congratulations, awesome speakers! You have pretty tight spot for them. No problems with room modes in your apartment?
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