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  1. The rabbit hole. Is it still dark down there, or have you seen the light ! What's the latest ?
  2. Linn Jim. The light is fading. Get out of that Rabbit hole, before it's too late ! Although I am now tempted to buy one of these tables. I've been down here for a long time now.
  3. "I'll need a lagavulin to help me sleep tonight!" Ha Ha ! Absolutely wonderful that you are not too old to still get so excited at the prospect of a new toy in the morning ! Sleep well !
  4. "on a home demo loan for the time being". Ideal. The proof of the pudding and all that ! Hopefully it will be a great success. If not you will learn a great deal from the experience. Please update me/us on the outcome and your thoughts once you have auditioned sufficiently !
  5. Walnut is beautiful and timeless. Hopefully you will have your eyes closed most of the time anyway whilst you are drawn in and overwhelmed by the beauty of the sound !
  6. To quote, "I am intentionally buying into the lp12 "life style", I'm looking forward to the set up and experimentation". There are plenty of set up guides, some specialist tools and loads of information available on the internet. I have my own hard copy of a set up guide. Regarding record cleaners; "Which one did you opt for?" Personally, I chose a Project VC-S2 alu. Seems to work very well for me, again I guess it's down to an individuals desires and depth of wallet. Perhaps a consideration may be to be mindful of how far away you are from a set up expert ? My nearest one is (only) 50 miles away. If potential attempts at initial tinkering and further experimentation prove to have an unsatisfactory outcome for you, you may ultimately need to fall back on an expert. To my mind both music and the overall sound that any particular system might ultimately make is a highly subjective matter. "Softly softly catchee Monkey" comes to mind. To spend a lot of money at the outset to be dissappointed with any (final) outcome, not ideal ? We are all individuals and have our own perspective on things. Perhaps it may be better to visit a dealer (post lockdown) and actually listen to both their advice AND the specification of LP12 you may have in mind ? As I would assume you are aware, high(er) level music systems can prove to be very expensive in the/a long run. Just my, possibly misguided, take on the question/s.
  7. Second two paragraphs sound good to me. With a considered and careful used purchase (perhaps even from a dealer?) you would get to "dip your toe in the water", see how you then felt about the overall idea and how far you might want to go, with the attraction of re-selling/trading in without a potentially large depreciation element. Unless of course the expenditure of money is absolutely no object. And you might even get to restore and tinker during the (now extended) lock in ! If you buy new, what are you going to do next ? It seems to me that a large proportion of owners deeply involved in the Linn, general hi-fi thing are always looking at some form of upgrade/improvement/tinkering. Start fairly humbly and you can potentially have years of future tinkering. You can then experience that particular form of madness whilst down the rabbit hole !
  8. I know this is an old post, and I did use the above contents as a reference before I made a purchase (detailed below), but I was wondering what members experiences may have been since 2016 ? Most particularly with regard to the more recently released; Pro-Ject VC-S2 ALU, VC-E RCMs. I have relatively recently bought the VC-S2 ALU, My first RCM. I personally feel it does a pretty good job, is easy to use, and gives considerable 'bang for buck'. How have other members found the above to be ?
  9. I guess an early, very largely unmodified LP12 is probably a fairly rare item these days, and a novelty in itself. Not sure if the "export" aspect makes it anymore interesting. Maybe it's an export motor, which might mean it has speed issues in the U.K ? Hence the stripping of the arm and "scrapping" ?
  10. Thank you so much to all who have replied, some with apparently considerable effort. I have definitely taken all that was offered on board. However, the original query seems to have "mis-tracked" somewhat. I have therefore structured the question differently in a new post. Genuinely, thanks again to all.
  11. Anyone fitted a moving coil cartridge to a Linn Basik Plus arm (fixed headshell) with success ?
  12. More cartridge suggestions please, only one "possible" on the list to date.
  13. Thanks DebsE, I have oft suffered from some confusion regarding the Basik Plus/LVX+ naming. The arm/s I have are marked; Basik Plus. Genuine thanks to you for your input, I will definitely take it on board.
  14. The existing ADC MC1.5 sounds great and tracks faultlessly. I just want (soon need?) to replace it. The K9 is also going to be long in the tooth now, but the Moving coil ADC sounds so very much better. I have had several systems throughout my advancing years, and the ADC sounds good to me. That AT-F7 is now on the (currently very short !) list. The Denon DL103 seems to get great reviews, and is similarly priced. I really don't want (or feel I need) to get sucked into an upgrading black hole , arm, deck, pre-amp, amplifier, speakers etc upgrades. What I have works pretty much well enough for me, and I am aware of the law of diminishing returns. Looking for "bang for buck". I am not sure what the ADC would have cost originally or at what "level" it was perceived to be at, budget or otherwise.
  15. Thanks folks, keep those suggestions coming. All just what I need to hear ! Be aware though, NOT for an LVX arm, but Basik Plus, which I thought had an agreed potential for MC use ? The existing ADC MC1.5 sounds great and tracks faultlessly.
  16. Looking for an appropriate, budget, Moving Coil cartridge for an LP12 deck with Basik Plus arm. Succinct suggestions greatly appreciated ! I currently have two LP12 decks, one fitted with a Linn K9 moving magnet, and the other with a now somewhat aged ADC MC1.5 Moving Coil, the latter requiring replacement. Both decks have Basik Plus arms. Perhaps something along the lines of, dare I say it, a Denon 103 ? (tin hat on!).
  17. Something to be said for totally isolating the turntable from the mains supply when not in use ? I believe I am correct in thinking that generally the turntable power supply is always on (live) when connected to the mains, the operation of the turntable on/off switch simply sends a pulse to the control circuit to turn the turntable motor on or off ? Disconnection may add to the longevity of any power supply ? For example the primary wirewound resistors in a Valhalla supply generate considerable heat, as can be confirmed by the examination of probably just about any board still out there, whereby discolouration of the pcb will be seen ?
  18. IMHO If starting out with a new, professionally set up deck, then fairly obviously, the following should not apply. However, if buying/having bought a previously enjoyed item, perhaps before considering any speed adjustment, and on the basis of starting from a firm foundation, it would be worth considering the actual operating condition of any power supply ? At the same time the replacement of the belt with a new OEM item, along with a check/refreshment of bearing oil may also be advisable ? Especially when considering the possible issue of any neglect which might well be inherited with a used deck. For example the Valhalla supplies are now somewhat aged, I have recently rebuilt one of mine with considerable benefit.
  19. Reluctant to question apparently official documentation, but Is there not room for speed adjustment by slightly loosening the motor mounting screws. The mounting points appear to be slotted to allow for this ? I have only posted one picture, but both mounting points are the same ? This would possibly appear to be a better solution than changing the angle of the pulley. It would be less likely to disturb the "rise and fall" of the belt. May take some trial and error and fettling, but could/should result in a satisfactory outcome ? Good luck !
  20. Here's a nice little project for you to maybe think about. Try reproducing one of these ! Might add some further value if you stand it next to a bottle of Johnnie Walker ?
  21. I have a pair of AR9's. I would be intrigued as to how many of these (or AR90's) are still surviving in the UK.
  22. I too would be interested in recommendations. I (perhaps dangerously !) am assuming a good solvent based as opposed to caustic based stripper would be suitable ?