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  1. I owned three Klouts and I think there was an external “black box“ provided by Linn. When it got signal it switched the three Klouts on. Can‘t remember the name and how to connect.
  2. I was told that the maximum per customer are ten units. So I‘m out. 😜
  3. Wow, what a great story. I own a lot of 33rpm records from Caruso but the recordings are more than 100 years old (oldest I have is from 1904). ”Remastering” of these old recordings gives only a rough idea how great Caruso was. I think it was an University who did record sessions with the best tenor artists there are at the moment but use the technical recording equipment from 1910. When you compare these recordings you can understand the genius of Caruso: goose bumps all over my body.
  4. Some forum members would say „Music starts with the new Klimax“. I‘m not. Had also some fun with an old Sneaky a few years ago (not in my system),
  5. The "snap, crackle and pop" in the analogue world is the “remastering” in the digital world. I’m always surprised how many files on Qobuz (maybe also on Tidal and others) are destroyed by remastering. Good music is good regardless if analogue or digital.
  6. Even if I in the lucky situation to have an extra room for my 6.000 records you’re absolutely right! And there is another difference between Record and Streaming: Record: going to my “record room”, flipping through the records, have fun with the covers, make a decision for one or two records, go to my “listening room”, put the record on the LP12 and listen to both sides. Streaming: searching for an artist/title on iPad, listen to one track, have another idea, listen to this idea and so on and so on. (Of course you can also listen to a whole “CD” but I only described ho
  7. I‘m quite sure that the new Klimax line will outperform the existing one. And now a personal statement most of you will disagree: that shows that the existing Klimax DS(M) is not the best. I‘m a real Linn fan, but I recognised, that in the digital segment there are a lot of very interesting alternatives and some (or a lot?) are much better. You can buy a USB-DAC for less than € 10.000,- which easily outperform the existing Klimax DS(M). And a DAC is only a part of the digital chain. There are a lot of other parts (Music Server/NAS, switches, power supplies, cables) which have at leas
  8. I ordered two KDSM: one silver KDSM for my music room and one black KDSM AV for the bedroom. oh, just a minute. Oh my god, good luck, it was only a nightmare. So the answer is “no”. I will listen to the new KDSM but it’s very unlikely that I’ll leave my non-Linn digital road.
  9. Marketing: Top! Design: ok, I still like LK and „old“ Klimax cases, front looks cool, knobs the top is unnecessary because of iPad Technical: nothing really new, my former DAC from 2004 had already FPGA. No 10 MHz Clock interface, no OCXO, only HDMI 2.0 Sound: we will here Price: there are a lot of DACs in the range between € 2.000,- and € 36.000,-
  10. Welcome in the world which doesn‘t exist. 😜 Glad to see that you‘re happy.
  11. Is that an absolute statement ? It isn't marked as an individual view Sorry: I think, it can give you eventually an idea ...
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