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  1. Before buying a new motor I would try to run the motor without the belt for a while to check if the sound of the motor change over the time.
  2. I’m using Keith Monks for decades and have no problem with static after cleaning.
  3. With my Keith Monks very dirty records sound noisy after the first cleaning cycle because some the dirt has loosened in the groove. After one or two additional cleaning cycles the record should be clean.
  4. We should also keep in mind, that in these days some dealer open the window to let some (cold !) fresh air in the listening room before starting the session. Some speaker react very extreme on theses different temperatures inside and outside the box.
  5. Are you talking about Komris? They are already partly active. Do you say, you bought the Komris without the internal passive crossover? Maybe you can ask the seller if he/she have it still in stock.
  6. I would NOT recommend mixing Solos and Twins. Regarding musicality one pair of Solos will be better. Some people in another forum say that multi-amping and multi-wiring is less musical. I‘m not in this team and drive my Komris with quadwiring and two Solos per Komri.
  7. I think the difference between Organik and Katalyst is larger than between Katalyst and Pre-Katalyst. And beside the DAC-architecture you get a better preamplifier. I had the chance to listen to KDSM/3 Audio at home for a few days. Forst impression: very disappointing. Why? It needs a very long time (I guess at least two weaks) for burning in. At the end I decided not to buy the KDSM/3. But that‘s a different story.
  8. As mentioned above these were the official values from Linn. Because of a possible damage Linn is not providing these values anymore. For the Bass you can go a little bit lower (e. g. 3,5 Nm). The screws for the upper Bass are the most „dangerous“ ones. Keep in mind that the value 3,0 Nm is only for the inner screws. The outer screws should be 2,1 Nm.
  9. @HH2010: can confirm all but not the „powerigel“. I use the cheaper standard musicline. We ask for a small batch (around 50) of these with Linn cables. Powerigel: the older versions were „ok“, the newer versions are a no go (from my point of view). Older Powerigel on the Justin (small TimeTable) is a nice improvement.
  10. @Moomintroll: thanks, yes, I‘ll wait. If not provided till weekend I‘ll ask Simon. Didn‘t find anything about Update process on the website.
  11. @Moomintroll: thanks. I’ve it installed on Windows. Depending on settings it normally shows updates in the „About/Show updates“ menu. But just now it shows:
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