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  1. I would search for errors at a difference place.Other speaker or lower level is very unlikely the solution. In theory your LP12 should play like in heaven. Sorry, no more to say from my side … otherwise it will become very provocative
  2. How old is your Akiva? Do you have a good dealer who can check your setup. Your LP12 should outperform most other sources …
  3. When there is a distortion any other good speaker should show it. It‘s hard for me to understand what your issue is - beside the fact that you expect a bigger difference between LP12 and CD12? Without knowing your system or what your preferences are, it‘s not fair to make finger pointing to the setup of your LP12.
  4. I must double check it but I‘m quite sure that I have Lingo 2 and Komri for one year. But as mentioned above I think there is no correlation between Lingo and Komri. I‘m quite sure that the difference you here will be the same with a Kaber or a 242.
  5. For me it‘s hard to believe that there is a correlation between Komri and Lingo. Lingo 2 is much better than Lingo 1; Lingo 4 is much better than Lingo 2. I didn‘t make a serious comparison between Lingo 4 and Radikal, but I hope (!) Radikal will be better - at least with Klimax Radikal. CD12 was/is a great CD Player. If found it more musical than the first KDS (I know, I was one of few). From my point of view a well installed LP12 with Cirkus, Ittok (or better arm) and a mid-class MC System should be better than a CD12 (ceteris paribus Record and CD on the same level).
  6. Length shouldn’t be an issue and I have no experience with Chord Rumour X. But as @Moomintrollsaid maybe you can try another cable to make sure that the cable isn‘t the problem.
  7. Even the 242 are very demanding, one pair of Solos are the optimal fit. On a scale 0-100 everything below 75 should work without fan (depends also on room temperature, kind of music and RCA/XLR). What cable do you use between Solos and 242 (brand, length, single or multi-wiring)?
  8. When traditional dealer act like internet dealer: yes. So they should offer services and information internet can‘t deliver.
  9. Manufacturers who use their dealers as bi-directional communication way to their customers could be very successful.
  10. It‘s not only an optical issue. The topplate is one of the most important parts of the LP12. It should fit 100%. Finger-Tapping around the Topplate should sound the same! That‘s key!
  11. You have to listen. In that range 1,6-1,9 you can‘t damage the needle (when you be careful). Start with 1,75 and try 0,05 steps. You will hear it when it is right.
  12. Great idea, Ivor on the good sounding side and Gilad on the other side.
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