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  1. When traditional dealer act like internet dealer: yes. So they should offer services and information internet can‘t deliver.
  2. Manufacturers who use their dealers as bi-directional communication way to their customers could be very successful.
  3. It‘s not only an optical issue. The topplate is one of the most important parts of the LP12. It should fit 100%. Finger-Tapping around the Topplate should sound the same! That‘s key!
  4. You have to listen. In that range 1,6-1,9 you can‘t damage the needle (when you be careful). Start with 1,75 and try 0,05 steps. You will hear it when it is right.
  5. Great idea, Ivor on the good sounding side and Gilad on the other side.
  6. Hi Chris, no problem at all; I can deal with it Yes, I own one the earliest Klimax Kontrols and did all updates (Dynamik, Dual Mono board). One of my Linn dealer tried to convince me, that Klimax Kontrol is old and slow and KDSM (at that time second generation) is the much better pre-amp. We made several blind tests and guess what: he was wrong.
  7. Disclaimer: my ears, my personal taste, not my room and system, relatively new NGKDSM AV (maybe some more time to burn in). Soundwise NGKDSM was the clear winner. More information, crispier sound, more airiness. Considering the age of Klimax Kontrol musicality was still very enjoyable even the sound was darker (not in a positive way). The interaction between the musicians with the two „Pre_Amps“ was nearly the same. But I guess because the source was the same. If you have the money and you‘re going to buy new (if still available) it is no question to spend the additional € 7.000,- (comparing KK + KDS/3). I didn’t‘ compared KDSM Katalyst vs. NGKDSM where the price difference is round about € 18.000,- )which is a lot of money). Looking forward to organize a demo with the (black - even my other Klimax boxes are silver) NGKDSM Music (not AV) in my room. For people who know me and know how I hear music and what my preferences are, it is much easier to understand, what I try to report.
  8. When comparing KDSM Katalyst with NGKDSM we should be aware that we also compare the Pre-Amp section. During our first listening session we also connected an Urika I to the NGKDSM (as Pre-Amp). Also a very interesting difference compared to Klimax Kontrol …
  9. No, I don‘t. I think, it isn‘t. I think on the Linn section of this Forum it should be allowed to say - that I still enjoy Klimax Kontrol / KDS 3 Katalyst - that I still my Klimax Kontrol with a non-Linn DAC (which ranked better by me and three of my Linn friends as the KDS/3). Or do you expect that everyone posts that every new Linn gear ist much better than the „old“ one and that you can‘t heat music with „old“ system? I apologise If my personal first impressions were too proactive for you.
  10. Why domain think, my post was a little bit lost? Next time should I write in big coloured letter?
  11. I avoid to compare different systems in different rooms. My system and my room are very different from the system and the room of my Linn friend. Why do you think, that my DAC is too soft and forgiving?
  12. Hi Chris, my personal report was based on a system of a Linn friend of mine. The system was already on a very high level. so differences on that high level is not night and day. And I tried not to listen to sound (or typical hi-if criteria) but more to the musical part. On that level I wouldn’t expect „night & day“ differences. Not sure why you think my report is very bad? Not sure why you think I have a provocative tone? Could you explain? I tried to describe my first impressions.
  13. Paul, you‘re right. I was referring to the threads. And please take my figures not as exaKt numbers. But believe me: people (e. g. like some of my non-Linn friends, which I directed to the forum) had the impression, that most Linn owners feel very uncomfortable with their system. And they had also the impression you need a Linn dealer every six months to setup your LP12 or you have to invite a genius from Canada to do the space optimization And this was the reason why Linn closed this forum. They were not happy with the first impression new potential customers had.
  14. You‘re counting the views (or maybe the posts) and not the threads.
  15. @Paulssurround this is one of the very view points we disagree. When I find the time I‘ll do the same analysis in the WAM Linn „Linn Owners Club and Forum“.
  16. I was not there when they made the setup. But I was told that with the Linn System the effect was more on the sound side and the differences between the parts were not big enough. Some said with Nordost there was a decrease of musicality. At that time the plug didn’t fit in the Klimax cases.
  17. I had the chance to join a Nordost presentation. It was very impressive and the differences between each part (cables, „filters“, …) were significant. So I can strongly recommend to join such a demo. But: my dealer and the Nordost salesman agreed not to use a Linn system for this demo because the effects of the Nordost parts were not as expected.
  18. Comparing with this method has at least two downsides: 1) the „mono-setup“ could hide some benefits 2) you may only compare sound and not musicality. Even if you start with this method for first impressions, I would recommend to compare each setup for several days. This is not a real A/B-comparison but it more similar tonten way you‘ll listen to yours music. Summary: don‘t compare how the cables sound but compare how the music plays with different cables.
  19. I think the problem was that - 87% of the posts were related to tweaks for the Linn systems (which could be understand as „Linn without tweaks isn‘t good“). - 11% of the posts were related to upgrade questions (which could be understand as „I‘m not satisfied with my existing Linn system). - only 2% were information regarding using the existing system (without any tweaks)
  20. NGKDH + Organik Klimax Exaktboxes + Twins + Komris @fschmeis sounded great!
  21. I think everything has already been said on this. I am looking forward to the opportunity to do the comparison myself and I am looking forward to the feedback from other forum members. For those who are not interested, you are completely free to ignore this thread.
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