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  1. I have a similar setup and on some channels of my cable box I have the same issue but it also happened when I had an AV5103 and and I have concluded it is a fault in my set top box( cable box)- as no other source is affected- Tidal, vinyl,Youtube and Netflix from my smart tv are all perfect-Paul
  2. Being an Isoacoustic's and Linn dealer I have sold many of the products to non-Linn customers and all have been very pleased with the results, but I wrestle with my 37 yrs of Linn training to 'make the speakers as stable and ridged as possible' so putting squidgy things under my speakers is totally against the Linn way! i have planned on trying the Orea equipment isolators as this is a far easier try and un-do than the Gaia, but so far we seem to sell every set that comes in before I get around to it! But a good Canadian success story!
  3. When Linn introduce the Black interconnect it was a standard Linn arm lead with RCA's on both ends and originally was the same outer sleeve as the arm cable- shortly after it's introduction they changed the outer jacket to what it is now- Paul
  4. Ok had a chance to compare our MDSM/2 to the/4 using Majik 109's- On the first piece of music (Santana 'BlackMagicWoman) the /4 was a bit more dynamic and had better separation of instruments in the mix so a win for /4 On the second piece RoxyMusic Avalon was just different so no clear winner although 1 staff member did prefer the/2. So if I owned a MDSM/2 or/3 I would not trade in for the /4 but as always a great intro to Linn gear and the styling appeals to lots of people.
  5. Nopiano the last version was referred to as MDSM/3 I am calling it MDSM/4 to reduce confusion as Linn call it New Majik DSM on there website.- the product label on the box is the only place I see /2 or /3 or/4 to identify the version type- Konfig only says 2020 variant
  6. Just got our demo Majik DSM 4 in - have not yet compared but it does sound excellent, a bit punchier and more detailed so far....
  7. I upgraded from my AV5103 to an Akurate system Hub w/processor module and an AkurateExaktbox I- what a huge improvement in all respects- Music via LP12 or Tidal and fantastik for surround, my rear Tukan's never sounded so good! about $15k worth here in Canada but now with self isolating in the cards seems like a good thing!!
  8. I understand your dillema- we had a sample pr of the Cheviots and I loved them, so very different from my 242's - I had a pr of Devons back in the day and have always regretted selling them, obviously I need a 4th system!!
  9. Yes the capacitors age and start to go out of spec and eventually things fail- will sound better once service is done-Paul
  10. I had this same issue with digital inputs on my AV5103- my service tech replaced many caps on the digital board and it eliminated the problem-hope this helps
  11. Very excited about this! Tendaberry gets his wish from the upgrade guessing game- $1300 CND
  12. I have installed a Mober and although it sounds good I had the opportunity to compare to an identical LP12 with a Lingo4 and it was easily outperformed by the Lingo4 but as it is priced midway between a Majik and Lingo4 not a bad value.-Just my 2 cents worth
  13. I agree with DavidHB it looks rough and the arm bearings or the main bearing could be damaged- I usually recommend a new stylus or cartridge unless you have access to a microscope
  14. Yes I have many used LP12 bits in my workshop, including subchassis, but the situation with the armboard crocked is an adjustment issue
  15. I think the issue is with the unusual cableing between the LK1 and 2 - these are XLR's but not in the traditional 'balanced' sense- you will need to make a custom cables to make this work