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  1. And a borderless world will only make such transfer easier
  2. Back to the original topic of "no going back" Those posters worked out well didn't they? Traffic has been increasing steadily over the last few weeks and will undoubtedly continue to do so as people will be afraid to use public transport outside London , air travel will be increasing too soon.
  3. Gaz38

    5G foo

    Again? I paid you last month for the dwarves ffs
  4. Gaz38


    Nice to see our little ray of sunshine back to spread joy
  5. Gaz38

    5G foo

    Is it future proof? Can you download updates when 6G comes along?
  6. Gaz38

    5G foo

    I have to disagree To draw a true comparison, some idiot has to buy one, insist that it makes a difference, qualified by the fact his wife can hear it too, then refute any and all scientific evidence to the contrary simply because he can hear the difference and this hobby is about more than measurements I think that covers it 😂😂😂
  7. Gaz38

    5G foo

    Too cheap to be of any interest to audiofools, nothing costing under four figures can possibly sound decent 😂
  8. I'm not disagreeing but that's nothing new, pretty much the basis for Yes Minister as I remember it.
  9. Don't play your importance down You commented earlier that we haven't seen Boris and hey presto he appears the same day👍 He clearly listens to you 👍
  10. At least the SNP cheif medical officer who did something similar had the decency to resign over it, although I think Sturgeon backed her just as Johnson is backing Cummings