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  1. I did a lot of testing when I bought the Dino and the hum is definitely caused by both the sky box and fridge; mostly the latter after I moved the sky box. The sky box is on a separate mains socket to the turntable system and while I do use the TV via the amp, I tried disconecting the rca cable, but that did not help. The dino is just picking up the stray RF waves being emmited by both the sky box and the fridge, hence why I think changing it is the only solution. Can anyone tell me if the only difference between the moon 250i and 240i is that the latter has the built in 110LP phono stage? I really loved how the 240i sounded when paired with the LP12, but can't afford it atm. If that is the case, I might plump for the 110LP just now, then pick up the 250i at a later date.
  2. As far as I am aware. I'm using the Linn interconnect between the Lp12 and the dino and a QED performance graphite stereo interconnect (0.6m) between the Dino and the amp.
  3. No. I've only used MM cartridges with it, so have the switches all set to the position recommended for these cartridges in the manual. Do you have any advice as to what settings might help, or is it a case of trial and error. There is a hum present when you turn the volume up. This is more noticeable when using headphones. When I first got it, I moved my sky box to the opposite side of the TV unit, as that reduced it. If I turned both the sky box and fridge off at the wall, the hum dissapears.
  4. I think I've come across the Heed Questar before, but checked it out anyway and it seems to fit the bill. However, I've never even heard of the Lejonklou Gaio. The options I already had on my list were the Dino MK3 (I think changing the case improved the shielding), the Moon 110LP (it's the same as the stage in the 240i amp, which sounded great when I heard it) and one of the Graham Slee's (gram amp 2 or Era V gold). Does anyone have any experience with any of these stages and how they will compare to the Dino mk1? Obviously, I'd rule out any that will result in a drop in sound quality. If the rega stage is anything like the one in the elicit, that's a no go. I heard the elicit stage when I demoed the Majik and much preferred my Dino.
  5. Ok, so I have had my Majik LP12 for just over two weeks and it is everything I'd hoped it would be. Even with my modest setup (Trichord Dino mk1, Marantz PM5005 and Dynaudio DM2/6's), it sounds fantastic. However, I am someone who likes to play music fairly loud, but unfortunately can't due to an annoying neighbour. This has led me to face two issues with my Dino. First, the Dino has a volume threshold where it seems to just 'open up' the soundstage, however, that volume level is too high for me to reach due to said neighbour. The other problem is that the Dino mk1 has very poor RF shielding, but is stuck about 2m away from a skyQ box on one side, with a fridge-freezer on the opposite side of the wall on the other; neither can be moved. Now, while this does not really present a problem when using my loudspeakers, it is very noticeable when using headphones. So, I am pondering replacing the Dino with a different phono stage. Now, I would like to point out that I love how the Dino sounds; there is no issue there. But as I am pondering using headphones for a lot of my listening (until I eventually move house), I need a phono amp that is not as susceptible to RF interference and, ideally, does not require the volume to be at a certain level to 'open up' the soundstage. Does anyone have any suggestions? I am more than happy to buy a used stage (the Dino was used) and would probably budget about £250-300 + what I can get for the Dino Mk1 (possibly another £100), though will happily spend less. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Awww crap! I just spent £3000 on my Majik too. Did they give a timeframe for release? My dealer could only say between 12-18 months.
  7. I just got my Majik LP12 on Thursday and started with a clutch of Pink Floyd LP's, followed by Lindsey Buckingham's Gift of screws and Hugh Laurie's Let them talk. I have to say, even when connected to my modest dino/Marantz pm5005/Dynaudio DM2/6 system, it sounds incredible. From just these few albums, I am already hearing so much more from them. Everything about it is a significant improvement over my old Debut Carbon/2M Blue combo. However, a special shout out has to go to percussion, bass, acoustic guitars and vocals.
  8. Totally agree with this. I just picked up my Majik LP12 on Thursday and had a chance to listen to a Klimax fitted with a £7000+ Dynavector cartridge. I put on a copy of Pink Floyd's The Wall, however, it was the 2013 pressing and not even that TT could make that sound good. All the notes we're there and they were exceptionally precise, but it sounded so flat. Whereas an original copy of Mike Oldfield's Incantations sounded incredible.
  9. Ok, so I am a complete noob here, having only just bought my Majik LP12, so take what I am about to say with a grain of salt, but I'll repeat what my dealer told me. I live in Scotland and my HiFi shop is in Glasgow and has very strong ties to Linn themselves. In fact, the specific guy I dealt with used to work for Linn. Anyway, the word is that the new upgrade is one for the base Sondek, so will be applicable to every LP12, whether it's an old 1970's model or a modern Klimax. He does not know (or did not share) any specifics, but it is expected in the next 12-18 months. However, as always, the word from Linn is that it'll be ready when it's ready.
  10. I've not rulled out an integrated amp, in fact, I suspect that it will probably be the best next step as active speakers (especially akudoriks) are a bit beyond my reach atm. Can anyone offer up an opinion on how the Linn integrated amps would compare to a Moon neo 240i? The moon currently retails for £2400, which would probably go quite far in the used market for a Linn amp. When I was in Loud and Clear, the dealer showed me the Akubariks and explained a bit about how Linn's new exakt technology works. While it sounds good on paper, I'm not convinced on what it would sound like compare to a standard analogue setup. I think I would need to hear both and compare. However, I wonder if it would be like comparing an original pressing of a Pink Floyd album to one of the recent pressings, where they made a digital file (albeit a very good one) from the original master tapes. It'll sound very good and be a very good approximation to the original, but lack that sparkle that makes the originals sound so good.
  11. I was fortunate enough to see the walnut, black and rosewood plinth's while I was at the store. The walnut was by far my favourite and so I went for that one. The dealer is also fitting a collaro mat for me as I am not a fan of the style of felt mat that comes on the LP12 as standard.
  12. Hey all, thank you for the advice. I paid a visit to Loud and Clear in Glasgow and spent an afternoon listening to an LP12 Majik. The initial setup was the Majik connected to a Selekt, which powered a pair of B&W floor standers. I put on Pink Floyds wish you were here, planning to listen to just the first side, however, after only a few minutes, I knew I'd have to listen to the whole thing as it sounded heavenly. However, what was perhaps even more impressive, was when the Majik was connected to my Dino, Marantz PM5005 and Dynaudio DM 2/6's. I was amazed at how good it still sounded when connected to budget gear. It really did prove the Linn philosophy of source first. I then got to listen to the Majik through a Rega Elex R and a Moon neo 240i. While the Rega was an improvement on my Marantz, I still preferred the Dino over it's built in phono stage. However, the Moon was in a completely different class and blew me away with how good it sounded, even when connected to my modest Dynaudio's. Even the dealer commented at how good they still sounded in the set up. After going away and reflecting on everything, I have placed an order for a Majik LP12 and hope to have it next week. However, I am going to hold off on the amp for the time being as I consider my long term plan. According to the dealer, Linn at moving away from passive speakers, so an integrated amp might not be the right move in the long term.
  13. Thanks again for all the advice. If I elected to go for an LP12, but a non-Linn amp and speakers, does anyone have any suggestions as to what sounds good with an LP12? I'd probably be looking at standmount speakers, with a budget of about £3000 for both amp and speakers.
  14. Out of interest, how do upgrades typically work with an LP12? Will your dealer offer you a trade-in on the old component, or are you stuck trying to sell it yourself?
  15. Thanks everyone for your advice so far. In terms of the LP12 I think I want a brand new one as it will then be my LP12; built specifically for me. I know some of you might find this a little silly, but I'm sure there are plenty of you that understand the sentiment. In terms of other components, I'm not against getting something second hand. I got a great deal on my Dino and couldn't be happier with the result. However, on the flip side, I almost bought a Cambridge Audio CXA60 of eBay for about £350, as I was positive this was the amp used when I demoed my Dynaudio's, but this would have been a huge mistake as I heard it in Richer Sounds a few months ago and hated it. I guess I would prefer to demo new kit, rather than take the chance on something I've not heard. Different story if I've find something used that I have heard demoed. The system will primarily be used for listening to progressive rock (Pink Floyd, Yes, Genesis, Hawkwind, Mike Oldfield etc). I guess I'm looking for something that can accurately convey the more delicate parts of something like Shine on you crazy diamond 1-5 while retaining the emotional depth, but then be able to change gears and go on the attack when Welcome to the machine kicks in. Obviously I made a mistake when looking at the info for the Majik 2100 (it was 5 in the morning after all). Do Linn currently do an integrated amp at this price level, or is the Majik MDSM the closest thing, albeit with a few more bells and whistles? I don't care for internet radio (or any radio for that matter) and would only use a digital streamer for the few albums I have that either I don't have on vinyl or have never been pressed. So the extra features alone are not much of a draw for me. Obviously I'll try and demo as much kit as I can, however, It'll be nice to try and narrow the options down a bit first. Would anyone recommend going straight for an LP12 akurate? Or would I end up spending several years wearing out the Krystal stylus without getting enough of the benefit, before I could afford to upgrade the rest of the kit?