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  1. I use the English Electric switch. All I will say is I prefer the sound with it connected. My Linn kit doesn’t have WiFi so the only way to connect is Ethernet but here is the catch...I have to route through mains using network adapters. Placing the switch between the last connection and my Exakt Hub made a considerable improvement. It was sent on on demo and I was convinced on the first track played. In my setup it really is a must have.
  2. I bought 5 of them Tried a few different things before but these don’t seem to colour the sound at all, thats why I like them.
  3. Origin Live cartridge enabler for me..£25! Closely followed by their platter mat at £50.
  4. My advice would be go for the P10, it will be the best deck to build from.. you can always add the Aphelion later. Rega made considerable improvements with both the plinth & arm on the P10. The revised design of Apheta 3 is also a worthwhile upgrade over the previous model. I’ve not tried the Aphelion on any of my decks but moving from an RP8 Apheta 2 to the P10 Apheta 3 was certainly a very substantial improvement, it digs so much more out of the vinyl. I’m sure the Aphelion would offer even more insight & really sing out but there are other things to consider, the Aria will not do the Apheta 3 full justice let alone the Aphelion, I will be adding the Aura soon and this sort of level phono stage would be a must for the Aphelion which effectively doubles the price. The P10 is a brilliant deck in factory spec (Apheta 3) but if you take your vinyl seriously & really want to shoot for the stars add the Aura & Aphelion when funds allow. That’s my plan anyway!
  5. Everyone asks that!! They are Blue Horizon Sanctums!
  6. I’ve been box swapping for some time but thankfully now that’s a thing of the past, I’m very pleased with my system, the digital side of things are nice & easy to use which was a big factor in choosing it, just so happens it sounds really good also. Rega P10 Apheta 3, Innuos Zen mk3, Linn Akurate Exakt hub & 530 speakers.
  7. I’m very impressed with the Innuos Zen mk3 - total doddle to operate, just slot the disc in and hey presto! I have it linked to my Akurate hub via Ethernet, feeding exact 530 speakers. All works seamlessly with Kazoo.
  8. I have one for each box!!
  9. Looks much better - I use the Sanctum from Blue Horizon.
  10. Have to say I’m rapidly falling in love with the P10 Apheta 3 combo - all I want to do is play record after record. It’s just wonderful.
  11. Recently added a P10 to my system - I’m very happy with the upgrade from the RP8 Apheta 2. Just wondering where you got the Collaro mat? I’m using the Origin Live mat & cartridge enabler at the moment, quite interested in trying the Collaro.
  12. Rega RP8 Apheta 2 - LDA linear PSU Rega Aria Arcam CD37 PMC Twenty5.24 (Townsend seismic bars) TQ cabling, with a few other bits & bobs.
  13. Yeah, I have owned one since launch. It’s wonderful!
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