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  1. These work well..https://www.analogueseduction.net/isolation/bhss2.html
  2. Well it just works, I like the control app, wifey likes the minimalist design and most importantly it sounds good, I really can’t fault the sound. Ive chopped and changed over the years coming from valves, pre power - I have a Meridian system too, but the 530 ticks a lot of boxes for me, if I had to chose I’d between them I’d say the Linn edges it.
  3. Happy 530 owner here, it’s the best system I’ve owned. Have a P10 & Innuos Zen mk3 running through it.
  4. Craig_

    Hip Hop

    How about Jurassic 5? Quality Control & Power in Numbers are two excellent albums, well worth checking out. Some other favourites of mine would be Public Enemy & more recently Common.
  5. Think it’s a safe bet to say most manufacturers will be rising their prices around 20% in the new financial year...or very soon after. Unavoidable due to the lack of parts in the supply chain.
  6. Were the EL84 matched set? Had a quick look and it’s looks like a simple process on the Stingray.
  7. Not familiar with the Prima - are you using a meter to bias? As long as you have them matched similarly it shouldn’t be a problem. Could try removing them and trying in different order to see if it the pot or valve?
  8. My system gets more running time in the winter for sure but in the spring/summer it’s still used, mostly during the evenings with a nice G&T
  9. Container prices from China have tripled since October, its only going to get worse, large items will of course be effected the most, fridge freezers, cookers, washers will be going up massively very soon.
  10. I use the English Electric switch. All I will say is I prefer the sound with it connected. My Linn kit doesn’t have WiFi so the only way to connect is Ethernet but here is the catch...I have to route through mains using network adapters. Placing the switch between the last connection and my Exakt Hub made a considerable improvement. It was sent on on demo and I was convinced on the first track played. In my setup it really is a must have.
  11. I bought 5 of them Tried a few different things before but these don’t seem to colour the sound at all, thats why I like them.
  12. Origin Live cartridge enabler for me..£25! Closely followed by their platter mat at £50.
  13. My advice would be go for the P10, it will be the best deck to build from.. you can always add the Aphelion later. Rega made considerable improvements with both the plinth & arm on the P10. The revised design of Apheta 3 is also a worthwhile upgrade over the previous model. I’ve not tried the Aphelion on any of my decks but moving from an RP8 Apheta 2 to the P10 Apheta 3 was certainly a very substantial improvement, it digs so much more out of the vinyl. I’m sure the Aphelion would offer even more insight & really sing out but there are other things to consider, the Aria will not do th
  14. Everyone asks that!! They are Blue Horizon Sanctums!
  15. I’ve been box swapping for some time but thankfully now that’s a thing of the past, I’m very pleased with my system, the digital side of things are nice & easy to use which was a big factor in choosing it, just so happens it sounds really good also. Rega P10 Apheta 3, Innuos Zen mk3, Linn Akurate Exakt hub & 530 speakers.
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