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  1. If you come to room 104 at Kegworth and say something nice, there's a bag of crisps in it for you
  2. Me too, I heard the Dutch+Dutch 8Cs at Cranage a couple of years ago, and in spite of the rave-club setting, they really bowled me over
  3. Hi Paul, I'd like to add a Marantz CD6006 (UK) and Myryad Z40 headphone preamp to my kit list if that's ok. Just so I can play CDs as well
  4. How am I supposed to win if other people bring theirs? Seriously though, I'm looking forward to meeting you guys, and seeing what you've put together - it all sounds fascinating, and completely over my head
  5. You can go off some people you know Anyway what I lack in gear people will actually want hear, I make up for with my sunny disposition and winning personality. Also I will have cake
  6. I could have given Andrew some competition with a nice shirt I bought last year, but unfortunately it shrunk in the wash over Christmas
  7. Nobody told me it isn't a competition - I was hoping to pick up a prize for best dancing hula girl in show Anyway I'm now hoping to find a full time "system sitter" so I can spend the day listening to your stuff! Love a bit of bass, me
  8. I will be bringing my solar powered dancing hula girl which I brought back from Bulgaria last year (best 2 leva I ever spent). So fingers crossed for some sunshine After reading the above posts I'm almost embarrassed to mention my stuff, which is: Inspire Monarch turntable, with Rega-derived X200 tonearm and Ortofon 2M Black Rather old Yaqin MS-22B phono stage Marantz CD6006 UK Edition Myryad Z4 headphone pre, which I only got because I was sick of the plugging and unplugging sources to my: Audion Silver Night 300B stereo power amp Zu Omen Definition speakers which look big enough to be bass monsters, but they really aren't Still they do seem to work well in small spaces. Also Mrs Pony likes them So, only vinyl and CD sources, but anyone's welcome to bring and play their choices
  9. Ok Allen, just put my name down for the Ruby. Ever get the feeling you're being stalked?
  10. That would be a nice price, I'll have a few needs cleaning. And if there are any nice ladies in Kegworth Town willing to provide a blanket bath, I'd pay a fiver for that
  11. 3 nights? Will your "special friend" be loving you long time? Or do you need an extra lie down after lugging that John Wood amp?
  12. Thanks guys! I don't care what everyone says, you're good people in my book
  13. New to this forum (in fact my first post!), so just finding my way round here. Though a regular on AoS, where my lack of knowledge on just about everything is well known. I have put myself down as an exhibitor at Kegworth, but I've no idea what happens next! Am I on an official list, what does the hotel stay cost, and who would I pay? Just need to know whether it's worth bringing a change of underpants and socks Edit: Just noticed this is showing my actual name, rather than my user name (Pigmy Pony). Don't suppose it matters really