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  1. May be interested in these as I have just had a Well Tempered Reference turntable
  2. Open to offers, lot of gear here for not a lot of money
  3. Can admin please sort them out for me please ?
  4. Defo not !! Why do you think I’m selling the camera ? 😂😂😂
  5. Selling my Fuji Finepix S7000 Digital bridge camera with accessories. Comes with bag, screw on zoom attachment, screw on wide angle attachment, screw in macro attachment , attachment holder, U/V filter , skylight filter , two 2gb compact flash memory cards , Miranda tripod. All kit in excellent condition and more info available via pm. Located in Holyhead Anglesey Asking £100 ono
  6. Sold to bigrod . Many thanks
  7. Have.sent a message. Can you let me know please as there is other interest in them. Thanks
  8. Selling a set of AKG K550 Reference Headphones in excellent condition. Brand new head band and brand new left and right ear pads fitted and Headphones have not been used since fitting these. These are closed back and the sound quality is amazing. These come in their original box. Located in Anglesey Asking £100 ono
  9. Well after completing my system build and having a great sound from all sources, I have ordered a Well Tempered Reference Turntable fitted with a new Dynavector 20x low output cartridge. Big thanks to Rob @ Adventures in HiFi for the great deal. Will post pics once its set up .
  10. I will now take £65 for the phono stage and £70 for the PSU . £120 if bought together
  11. Howard71

    Arcam rPlay

    Payment sent. Could you please confirm ?
  12. Howard71

    Arcam rPlay

    Message sent
  13. I finally have completed my system and thought I’d share it with you good people. I’v also included a pic of myself drumming for Chris Helme of the band The Seahorses. system :- Pro-ject Debut Carbon Esprit with Ortofon 2M Blue , Audiolab 6000 A amp , 6000N streamer, 6000cdt cd transport , Pro-ject phono box ds+ phono stage. Dynavox X7000 mains purifier. ClassD mono blocks and Diy turntable power supply and phono stage power supply is on the way. Monitor Audio silver 100 soeakers . Ricable, Atlas , Chord and Dynavox cabling. I’m loving every second of playing this set up and welcome any suggestions on how to better it.
  14. Loving them . Great detail, nice wide stage and a punchy low end.