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  1. Hi Ady, TY. Hopefully when this dies down I can get over to Cymbiosis.
  2. As it happens, sunshine, I have a BSc in Human Cellular Pathology (the study of human disease at the cellular and sub-cellular levels), an MSc in Immunology (I studied under Tony Epstein of Epstein-Barr Virus fame, Bert Achong, W. David Billington, and Av Mitchison - Google them if you don't know these giants of Human Biology / Immunology). I have also been 'number crunching' data on this Pandemic from the start. I have also been shielding since 26 Mar (and haven't been out of my house) owing to the fact that I have no spleen and am at risk of upper respiratory tract infection. I referred to it as 'Malarkey' because, if I didn't I would be in tears. If I used the words I want (especially given the USA's f*** up in dealing with the pandemic, and it's putting the rest of the world at greater risk) I'd probably get banned.
  3. I am told that Karousel bests Cirkus / Tranquility but, until this Covid malarkey is over I can't do an audition to ascertain whether or not that is true.
  4. I should point ot that the AT95E has, essentially, the same body as a Linn K5 or K9, so the Paratrace stylus I listed above is a direct swap for the original.
  5. I started off with an RD80 SL / LVX / Basik at university - a year later I had an LP12 / LVX / Supex SM100. In addition to the Ariston she has my refurbished Linn Lk1 / Dirak, LK2 / Spark, and Celestion SL6 speakers on original Foundation stands.
  6. I built an Ariston RD80 SL / Linn Basik Plus / AT95E for my niece. I swapped the AT stylus for a Paratrace It sounds really rather good!