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  1. The reason the Collaro sounds so much better than the Linn Matt is owning to the weave so I am told, It certainly sounds better!
  2. With the Linn mat one side will sound more 'Hi Fi' than the other. The other side will sound more relaxed. I had the demo from Peter at Cymbiosis several years ago. In 2012 I built a Linniston for a US friend (Ariston RD80 with a Linn subchassis). We demo'd the mat and my friend as well as her partner could hear the difference.
  3. It's alo not 'handed', unlike the OEM matt so you can uses it with the logo hidden.
  4. My SL600Si speakers (on original 'Foundation' stands) bi-amped with a pair of Linn 2250 power amps are just sublime! The musicality is awesome, more importantly (for me) is the imaging ability (not just left to right, but somehow front to back) is amazing! I gave my niece my original SL6 speakers (along with an Ariston RD80SL / Basik Plus / K9 Paratrace that I built for her) along with with my LK1 Dirak / LK280 Spark.
  5. My friend with the LP12 had a Nytech 252 (which I bought off him as my first 'proper' amplifier), then moved up to Naim amplification (a 42 / 250 IIRC) driving Linn Kans. Personally I couldn't stand the Kans, I found them too 'shouty', so I went for the original copper tweeter dome Celestion SL6 which I found far more musical and way better at imaging. TBF the only Linn speakers I have ever liked were Isobariks. To this day I run Celestion SL600Si speakers bi-amped (yes copper tweeter domes). My system sounds sublime
  6. I absolutely agree. I bought my first 'proper' turntable (an Ariston RD80SL / Basik LVX / Linn Basik) having heard a friend's LP12 / Ittok /Asak at University (which blew me away). As soon as I could afford it I traded the Ariston against an LP12, swapping over the LVX / Basik. Shortly after I moved up to an Ittok / Asaka. That had nothing whatsoever to do with the Hi Fi Press (I didn't read such things) and everything to do with the experience of hearing an LP12!
  7. If you want to go 'retro' the Nytech will have no problem driving Celestion SL6 or SL600 speakers (the ones with the copper tweeter domes).
  8. Nytech morphed into Ion Systems before being taken over by Heed. The Ion Obelisk was a cracking integrated amplifier that gave a great nod to the Nytech amps given that Richard Hay was the designer of both.
  9. My first proper 'Hi Fi' amp was a Nytech 252 integrated amp. It was a really good bit of kit that blew the competition at it's price level into a cocked hat. I only got rid because I went MC (Asaka) and moved up to a Linn LK1, LK280 combo.
  10. So £640 all in for service/upgrade. That's way cheaper than any modern amp combo that could rival the Nytech!
  11. Personally I would contact Nytech in Cardiff (above the Audio T shop) and get them to Service/Re-cap the amps. https://nytechaudio.com/index.html
  12. Keep the K9 and fit a Paratrace stylus: https://theaudiofiles.co.uk/95p-paratrace-stylus-for-at95e-cartridge/ I did this on an Ariston RD800SL / Basik Plus /K9 with an AT95E stylus that I put together for my neice. The Paratrace is a huge improvement.
  13. Okki Nokki works perfectly well for me (and has done for nearly 10 years), using Bio-ethanol cut 50% with Distilled Water and with a Distilled Water rinse.
  14. The guys at the Sound Gallery are right up there with the best - back in the 80's I was a regular customer (I even helped them out demoing Celestion SL6 and SL600 speakers). My preference would be to go for Radikal before the Kore - I went from a Cirkus sub-chassis to a Keel and it was a major improvement, but when I went from Lingo 2 to Radikal it was a far bigger improvement. The only reason I went Keel then Radikal is because that's the order they came up in (ex-Demo stock).
  15. As you sit facing the loudspeakers the demo deck(s) is/are on racks to the left. That photo shows the storage area to the right.
  16. I use a Sound organisation shelf - they come up fairly regularly on Ebay. Ideally you want the later version with the 6 shelf spikes (remove 3) since it makes levelling easier. Also the shelf itself is no longer MDF but a formica like laminate. Additionally what I do is to utilise 3 Naim 'Fraim' cups and balls to support a piece of 10mm toughened glass atop which sits the LP12: http://village.photos/images/user/211726a2-7755-446b-853a-c08231210f3a/48dc7b2a-1d1c-49d1-bdaa-312b15b43302.jpg
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