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  1. So, what's happened to the big announcement....? I see no sign of it on their website.
  2. BT are pretty good in St Austell. Possibly the best thing about the place, aside from the fact that I live there.. Maybe not the most helpful reply as you've done a coverage check but we've had no problems with reliability or speed.
  3. On its way recorded delivery Paul. Ref number is BN136129231GB. Cheers Steve
  4. You are right, thanks for pointing it out. A dumb typo on my behalf. I blame my computer, can't have been my fault.
  5. I figured as much, but had to ask.. I'll have a think..
  6. As new, but no box for some reason. Bought new from Futureshop. https://www.futureshop.co.uk/audioquest-cinnamon-rj-e-ethernet-cable?gclid=Cj0KCQjwvr6EBhDOARIsAPpqUPFq9ikgjXxna49UnLI5NH_DUHiISpx130q-F0fyCX-uDtyewW6nLWkaAqrYEALw_wcB I'm only selling as things got moved around so I needed a longer one.. £90 new, or have mine for £50 delivered.
  7. Very little use as I sold whatever it was bought for soon after buying the cable from Futureshop. Receipt included in the box. £105 delivered, saving you a massive £44 !
  8. I've tried to PM you about the interface board but can't send it.. Can you please message me so I can reply..? Thanks !
  9. Well that didn't work, so back to £450ovno...
  10. I hope its the same size for me, but curious as to what is going to change.. Any guesses?
  11. OK. I've tried reducing the price and still no one has bought it so I'm going to chance my tactics and increase the price. It's now available for £4500. Higher offers may be entertained, some lower offers may too, but any lower then £450 will not. So, part with a massive wodge of wonga and make me very happy, or be miserably tight and offer me slightly under £4500 and I may or may not smile a little.
  12. Yes, that's what I was trying to say. I use an RME dac, and was just wondering what a low jitter clock (which is a term that means nothing at all to me) such as the fidelity audio ones for the node 2i might add to my system. Given that it's not plug and play it would be good to know before even thinking about it. I've sent fidelity audio an email to ask and will report back - I also asked if a demo model might be available...
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