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  1. This is a quote from their website - Improve the performance of the Node 2i with Fidelity Audio Reference Interface pcb. This Interface uses lower ESR capacitors with greater ripple rejection + more uF than the standard Interface pcb which offers an even lower noise floor. We now supply Reference Interface pcb with our Ultra and Reference PSUs. It fits the 2 and 2i.
  2. This thread is nowhere near long enough. So, being the big man I am, I thought I'd resurrect it with this question for all the pimpers out there. Fidelity Audio now have an upgraded interface for the 2i - anyone heard it and even better compared it to the original interface, and just for fun, against the Polish one as it often seems to be known...? We could be on for another few pages at least, and I am actually interested. For what it's worth, I have the original interface and an Sbooster psu.
  3. If you like valves then what about a class a amp that doesn't get hot..? Your small room implies that you don't play mega loud, so how about EWA? There is a lot of posts about their products over on pfm, and I know their amps don't get hot or even warm..
  4. Well I hope my EWA class A sounds good as I don't want to change it unless there is a suitable £200 class D power amp !
  5. Is this album available on a cd, or on a streaming service such as Tidal or Qobuz ?
  6. So is the general consensus that class A amps are the way to go with Tannoys ? I'm hoping so!
  7. It's not easy to find any that have been sold used, but I think that £2000 with a small contribution towards fuel could see them installed at yours..
  8. Budget..? I'll be selling my Graham Audio LS6f's soon, and could get them to West London. I guess I'll be wanting something over £2000 for them, but need to look into this as I've no idea what they are worth. New price is £3175 I believe.
  9. I know you do! I came close to getting them having read many of your posts but prefer floorstanders. I believe they are being shipped over given that they'll take a few weeks to arrive.
  10. Yes, the new ones. What's a reasonably big room..? It's about 4x3.8m at its smallest with 2.7 high ceiling. Shallow alcoves either side of the fireplace
  11. Any legacy Cheviot owners care to share your experiences - I'll be getting a new pair in a few weeks despite having never heard them.. Leap of faith but based on a lot of research and in anticipation of a lottery win..
  12. Want to free up some cash for Christmas..? Then sell me those old dustmagnets so that I can put them to use gathering dust in my house ! I'm not too fussed about condition or if they have cabinets as I may build my own as long as they work.
  13. I set up a nas to Roons specification and just had no end of issues over the 9 months or so I tried to use it. Trouble is I really like the idea, and am tempted to buy a nuc and try again, but it is a lot of money, and there seems to be, or maybe was a lot of talk about them struggling to keep going a while back and I believe they have no removed the lifetime option...
  14. I gave up on Roon after one too many problems requiring me to sign in yet again. I just want to be able to play my music, not faff around trying to remember passwords or update and log in again. It's such a shame, as when it works it's great.
  15. Like you Rabski, I've got both and for some reason always use Tidal. No idea why, and had almost forgotten about Qobuz until I tried making a playlist. I just wish Spotify would join in (do they do a flac quality stream yet ?) as it would be so much easier to share playlists with the younger folks...
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