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  1. Well, yes, they do. I'm very pleased, but they have only been in use a few hours, and still stink of Osmo oil....! Best thing is that my wife really likes them, despite them being even bigger than both my other pairs of speakers that are said to be too big..... I had heard that, and once the drivers were fitted I glued and screwed a piece of ply to the brace that was hard up to the magnet.
  2. I'm getting nagged at to post something about my new speakers. I have some Frugalhorns with MAOP 11 drivers, which are more than a little bit special, but had the urge to build my own speakers, so the Frugalhorns are up for sale in the classifieds here. I didn't take many pictures of the build, but the plans attached are the basis of my 2 ways, and I used Mark Audio Alpair 12PW's and MAOP 7 drivers. My utter lack of knowledge about anything electrical meant the crossovers were built by Stefan at KJF Audio, who also supplied the drivers etc. I made a few mistakes in the carpentry part, but nothing that anyone would notice, bought a cheap circle cutter which was another one as my circles are not perfect (no-one has noticed yet despite me pointing them out) but so far I'm very happy with the results. Lessons learnt - wait a bit longer to get Baltic Birch Ply - Lockdown meant that getting some was going to take a month and I'm impatient, so my local builders merchants sold me something that was meant to be devoid of holes/spaces in the inside ply's - I can't say if it makes any difference to the sound but imagine it does, and certainly seeing them as I routed or cut was disappointing. I also didn't want to spend £87 on one of these - so bought a cheap alternative - which was not worth the saving as I spent ages trying to get the correct size set up, and then as I routed the screw that held it in place worked loose, causing my circles to be slightly out. Never start anything until you have ALL parts in your possession - cutting a hole when you have the dimensions on a plan may be fine, but if what you have ordered doesn't come can mean lots of filling and re-cutting. Also, waiting for something to arrive when you are already out in the garage revving up the router is not good. Waiting a few extra days before you start is a lot easier. Especially when a certain courier company who I won't name, but is seen as one of the biggest and best by some, but who require you to download their useless app, log in each time you want to use it, and then cancel a delivery at 10 to 8 on a Friday evening when you have already waited in ALL BLEEDIN' DAY despite asking for updates and expected delivery times is SO annoying. They have now done exactly the same thing (cancel a Friday delivery when I've already taken the day off to wait for them) for another delivery, so I will try to avoid buying from anyone who uses them from now in. Don't buy peel and stick veneer then keep it in the garage for a few weeks. I did, and a on a couple of bits I'd cut the backing paper started to bubble. I couldn't afford to buy another sheet so used those pieces on the back where they won't be seen and sure enough blisters have appeared that I can't get to stick down (I've tried re-rolling then, using a warm iron etc) Otherwise it's been a lot of fun, a lot of learning and now I have a pair of speakers that I've made (a dream since I was about 8, when my father who was a musician bought some speakers made for a BBC sound technician - Tannoy drivers in solid teak, almost as tall as I was back then and the start of a lifetime of listening to music). I think they are likely to be keepers, I'm still getting used to them, but so far they sound wonderful to my aged ears. A brilliant way to spend many hours in a cold garage and more money on tools than I had expected.. simple-2way-A7pA12pw (2).pdf
  3. You can have all the details you like BUT only if you buy these Frugalhorns........! I was going to post something in the DIY section, but didn't take pictures during the building of them, and a few health issues mean that time on a computer is a bit limited at the moment, so it may be a short thread...
  4. These are now back up for sale as I've finished the speakers I've been building (which have two Mark Audio drivers each, so the same but better !) It may not be the best time to be selling speakers given lockdown limitations but they are now just in the way, so make me a close offer and I'll listen. I may not accept if it's a silly one !
  5. Lots of views, but no interest - you could try an offer which may make me laugh, cry or hurl abuse at you......
  6. I'd forgotten about this, which is still waiting for a new home. Treat yourself to an early Christmas present and at an even lower price of £180 including UK delivery...!
  7. OK, a graph from me, but I have no idea what they mean or even if they are of any interest to anyone. I do know that the change in sound in my system as it then was was amazing... I guess the red is the after !
  8. 98% of that is totally over my head. Guess I may be aiming a bit high at this stage.... However, I may see if I can find a used copy of the book just to see how little I know. Hmm, guess I may be sticking to the physical side of building rather than the electrical for a while..
  9. I'm in the process of building my first pair of speaker cabinets for some Mark Audio drivers - got them working, but need to veneer and seal them. It's been a real pleasure to create something for myself - I'm on the edge of the building trade so do things for others, but not for me! I'll post pictures once done. I'd love to build an amp but have absolutely no idea about anything so if there is a good guide book to help me through a kit I'd love to know. Thing is, it's got to be worth doing, as I don't want a spare amp that never gets used. A valve amp could be a nice result..
  10. I think I've got mine on my laptop - I'll try to have a look tomorrow. I have no idea how to use REW, and had my hand held by @jas0_0 who did an amazing job of guiding a dumbo like me. Thanks again fella !
  11. I'd love to have copies of the entire 70's please Simon, and would be more than happy to put a few £'s into a charity box of your choice, or cancer research if you don't mind where it goes.. PM on it's way.. Thank you very much !
  12. Why couldn't you have the size 2 versions - I'd have snapped them up. I have the old style 'bladder type and really rate them, so assume these are even better, and a bargain in terms of the upgrade they bring and the price. I can't see them being here for long..
  13. Thanks Bazzer, not what I wanted to hear but what I expected..
  14. I had a 4 month trial and now have a few playlists. If I cancel my current full price deal and go with this offer will I lose my playlists and have to start again? Anyone know?