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  1. I'm looking forward to reading any replies to your post - I've had so many offers of help it's quite humbling. HiFi can be a bit of a 'mine's bigger than your's' sort of thing, but there are some generous and friendly people out there - thank you all !
  2. You might need to tell me how to do that too ( ie post the' before' file) but that sounds like a plan.. I don't have it yet, but give me a few days and I'll be back to ask for help ! Thank you too, very kind of you.
  3. That's a very kind offer Keith, many thanks. I've actually just bought a used Antimode to try out, but would very much like to take you up on this once I've got some idea of what might be wrong with my sound, or rather what might be achievable with some sort of EQ - currently I have no idea as I've got no experience of other systems and how good or bad my stereo is. Thank you !
  4. Thank you for yet more replies. I am a simple man, and the RME is not built for people like me - I spent a long time trying to find the filters on it without success, and it remains used as it came, and is untouched except for the occasional dusting. REW graphs and paranormal settings are way beyond me. As MGTOW says, it's becoming so complex. The main appeal of the Antimode for me is that it is plug and play. I'll try Lurch's idea of plugging my tv into the Node 2i and also newlash09's idea of taking the optical out from it into my dac and see how I get on. I very much appreciate the help and replies given - thanks !
  5. Another wonderful suggestion - thank you too ! Might not have much use for my fancy coax cable if your suggestion works for me, so that could be sold to help cover the cost of the Dspeaker..!
  6. Oooh. That sounds like it might work... I'll give it a try, very many thanks for this !
  7. Thanks Tony - I believe there is a way to do that, and I'll have a play shortly, but guess it means another complex problem of switching inputs that my wife will never get her head around.... It took many months getting her to understand how it all works in it's current setup so I may just have to try it as I suggested - I had sort of imagined/hoped that it was possible to bypass the dac section in the Antimode.
  8. How would be best to wire an Antimode 2.0 up into a simple stereo system, ie Bluesound Node 2i into a RME dac which is also used for the only other input, a TV and as a volume control (via a Harmony remote for both hifi and tv) then into a power amp ? I guess between the dac analogue rca output and the power amp rca input....? Thanks !
  9. That's a shame - even more of a shame is that I can't visit you to see yours in place. Thanks for the thought..!
  10. Well, should you want to sell your antimode then let me know, as I'm looking for a something simple to try out.....!
  11. I'm not sure what you mean by this, are you saying that you can't hear a difference to the sound ? I mentioned my inflatable version of the podiums in the for sale thread and just to add here found that they made a major improvement to my sound so I'm hoping you do too !
  12. I own the previous version of these, the inflatable ones and would like to say that in my system the improvement was a major one - if I had the money I'd snap these up. Good luck with the sale David.
  13. Fanthorpe's and audio affair both offered me a home trial, but audio affair were slower to reply to me emails, whereas Fanthorpe's were just so quick, helpful and a penny cheaper....! (Ps, I have no connection to either, but do believe in recommendation where deserved)
  14. I bought the Sbooster, which is more expensive, and would say its a fair bit more than a tweak. I can't compare it to any other power supply, but can say that I bought it from a dealer who gave me a 30 day home trial. Makes it a no brainer to give it a go I'd say. I did post about it a few pages/weeks ago...
  15. I have a pair of 1m RCA Cardas Golden Cross interconnects - yours for a measly £250 delivered, and worth every penny. This pair on ebay sold for a lot more - They were my first premium cables - I'm only selling as I'm trying some synergy, with both speaker and interconnects made by the same people who make my amp