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  1. If only they were size 2.... A real value for money upgrade and at a bargain price too !
  2. I am one of those who upgraded his Node 2i with the fidelity audio interface and a Sbooster lpsu. Id be very interested to know of any smps that might offer an upgrade - that's a genuine question, I have no interest in how things work, but if they add to my listening pleasure then I'd like to try it, so ideally something that can be home auditioned. I will say that for me, the Sbooster was a big upgrade and well worth it's cost but if it can be bettered then I want to know!
  3. Bump. A very boring post to bump this up to the top and remind you that you need this, if only so that I can regain use of the little bit of carpet it's sitting on. I need to be able to vacuum it.
  4. Right, I'm off to the post office tomorrow morning, so just to help the clear out, how about £390 just between now and 8.30 Am. I'll need to be paid by 9.00am in order to get it labelled up. If it doesn't sell by then it'll be back up to £400.
  5. And sold to the man that almost the entire world finds attractive!
  6. I'd almost forgotten this, which is no longer in use, so back up for sale. I can't find the box so it's just the cable, and I'd be happy with £85 posted.
  7. Seeing as the cable has already worked it's magic on me and millions of women are now finding me attractive, almost irresistible, I think it's only fair to allow someone else to benefit - not saying that you need help of this sort of course.. Don't suppose you want an Audioquest Vodka optical as well do you - I'm about to put up a post to sell it, but just imagine what the combined effects of both could do to your life.....
  8. Still waiting patiently in it's box, and I'm still waiting to post it off to you...
  9. Link to the manual if it helps... http://www.dspeaker.com/fileadmin/datasheets/dspeaker/AntiMode20DualCoreEng.pdf Also, I'm off to the post office tomorrow so it could be on it's way to you mid morning...!
  10. Ummm, I think so, but don't know for sure, so won't make any claims just in case. The manual is easy to find online (I'm on my phone right now) I'll try to find a link later, but if anyone knows and can help that would be wonderful.
  11. I'll give this one more bump then will either put it away for a few weeks or put it on the 'bay.
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