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  1. Graham Audio LS6f's Sound superb with class A and your sort of music and are easy to place and live with. £3300 new but there is a pair for sale on Pink Fish Media for half that.
  2. ...then please let me know as I'm looking for a black one... Ta.
  3. Thanks Myles - Yup, that's where my other Bluesound speakers show up, and I assume a second Node would too. I have a nas with my library running on it and want to be able to use the second 2i to access it along with streaming much as you do, from RP !
  4. Does anyone know of any reason I can't use 2 node 2i's in one system ? I am planning on setting up a second system at home and from what I've read it should work.... Thanks for any help !
  5. Just in case anyone looking at this isn't sure, these are excellent power supplies - I use one on my bluesound node and another on my dac, both different voltages and both a very good upgrade, especially at this price. The very long thread about upgrading the Node 2i ended up coming much to the same conclusion as far as I remember (if it ever ended...)
  6. Yes it is. It became synonymous with an almost middle of the road polite type of chill out in the end, and that was what I was referring to. A type of jazzy easy listening music. Sonically amazing but a type of music that has passed me by completely. I have no ideas about tracks, but will take a listen to garn63's and Madvinyljunkie II's link to see if anything hits home. Thanks !
  7. I've not been to a hifi show for many many years, but when I did, there was always some polite Jazz-lite music playing. Cafe Del Mar jazz? Now, call me old, odd or just curious, but I'd love to be able to listen to a few tracks of that genre, whatever it might be called as it always seemed to be stuff no-one had ever heard of, or at least no-one I know had. So, if you have any recommendations and even better if it can be streamed via Tidal or Qobuz a link I'd be very grateful.
  8. Yup, it was fine for the first year or so, or at least I didn't notice anything... Yes, I have tried but hey, it's almost Christmas and it is the season for giving so as my new Tannoy's haven't arrived I thought I'd give myself something small and in a little padded box. Jewelry in a real manly sense.
  9. Mine is the old Node 2i, which is what I'm asking about - sorry if I'm not too lucid, but an operation and a week virtually without sleep isn't helping..! As I've just mentioned above I've got a need to replace my interface so am hovering over the button, and had sort of expected a few others to be doing the same given how much interest there was earlier in the thread about any updates. As you say, the new NODE doesn't seem to bring much of interest for me, just another box to hide away in the attic so my wife doesn't see it..
  10. Well.... I might be. My FA interface has a dodgy connection so anytime anyone touches it or the power cable coming from the Sbooster PSU it cuts out so watch this space...
  11. Well, I thought this might trigger a few more replies of the 'Curious' type. Am I standing alone on the shoulder of this giant thread ?
  12. Thanks StingRay and TheFlash for your replies. No definite answer it seems. I used to have a 4 bay nas that died - until then it did just the job, much like yours TF. I may try using a caddy with a wd red hard drive plugged into the router and a 64gb memory stick into the 2i (I have both) and see what happens. I thought the ssd in the caddy plugged into the 2i would work thus avoiding a new nas but it don't, at least how I'd like it to work!
  13. A question about the Node 2i and memory sticks or external hard drives. I have 900-odd gb of music currently on a ssd in a powered caddy that plugs into my 2i. However it goes 'to sleep' when not used for a while and the only way of rebooting it is to turn it off and on, meaning that it takes a few minutes to realist all the tracks. This is a pain! I'm wondering about either getting a 1tb memory stick or something like a wd my drive which I think works like a nas and doesn't go to sleep, although I may well be wrong. Both cost much the same, so can anyone clever explain which would be better and why? I can't see me needing more than 1tb as I don't buy cd's anymore BTW. Thanks for any help!
  14. This is a quote from their website - Improve the performance of the Node 2i with Fidelity Audio Reference Interface pcb. This Interface uses lower ESR capacitors with greater ripple rejection + more uF than the standard Interface pcb which offers an even lower noise floor. We now supply Reference Interface pcb with our Ultra and Reference PSUs. It fits the 2 and 2i.
  15. This thread is nowhere near long enough. So, being the big man I am, I thought I'd resurrect it with this question for all the pimpers out there. Fidelity Audio now have an upgraded interface for the 2i - anyone heard it and even better compared it to the original interface, and just for fun, against the Polish one as it often seems to be known...? We could be on for another few pages at least, and I am actually interested. For what it's worth, I have the original interface and an Sbooster psu.
  16. If you like valves then what about a class a amp that doesn't get hot..? Your small room implies that you don't play mega loud, so how about EWA? There is a lot of posts about their products over on pfm, and I know their amps don't get hot or even warm..
  17. Well I hope my EWA class A sounds good as I don't want to change it unless there is a suitable £200 class D power amp !
  18. Is this album available on a cd, or on a streaming service such as Tidal or Qobuz ?
  19. So is the general consensus that class A amps are the way to go with Tannoys ? I'm hoping so!
  20. It's not easy to find any that have been sold used, but I think that £2000 with a small contribution towards fuel could see them installed at yours..
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