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  1. I use filter 1 pretty well all the time. I can just about hear that filter 2 is very slightly rolled off, but boy it's subtle.
  2. Indeed. With Marantz, it's always the CD players that people want the most.
  3. Thanks Johnny, that's made my mind up to move on a Ruby Ki if one comes up. Logical for me really, I've gone CD63Ki, CD17Ki, Pearl SACD Ki.... I'm pleased for you that the Ruby sounds so great, that's brilliant.
  4. In the UK of the 70s and 80s, it was all about Fela Kuit... meanwhile stalwart prophets like Charlie Gillett pointed the way forward... Here's the great master Franco and the grooviest of dancing grooves.
  5. No problem freakout. That's brilliant - many thanks. In terms of me moving, I've very little idea how that will work out hi-fi wise, but I'm totally into the bigger 70s style easy going music grooving... Genuine good luck with the sale.
  6. I can't help noticing that this is an album which gets posted again and again. Being a terrible names dropper, I unashamedly admit my best friend was her tutor at art school and another old friend... was once asked out on a date by Helen (Sade). What, I've posted this before?!?? The shame.... I think I have all of her albums now, but for some reason or other I think this is the one that sounds the best on a good system.
  7. One of Van Morrison's great albums - and this one isn't subject to loudness wars! Love this.
  8. Very tempting, but I'm getting ever closer to moving. Freakout out my old muckah - what was your impression of these speakers? No problem if you're not into the HiFi News type verbals.
  9. The return of the Fedabs.....
  10. It's really good to meet a fellow fan! Must confess I've only got two albums on vinyl, but I have pretty well everything on CD. Some of his recordings are peerless in my opinion. "I Stand Accused", "Giving Up on Love", "Need to Belong" etc etc. Just wonderful.
  11. I love Curtis Mayfield. It's worth checking out his early collaborations with Jerry Butler - goodness only knows why this most influential of singers is so often overlooked in the UK.
  12. Nester.... Brel is a significant artist. Not so sure about his Les Flemandes song though. My mum's family were Flemish....
  13. So is this the "what I'm listening to now" thread? To be honest, I only visit this forum now and again... I'm totally lost. Well, that's my excuse anyway. Some progressive rock from the 1980s......... with some added everything.
  14. At last, the complete Mario Suite (I think!) Hey pop pickers, head on over to the Youtube hipster's thread to listen to these cool grooves... (they're quite hot as it goes!)
  15. Nowt to do with hi-fi, but I am playing this at the moment...
  16. That's true! It was just a general comment concerning Hallmark CDs.
  17. Just a tip. That Jack Jones album with "Original Recording" on the front is a Hallmark CD, a well known budget label. Quite often their CDs are mastered straight off LP - which is sometimes okay, sometimes not! They can be worth picking up though as occasionally there are some quite rare albums involved.
  18. Put it like this, if you ever have doubts about Diana Krall, play Nina Simone's first album... that'll put you straight. In the USA there's still a whole swathe of "jazz" fans who love Krall but then these self same guys think Benny Goodman was the king of swing. If you get my drift.
  19. Her CDs are fairly common in the charity shops now. I used to buy them to sell on, but not any longer - not unless it's a newer one I don't recognise. I've found 2 Melody Gardot CDs recently. Fashion is funny thing.
  20. I saw Feelgoods, Eddie and the Hot Rods, Lew Lewis - all on the same bill at the Kursaal, Christmas Eve 75? It was raining, the roof was leaking and large puddles were forming on the dancefloor, fights had broken out, Brillo had his harps in a beer glass on the edge of the stage, Wilko defied gravity as he flew across the stage lit only by a strobe light..... great memories! Nowadays I listen to Mozart. I got to know Gypie Mayo in the 90s, he was a regular in one of the Southend record shops I visited. He would buy... Mozart CDs.
  21. I've been looking for this CD for some time. It's on Youtube complete if you're curious.
  22. A lucky find and somebody that I wasn't aware of.
  23. And that's the ubiquitous excuse in the UK. Frankly I just don't believe it. Due to the turnover of staff, I think what happens is that some sloppiness creeps in and the odd "CD" goes out on the shelf completely unchecked. As a veteran bargain hunter going back back nearly 40 years, one needs to adopt a certain "philosophical philosophy". a) you never know what might turn up b) charity / thrift shop owners are doing the best they can, but sometimes make mistakes c) where one occasionally encounters over the top pricing, remember that ignorance / innocence works both ways. So one CD may be totally overpriced, just look deeper because another cd may well be underpriced. Age old wheeler dealing wisdom! d) by all means be chatty and friendly, but at the same time keep schtum. Quietly and slowly check the titles... you never know what you might find. If by chance you happen upon a rich seam of exciting CDs, nonchalantly enquire if they have any more....
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